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5 Best Gay Black Dating Sites & Apps To Find The Love Of Your Life

by John Santana

Society forcibly imposes a lot of tags on individuals. The dating scene can be obscurely challenging when you are a gay black person. You often get called off in a pub or made fun of at a party. Even with online dating, you do not seem to be getting the matches you’d hope.

Indeed, the world lacks places with compassion and acceptance. But there is still a place where you can embrace your true self. In the online dating world, there are loads of bad choices you can make. If you end up on the wrong site, it is a nightmare because you will not feel welcome.

As a proud gay black person, there are numerous options where you can find the love of your life. Follow this guide so you don’t have to keep searching down the wrong alley.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Best Gay Black Dating Apps

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Best for anonymous dating
  • Easy place for a fling with no clingy mess
  • Allows open discussion on the dating taboo


  • Men have to pay a high premium fee

Not everyone feels comfortable revealing their sexual orientation in this judgmental world. Blasting your profile photos to find your partner can cause discomfort. In light of that, Ashley Madison was possibly the first to introduce anonymous dating. You do not have to expose your real name and details as long as you have undergone the ID verification.

Ashley Madison has been praised for protecting the minorities in the online dating landscape. Under the roof of this well-managed platform, you can be exactly who you want to be. There is nothing taboo.

You are welcome to start a discussion in your profile dissing how the close-minded society has prevented love from booming. You will find plenty of people with similar experiences eager to connect with you.

Furthermore, the app proudly remains a cool hookup place for people looking for a casual relationship. You will hardly encounter a clingy mess here as members know what they have signed up for. Having a summer fling has never been easier.

That being said, the price of joining Ashley Madison is high for guys. Female members get to enjoy all its premium features for free while men have to buy credits to proceed. You could end up spending $60 a month trying to meet a cute date. Members need to carefully count their credits so they don’t go over budget.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • LGBT-friendly
  • Lots of ethnic minority members including African Americans
  • One of the most popular dating sites in every state


  • New members need to stay active to be visible

The reason why Adult FriendFinder tops every online dating chart is simple, it has a place for everyone in the dating field. Adult FriendFinder builds itself to be the most inclusive online dating site out there. Its 90 million users are the best testimonials to its reputation.

Members can select from the various sexual identities and orientations to help them best match with the right profiles. The LGBT+ community continues to thrive on this platform. Every week, there are big events organized by members. You can join as many as you want through the community board.

Adult FriendFinder does not operate as the leader but as a facilitator in the group. Members are encouraged to reach out and mingle by themselves. The platform is hugely diverse with almost half of the members being an ethnic minority.

There is no better place for gay African Americans to get a smoking hot date. You can easily match with a dozen of people right on your first night. However, you do need to put in extra effort as a new member to be visible. The algorithm on Adult FriendFinder favors loyal members and prioritizes them on search results. While new members can perform searches and send messages efficiently, they do need to stay active on the platform to gain visibility.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Ideal for casual relationships
  • Lots of professionals and young elites
  • Simple registration process and sleek setu


  • Profiles are not very diverse

Take a look at this other famous hookup site that has been circling around the gay black community. Bang Locals is a hot mess glowing in the dark for the LGBT people. You will find thousands of matches in the area looking to get laid.

They don’t want to complicate things and are happy with a casual relationship. Feel no no pressure to get hitched with the perfect guy. Take your time to explore all the possibilities the platform has to present.

Bang Locals mostly attract young professionals seeking an outlet to manifest their true calling. Due to their success at work or networking, most of them feel confined in their dating life. Bang Locals offers a friendly community with zero judgment but plenty of love. Its high-intelligent users are the best company for a date night.

Seeing how long a registration process deters users, Bang Locals keeps everything simple. New users can start matching in under three minutes. The whole setup is intuitive. Each member gets equal visibility in the search engine so it will not be unfair to new users.

Unfortunately, Bang Locals seems to have a skewed user profile with most of the gay black members being young elites of society. The age range mainly sways between the early 20s to early 30s only. The monotone background could mean Bang Local is a hit or miss. If this type of profile floats your boat, you will have the best time here. Otherwise, it will take a while to find someone outside of the algorithm.

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4. Jack’d



  • Profiles are genuine with very few bots
  • Users are active in matching
  • Cheap monthly plan


  • Not popular in some regions

As you can tell from the name, Jack’d is an online dating app exclusively for gay dating. The hot studs you will see in there are mesmerizing and leave you wondering about all the good things you have been missing out on until now.

The admin team of this decade-old dating app takes prudent measures to ensure fake profiles are eradicated promptly. Bots are uncommon here so you can browse around feeling safe. Its members are active in hunting down the best piece of fresh meat.

Besides, the affordable monthly plan that starts at $10 is tempting. If you want to boost your chances in the online dating world without heavily investing, Jack’d is certainly a fantastic choice.

Although Jack’d has a decent member base, the distribution is rather concentrated in metropolitans on the far end of each coast. If you live in cities like NYC or LA, there will be no shortage of matches available. But for those living in the middle, Jack’d does not seem to be flying off smoothly.

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5. BLK Dating App



  • Exclusively for black dating
  • A more serious dating app that focuses on finding a stable relationship
  • A supportive community where members are ready to share and receive words of encouragement


  • Some bugs in the system that have not been fixed for a long while

Dating as a black person has been proven difficult in this cynical world. Black people are looking for a place where they are understood and answered. Here comes BLK Dating App. The entire dating app is made for black dating. Members are kind-hearted and ready to support each other.

Unlike dating apps that advocate meeting 10 dates a night, BLK encourages members to devote their time to establishing a stable relationship. Members longing for a serious partner will find quality matches here. The community is supportive and ready to offer you advice and guidance if you ever feel rejected. The people make the place warm and lovable.

However, you need to be extremely patient when you are on BLK. It lacks some significant functions such as video calling. A lot of its features have issues that either won’t load smoothly or users keep getting logged out. These issues keep coming up and the developers are still yet to tackle the problem.

This majorly drags down the experience as users cannot experience its service uninterrupted. If you are able to wait 5 minutes here and there, then this dating app surely has something beautiful to offer.

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How Should You Introduce Your Gay Black Partner to Your Family?

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The unsettling stomach, tickling nerves, and shaky hands are hard to deal with. If this is the first time you have brought your partner home and your family has not been the most supportive, you need to know the proper way to handle the situation to soften the blow.

If your family was the one who initiated the meetup, congratulations, you have safely crossed the first mountain. It shows your family’s effort to include your partner in their lives and wants to get to know more about him.

Pick a light activity where people can chat and have fun. A Sunday barbecue is a good idea because it creates a chill environment people can relax in. Make sure to inform your partner about the Dos and Don’ts in the family.

For example, if your parents loathe swearing, you might want to alert your partner to watch his language. Leaving a decent first impression builds up the momentum in getting your family to like him.

On the day of the meetup, go slow with all the public affection you would normally show. Assuming that your family has been vocal about criticizing your choice, shoving your love and affection down their throat is not the smartest way to change their minds.

Behave gently with your partner. Give him the time to make conversations with your family without constantly interrupting him. You might be nervous that he will say something to upset your beloved parents but taking over the mic will take away his chance to show his charm.

Believe in your partner and let him win over your family’s heart. When the atmosphere starts taking a wrong dip, intervene promptly to prevent the matter from escalating. Since you already know this is quite a sensitive matter for your family, avoid starting or continuing any debate about the LGBT community if your family is not ready to fully embrace it.

Introducing your partner should be a comfortable step for everyone involved. You should never rush things if one party feels it is not yet the right time. Keep building the spirit up and the right moment will come along.


A decade ago, finding the right gay black partner was impossible. But now, thanks to these amazing online dating apps, you can find yourself a new Prince Charming every day. Get your photos seen by millions of others in the community without worrying about the consequences. These are the places to be to find the sexiest date!

John Santana

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