Dating a Dentist: Pros, Cons & Relationship Tips

by John Santana

Any profession in the healthcare industry seems to be extra hot. A dentist makes you want to tell them about that dirty mouth of yours. Every time you have your teeth checked, you wonder how you can score a date with a dentist.

You know you want to date a dentist. But what are the pros and cons? And where can you meet a dentist? Read on to find out.

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Dating a Dentist: Pros

1. Free dental care

If that isn’t the biggest pro, you are not dating right. As cliche as it is, having free dental care is such a charm. You always have the perfect smile. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to fix a toothache. Your dentist is here for you.

2. They have great attention to details

You can’t be a dentist without that eye for details. They listen to you. They analyze situations logically and calmly. Dentists are trained to handle various situations confidently. You would love that strong personality in a date.

Most dentists are loving in nature. They notice the tiny changes about you. It warms your heart that someone knows you are having a rough day just by looking at you. A dentist knows how to take care of people. Whenever you feel down, they are here to talk you out of the blues. Pep talks are encouraging from them.

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3. They wear a sexy uniform

Of all the uniforms out there, the medical ones are on top of the list for being the most attractive. Every morning when you see them putting on that uniform, your heart pounds. There is nothing sexier to see them putting on those gloves, ready for surgery.

You will enjoy a fun role-play with them. Sex does elevate when they are in their uniform. If you have never tried having sex in a clinic, their clinic might be the place to start.

Dating a Dentist: Cons

1. You have a lot of people to be jealous

You are not the only one who finds them hot. Almost everyone out there wants them. Going to their clinic, you will see horny clients getting hot under the collar just by looking at them. It’s hard to not let your jealousy take over sometimes, especially when people have no control and openly flirt. Who can stand thinking about their lover getting harassed by their own patients?

It happens a lot for female dentists. You may feel very frustrated about the whole situation seeing them like this.

2. They are extremely busy

Having one of the most well-respected jobs means they have no time for themselves. Dentists are notoriously overworked. They spend most of their waking hours at work. When they go home, they just sleep, wake up, go to work, and repeat.

Their life is somewhat monotone. A busy schedule also means they don’t have a lot of time to date. When they eventually do show up, they are ready to sleep. Keeping the sparks alive can be a hard task.

3. You might not be a priority

Depending on where they currently are in their career, most young dentists will choose to advance their careers instead of dating. If they can’t balance both, they are likely to let you go. It’s a heartbreaking thought but that’s reality. They spend so many years in this profession. Putting something or someone else as a priority does not make sense to them.

Be prepared that they put their job first. It makes you feel unworthy and the sadness can be overwhelming. If you want to stay with them, you will need to be the driver behind their success.

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Where to Meet a Dentist?

A dental clinic, which almost never works, or an online dating site.

There are pretty much only these two ways to meet a dentist in real life. But the success rate of asking out a dentist in a clinic is slim. No one wants to date the patient she just extracted a bad tooth from.

So, you are left with online dating, which is proven to be the most efficient way in connecting with those you desire.

The market doesn’t lack good dating sites, but not all of them are suitable for finding a dentist. To begin with, Bang Locals is good for professionals due to its fast matching feature. Dentists are busy and unwilling to spend time looking for someone.

Having a platform that automatically presents compatible matches based on your profile is a blessing.

Bang Locals is fast and safe, making it a hot sought-after dating site for professionals across the country. Its strong geographical search also brings you dates two units down from your building. It doesn’t get any better than hooking up with someone next door after a long day at work.

Adult FriendFinder is another alternative to meeting someone new. Its famous discussion forum allows users to start a thread on any topic. If you are looking for a dentist, a better way than simply searching on the site is to ask members! They will hook you up with the one you are looking for immediately.

Ashley Madison and are also fantastic options since both of them are big on privacy. Dentists meet so many patients every day. They prefer to be as low profile as possible so their patients will not recognize them. Therefore, sites with a good reputation for safeguarding security and personal data are appealing to them.

Dating Tips for Dating a Dentist

They are quite the catch. Be sure they will have competitors eyeing them every day. That’s an unfortunate part of the job. They come close to people’s faces every day. People will flirt with them. If you feel insecure, don’t take it out on them.

Be there for them and show up at the clinic to let people know they are taken. Healthily release your jealousy. Discuss with them to see how to keep those predators at bay.

Their busy schedule makes it difficult for them to text back during the day. Dental surgeries can take a long while. If you see them online but they don’t text back, don’t assume they are free. They are probably busting their head trying to coordinate with their colleagues.

Show up with gifts or flowers. Be the sweetest lover. Dating a dentist takes a lot of understanding because it’s a sexy profession and they are often busy. But in the end, it’ll be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Dating a dentist is cool. You get all the butterflies in the stomach. The thought of having someone caring is alluring. Your dentist down the block may not be interested in dating you, but there are plenty more on the internet who will be! Go on these dating sites to find the perfect dentist to role play with!

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