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Dating a Capricorn Man: Pros, Cons & Things To Know

by John Santana

“Why are Capricorn men so hard to handle?”

This is a question that has crossed everyone’s mind. You do not need to date one to know just how exhausting it can be to deal with a Capricorn man. Sometimes, their self-critical level flies off the roof and can reflect poorly on their interpersonal relationships.

What happens when it comes to dating a Capricorn man? Is it an endless tunnel of fear? What are the bridge sides of dating someone as mature as a Capricorn?

The Advantages of Dating a Capricorn Man

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  • He is calm

A Capricorn man does not let emotions run his actions. He is composed even in the most enraging situations. In any undesirable circumstances, a Capricorn man will articulate his argument without raising his voice. Fighting with him will never get intense. He has his way of calming things down.

  • He is extremely motivated and career-driven

When a Capricorn man decides to do something, he will not stop until he has achieved his goals. He is always thinking ahead. The present does not satisfy him because he wants things to be better.

Dating a Capricorn man means he will constantly work on making your future together brighter. He is career-driven and empowered to be the best partner there is. You will not lose faith in his determination. He will surprise you with all his achievements and more.

  • He knows it when he makes a mistake

Arguing with someone that never admits to his mistakes is dreadful. It is almost like penetrating a concrete wall with a noodle. But do not worry, this nightmare will not occur with a Capricorn man. Since he is quite critical of himself and pushes his limits to be a better person, he will admit his own mistakes immediately. Do not let his confident and arrogant outer shell fool you. He is very reasonable when it comes to owning up to mistakes.

  • He is hilarious

Despite the serious looks a Capricorn man puts on, he is quite the joker to those close to him. Being a respectful person as he is, all the jokes are cleverly calibrated and never offensive to others. Even his sense of humor is caring. This endearing behavior is highlighted by his large number of friends.

  • He is passionate and real to others

All his friends are loyal and supportive. It goes both ways. Your man is also sincere to people around him. He tries not to upset others but he does set the standards high when making new friends.

Once he decides you are in his group, he will do whatever it takes to include you. A guy with a bunch of caring friends around shows credibility and character. It is someone you can trust. He will actively introduce you to his circle as there is nothing happier than all his friends mingling together. He is passionate about creating a harmonious environment and will not play silly gossip games.

  • He is analytical

As part of his effort to continuously improves himself, he has developed a strong analytical sense. Instead of giving an abstract answer, he can bring out charts and figures to support his point of view.

The best thing about this is you will never feel helpless. Reasoning with feelings can be like touching the air. It is not feasible sometimes. That is when your man saves the day. He will analyze the situation meticulously and offer you the “why,” “what,” and “how.” He is your personal advisor and counselor on all matters.

The Disadvantages of Dating a Capricorn Man

  • He can be overly critical

The perfect standards a Capricorn man pushes onto himself and others may be difficult to attain. Following his steps to upgrade yourself can become exhausting after a while. A Capricorn man has nothing but good intentions at heart. But when it comes to the execution part, he can butcher your confidence by being too critical.

A Capricorn man will not hesitate to point out your mistake even when you believe you have done an outstanding job. He is not trying to put you down by any means. In his mind, this is the way to strive for perfection. It is hard for him to hide his criticism because he believes his partner should be progressing with him.

Talking a Capricorn man into taking a break is moon-landing difficult. He puts a lot of pressure on himself. Most of the time, he is stressed because he cannot live up to his standards. It stresses out people around him as well.

  • Everything is about right and wrong

Almost all of Capricorns’ problems stem from their persistence in over-achieving. Everything is about right and wrong. If he is right, he will do anything to stand his ground. If he is wrong, he will bow down to you and make amends to improve himself. This is the motto your guy lives by.

Some disagreements will be infuriating because you man cannot accept that people can “just have different views.” Every view is either right or wrong, and he will defend this till death. Needless to say, if this is not the hill you want to exhaust yourself on, you will have to be the one to compromise because he can be the most stubborn child ever.

  • He can be controlling

Life is all planned out for a man like him. He does not appreciate sudden or unexpected things. He likes things to stay a certain way. Dating a Capricorn man means living with his mild controlling behaviors.

He will not like it if you stray from the original plan. For example, if you come across an interesting course and want to change your career path, he will give you a dozen of reasons not to. Once your life together is planned out, he intends to strictly follow it.

  • He can be boring

As you already know by now, a Capricorn man is known to stick to his routines and habits. Thinking out of the box is not his strength. After dating him for a while, you will find yourself to be fully aware of his whereabouts at all times without even asking him. At 3 pm, he always goes to the cafe next to his office building for a cup of mocha. He buys from the same brands, eats from the same restaurant, and goes to the same supermarket.

Not being adventurous is an understatement for his unwillingness to explore. His life is formed this way. For him, there is no point in changing the life that he has built up. Convincing him to even take a trip out of the country can be challenging. Therefore, do not expect him to be the mysterious, romantic type. He is the last person to bring you any surprises.

  • He does not know how to deal with negative energy

Since he puts in the effort to make plans, he will be thrown off-guard when undesirable situations happen. A Capricorn struggles to improvise and maintains positive. A sudden tragedy can crush him.

He has a Plan A to Z for every situation, but as soon as the scenario falls out of the category, he is completely clueless. His pessimistic vibes can be off-putting because there can be a simple solution. Your guy is simply frustrated at his lack of preparation for it.

How to Date a Capricorn Man?

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  • Be honest

Your Capricorn man is stubborn in his own loving way. He is not capable of picking up hints. Things are exactly the way they are. If you have something to say, say it directly to him so he can understand.

Capricorn is the most honest sign. His inability to notice subtle hints fully manifests in his total honesty to his partner. He will not lie to you, and you need to do the same. Do not blame him for his clueless acts. He truly is not aware of anything awry.

  • Add value to yourself

Let the high standards motivate you. Add value to yourself so you can be someone you aspire to be. A Capricorn man has that energy on people to push them to reach their limits. To keep up with your partner’s pace, you should be an independent, career-driven intellect as well.

It amazes him to see the dedication his partner puts in. It does not have to be something grand. Learn a new skill or pick up a hobby. It already shows your effort. Impress him with all the new things you have learned, so he knows you two are equally intelligent.

  • Throw in some surprises occasionally

Just because your guy is not the most romantic does not mean he cannot appreciate a loving gesture. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on him to make surprises. He is likely to disappoint you.

You need to take the initiative to keep the flames alive. Plan for a date night with roses and candlelight dinner. Watch a movie and go for a walk. These lovely surprises will swiftly change the rigid routine your man is used to without too much uncertainty.

Where to Find a Capricorn Man?

If you believe you are compatible with a Capricorn man, hold onto every opportunity because he is the most trustworthy, caring, and loyal lover. Finding a Capricorn man does not have to be finding a needle in a haystack if you know where to look.

Online dating is a fantastic place to target your pick. You can filter out profiles that best match your preferences. Of all the online dating platforms trending in the market, here are some of the best ones that guarantee a high success rate.

1. Ashley Madison

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For those that prefer a little bit of privacy, Ashley Madison is here for you. Known for its high security and privacy settings, you can conceal your identity if you are shy about going online. Faces on Ashley Madison are wild but sincere. Most of them gather to support each other.

If you have ever been hurt in the dating field, this is the place to get back on your feet. There is no judgment on this site. People only care if you are true to yourself and others.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

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Adult FriendFinder takes a spot on every recommended list for very good reasons. For 20 years, it has been providing top-notch matchmaking services to love-seekers around the world. Its 90 million userbase does not even begin to mark its glory.

With a solid, proven track record, Adult FriendFinder is proud to present its comprehensive features to everyone. You can find your Capricorn man by starting a live stream and inviting people with similar interests to join a forum. There are loads of social activities organized by the community to mingle. People are social and friendly. Members are eager to connect you to the right Capricorn man if you open your heart to them.

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3. Bang Locals

As the name suggests, this is the site to hang around if you are looking for something casual. No commitment is required. This motto goes for your membership plan and the community. Members do not expect to marry you on the spot.

They are willing to take things slow and see how your relationship develops. But that does not mean they are unable to commit. If the right one comes along, they will jump on board and tie the knot. Bang Locals is a wonderful choice for the ones exploring all possibilities without making a firm commitment.

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A Capricorn man may not be the hardest to figure out, but it certainly takes skills and practice to be his partner. Once you get the hang of it, he is the Mr. Right you have always dreamt of. He cares for you, loves you deeply, and puts your future life together above all. The commitment is strong. Give your Capricorn man a round of applause and learn to appreciate all his traits!

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