12 Signs Of True Love From A Man in a Relationship

by John Santana

What a wonderful feeling it is to be loved! Just a hug full of love and warmth can make you feel safe, and the glow of those loving eyes can make you dance in joy. They say signs of true love is like ghosts… both of them don’t exist.

I’m sure they haven’t met an older couple whose face has wrinkled, but true love is still fresh. It’s just about finding the right person. We cling on to the wrong ones, get our hearts broken, and assume true love is an illusion. I know it is hard to discern who truly loves you and who is here just for the sake of it.

But do you know? When a man truly loves you, there will be signs all over. If you can relate to all these signs mentioned in this article, then voila! You’ve just hit the jackpot!

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1. He is proud to hold your hand in public

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

You know a man is in love when you are out at a shopping mall and all of a sudden, he plants a kiss on your forehead. We don’t get to see that often, do we? And when we do… Darling, it’s true love. Getting near you and holding your hand firmly will never disturb him. It’s a sign that he has accepted you with all of his heart and isn’t afraid to show you off as his girl to the whole world.

Isn’t acceptance the first step of unconditional love? We accept the ones we love without any conditions, without any role-play of looks, status, or other factors. If your man accepts you as you are and constantly shows it to the world, girl… you are a lucky one!

2. There is no ‘I’ in his love; it’s ‘we.’

The world is a selfish jungle.

You know you are in possession of the world’s costliest diamond when someone puts aside the love of self and becomes ‘one’ with you. The man who will truly love you will consider you in everything that he does. He will try all the things you both could do together. It can be anything from making future plans to helping you in doing daily chores.

He will think of you before doing anything important. Lame excuses and selfish motives… These are not the signs of a man who is in love with you. Focusing on ‘we’ is what this man will forever cherish.

3. You can be yourself when you are with him

It’s a date. You have worn the prettiest red dress, and the makeup is on point. Plus, the high heels hurt so badly! And now, after a light meal, you feel the need to burp, but it will be awkward, and you are trying your best to keep it to yourself.

You can’t​ help but imagine how wonderful it would be if you were in your pajamas, with hair tied in a bun and wearing comfortable slippers…

With a man who will rub your back when you burp while enjoying your favorite burgers… If you can relate to this, you know it’s a dream come true. If your man is like this, he is in love with all of your beauty and all of your flaws, and he isn’t going to let you go.

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4. Your laugh makes him happy

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We love the people who make us laugh till it hurts our stomach. The guy who loves you will leave you teary-eyed – but with tears of laughter. He will be the sunshine to your darkest days. This guy will crack jokes and be silly to see you burst into laughter.

Time will flow easily with this guy because he makes it sure never to make a single moment dull. Had a bad day at work and feeling numb? Text him, and he will not reply to you with – “Take some rest. It will be fine.” Instead, he will try all that he could to make you smile and carry all your worries away.

5. He makes it a point to surprise you

We all have felt the undying desire to make our loved ones happy. What’s a better way to do that than to give them a surprise? Even if he lacks the best ideas to surprise you, he will turn up with a rabbit printed cap because you mentioned once how much you love rabbits.

He will shower you with thoughtful gifts because he remembers every little thing about you. He pays close attention to know your likes and dislikes and often plans surprise dates at your favorite restaurants.

6. Bragging about you seems his new favorite

He will be more proud than you are for your accomplishments. You will meet his people, and they will all say they have heard about you… you will be surprised to know what beautiful things he has told them.

He sees you in a way that you never can. He notices all your good qualities and thinks you are a powerhouse of potential, even if you feel you’re not special. He sees the real you and all the things you are capable of doing and instills a sense of self-worth in you.

7. He just can’t stop taking your name

“Emma loves chocolates too!”

“You know we went for a merry go round ride, and Emma did this crazy thing,”! – He says to his friends. His friends will complain about how often they hear your name from him. It’s like everything he talks about reminds him of a story with you.

When a guy starts including you in most of his conversations, then he is not just in love with you, but he is helplessly crazy in your regards!

8. Your dreams matter to him

Photo by Rosie Ann from Pexels

Not just that, your dreams matter to him; he also supports you to make them come true. You may be working at a lower-paying job, but he will never look down at you for a moment. Instead, he will support you to work on the dream restaurant you always wanted to open or complete the book you are writing for years.

He knows you love him and to prove that you don’t need to leave your job.

9. This man is your prince in a shining armor

He is there when you need him. Just one call away. If you want him to be with you, he will make sure he is there for whatever reason. And no, this guy doesn’t brag about how he paid a few dollars when the traffic police caught you and your wallet was at home.

He will not brag about how he turned up with his car out when you were not getting a cab after completing a night shift. He is just there for you. Without any demands. Without wanting anything in return.

10. Speak with caution because he will remember all the details!

Your birthday, anniversary, interviews – he remembers EVERYTHING! And if by chance it slips, he will make the most extra efforts possible to make amends.

When you speak, he will listen to all of your words carefully as he is listening to a musical piece. And girl, he will remember all the chords, no matter how weak his memory is. Let’s keep all things aside; if he is a good listener, do anything you can to keep him in your life forever.

11. You are his support system

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

A bad day at work fights with his friends, and family issues – all of these tales are shared just to your ears. He finds comfort in you on his bad days. You are his go-to person when he doesn’t feel right.

If it’s a half-day at his office, he will instantly ask you out for a coffee because no company is better than yours. This quality totally lacks in guys who consider you nothing more than a girl he can go to when he needs sex or some romantic moments.

12. You love yourself when you are with him

We all had pretty disgusting relationships where we were living with a guy who made us feel like shit. You got compared to other girls, and they were called more beautiful; you were called a dominating girlfriend that has high demands.

But this guy gives you all the right kind of emotions. The thought of comparing you will never cross his mind. Even if you are not the most beautiful girl in this world, his eyes will be set only on you.

He will love you more than yourself. And as a result, you will start loving yourself the way you never did in the past years. When a man truly loves you, you will just know – by his eyes, smile, actions, and the way he kisses your forehead.

If you think he truly loves you and wants to date you exclusively, but is afraid to ask you out. Don’t shy away from taking the first step – trust me, love like that is once in a lifetime – you don’t want to lose onto that!

John Santana

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