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How To Date an Indian Man? – Pros, Cons & More

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

The romantic stare, the caramel skin, the watery eyes…Indian men are unique in every way. Bollywood is not exaggerating the glimmery and shimmery life. Having an Indian boyfriend redefines everything you know about love.

Capturing his heart takes effort. He is an impulsive species that believes in love at first sight. You have to play everything right from the start for your loyal man to fall head over heels for you.


What Is Dating An Indian Man Like?

1. He Is Incredibly Generous

Money is rarely a priority for him. An Indian man in love will not hesitate to throw extravagance gestures at his partner. Once he gets his salary, he is willing to spend it all on you. He wants you to be the happiest girlfriend in the entire world. He will try his best to fulfill all your requests. Sometimes, this can be his greatest weakness, especially if the girlfriend is greedy.

Other than money, he is also incredibly generous with helping you out, offering you support, and taking care of you. He will introduce you to all his friends so you will not feel lonely. His phone will be on standby should you need him to come over for an emergency.

2. He Makes The Most Extra Romantic Moves

Happy Couple Hugging eachother

Some of his signature moves can be embarrassing if this is not the routine you are used to. Bollywood romantic movies describe it best. When an Indian man is in love, he will announce it to the world. You will find him jumping on stage in a pub to have everyone cheer for getting you as his girlfriend. These outlandish moves can be bizarre for you but extremely romantic for him.

He is a diehard fan of showing off his girl. A blossoming relationship should never go unnoticed. He takes it as his responsibility to offer you the commitment by having an entire crowd jealous of you.

3. He Asks Your Permission For Everything

You will find yourself being the center of his needs and desire. Everything he does is logged into your schedule. An Indian man is a born romantic, who wants to be inseparable from his partner. Living like two parallel lines is not his type of dating style. He prefers to walk the same path, meaning he wants you to take part in making decisions in his life.

At first, it may feel overwhelming to be in charge of his life. But take the gesture with a grain of salt. He is not literally asking for your permission per se but trying to keep you in the loop with his plans.

4. He May Have Some Unachievable Expectations

It is not the first time that Indian men have been criticized for having unrealistic expectations. Indeed, he can get his standards way too high by expecting every girl to be Kim Kardashian. His surreal standards are influenced by the dominant entertainment industry that sets high expectations for women.

If that happens, there is no need to confront him or run away. Another thing Indian men are known for is their obedience to their partners. You can tell him off directly about the silly expectations. Over time, he will understand normal women will never live up to those unhuman standards.

5. He Can Be Dominating In Bed

Despite his softness with you, he does not like being overpowered in bed. The traditional values of being a masculine man still run through his blood. The idea of having his partner taking control in bed is not so amusing.

Sex is the only time he will be aggressive. Let him take the lead and direct the play. It strokes his ego to feel empowered. To a certain extent, it gives him the confidence of being able to protect his girlfriend when he takes control during these intimate times.

6. His Entire Family Will Know You

Secret affairs are not his thing. He is more afraid of not having enough people know that he is dating. Being in a relationship is a celebration of love. As soon as you have officially established the relationship, he wants to take you home.

Don’t be intimated by this imposing move. He is eager to share his joy with every important member of his life. Indian families are welcoming. They will see you as their daughter immediately. Being a part of his big extended family is a wonderful experience.

What Not To Do When Dating An Indian Man?

1. Don’t Be Bossy In Front Of His Friends And Families

Indian Colleagues in Office

Indian men have to carry the burden of feeling like the breadwinner of the house. Even if modern men no longer feel this way, they are still bound by social norms to demonstrate a strong presence around their girlfriends. They are struggling to escape the traditional values.

Your man will be the softest puppy when you two are alone. But when his friends and family are around, you will want to let him be the boss. He will lose face if he comes off as weak. It will also make his loved ones like you less. Be respectful to him so he can gain respect from his peers.

2. Don’t Ask Him To Do All The Household Chores

Dating an Indian man means you will do the more labor-intensive work. There are various apps to find perfect partner. This guy will do everything you ask him to except household chores. Indian men are notoriously bad at cleaning the house because the task usually falls into the hands of their significant other.

You can whip him as hard you want to push him to make more money for you. However, when it comes to grocery runs, you are on your own.

Repeatedly demanding him to do the household chores can be annoying for him. That being said, you can reasonably suggest splitting the tasks between you two. Helping out feels drastically different as he feels he is doing you a favor. All you have to do is to word it carefully.

3. Don’t Criticize His Family

Indian families are strong because they stick together no matter what. Despite all the family drama flooding the family chats every day, they will not allow anyone else to criticize their loved ones.

If you have an opinion about his family, it is in your best interest to keep it to yourself unless it is physically or mentally affecting you. Chances are, he will not accept your comments and think you are a mean girl. He will stand by his family even if they are in the wrong. Hence, your opinion will only turn into a heated debate.

4. Don’t Throw Away Food Or Other Items In Good Condition

Being wasteful is a bad sign for your Indian man as he believes it makes you less suitable to be a wife. He will not appreciate your inability to cherish things, albeit your financial stability. He is conscious of things he has. Using up every last bit of each product is a virtue he honors.

Of all the things, throwing food away is incredibly offensive as he appreciates the time and effort it takes to prepare a good meal. Whether he was the chef or not, you would want to keep the leftover in the fridge for later if it is still in good condition.

The same goes for your clothes and household items as well. Unless it is necessary, you should not throw them away because you are bored of them. When you truly want to get rid of something, choose donation instead.

How Do You Know If An Indian Man Is Serious About You?

How Do You Know If An Indian Man Is Serious About You?

1. He Makes Big Promises

Due to his fear of repercussions of making fake promises, he is serious about his words. In the Indian culture, getting married and growing a family are embedded as part of the life cycle. He takes finding a life partner as the end goal of the relationship. Therefore, he does not mess around. You will always know when an Indian man is casually dating as he will be direct about it.

Don’t let his brave actions fool you though. When it comes to making a serious commitment, he is adorably shy. Instead of saying planning the right time to get married, he will drop hints like, “I want this greenhouse to teach our kids to grow plants.”

2. His Parents Call You “Daughter”

Getting the “daughter” badge from his family is a big sign that he has talked about his future with his parents. His parents’ approval is important as it shows they have accepted you as a family member. Besides, it proves how much thought he has had about building a future with you.

Indian families are warm and enthusiastic about their family members’ dating life. So, there is no need to be startled when his parents lovingly call you “daughter” or “child.” It represents love and care.

3. He Cuts Off Unhealthy Habits For You

For him, getting rid of his bad habits is the most thoughtful way to show you how much he loves you. From smoking to pub crawls every weekend, he will dump these activities down the drain to develop a healthy relationship with you.

His willingness for change is not about giving up his hobbies for you. Rather, he longs for a better lifestyle to nurture a family. It is a romantic gesture that he makes for the family. Hence, he expects you to feel no pressure as you are not the one to talk him out of them.

Best Date Ideas With An Indian Man

1. Take Him To a Musical

The musical genes are in every Indian man. Expressing himself through songs is much easier than words. Look for some immersive or interactive musical experiences in town so it is an upgrade from the normal musical.

Invite him to the dance floor and sing with the cast. Blow his mind away with your flexibility and kickass moves.

2. Have a Movie Marathon

Delighted young Indian couple having dinner and watching Movie

A rom-com marathon is inspiring. Don’t let his tough face deter you. He is hopelessly into every romantic movie ever made. Snuggling in bed while watching a movie to cozy up is the ideal Friday night.

Choose a movie that somewhat reflects your relationship so your man can sweet-talk you up about how your love story is being made on screen. You don’t have to fuss too much about lavish date ideas. Your man has that in his department. He loves being the extravagant one.

It is joyous for him to have a girlfriend who is more down-to-earth to bring him back when he is too extra with his gestures. A movie night is exactly what he needs to remind him that love can be simple yet beautiful.

3. Attend a Pottery Class With Him

Or any kind of handcraft lessons will do! An Indian man will actively seek new things to learn. He is exceptionally good at handcrafting items as he is detail-minded. Attending a pottery class at the weekend is relaxing and rewarding.

Souvenirs are great reminders of the time you spend together. Handcrafting decorative items is a memorable experience he will never forget. On top of that, it is mentally stimulating for him to come up with the coolest design, which often goes against the instructions.

Be prepared to have his creativity unleashed as he shapes the final product with no boundaries or limitations. Indian students are described as the “naughty bunch” because they love jumping outside of the box and adding their styles to existing rules.

Best Online Dating Sites To Find Your Indian Man

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  • Ashley Madison
  • Bang Locals


Your Indian boyfriend is irresistibly charming. He is never late to the party and always ready to make your smile. Having an Indian boyfriend in life is spiritually satisfying. Once you are in a relationship with him, you will never want to be elsewhere.

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