Dating a Nurse

Dating a Nurse: Pros, Cons & Things To Know

by John Santana

Nursing is a sexy occupation. Since America’s greatest hits like “Grey’s Anatomy,” more and more people are fantasizing about dating a nurse. There are lots of ups and downs when you date a nurse. They will always be on call as the medical industry is experiencing severe staff shortages.

With that said, dating nurses comes with a lot of perks. Nurses are passionate people with nurturing instincts. They are innately caring and can take on stressful tasks.

Are you ready to date a nurse? Let’s find out!

Benefits Of Dating a Nurse

1. They Will Take Care Of You

Are you down with the flu or a weird spot on your back that you are panicking about? The most obvious perk about dating a nurse is that you can throw any medical questions at your partner at no cost. Nurses love taking care of others, especially their loved ones. If you are sick, you will receive the best treatment there is with your love’s care.

Even if it is not a medical issue, nurses tend to be detail-minded in other aspects. They will handle your schedule and fix your other problems the best they can. It may seem overbearing at times but you have to understand that it is coming from love. They see tragedy happening all the time and want to be the best for those they love.

2. They Are Masters Of Handling Stress

Given the intense work environment nurses are in, they are excellent handlers of pressure. You will never feel stressed around them. They always have a way to ease things up. If your wallet gets stolen or you have a bad day, your loved one will be working on addressing the issue and finding a solution instead of being completely at a loss.

They are reliable partners to sail through treacherous moments with. Their superb navigation skills mean they know how to have a Plan B or what to do if things don’t work out. Dating them is an angelic feeling as you have someone to rely on.

3. They Are Patient With Children

Baby in a hospital

Nurses are not scared of crying babies. They are real-life angels and patient parents. If you are serious about planning for a family, you can be quite certain that your other half is not going to mind the responsibilities it comes along with a kid.

When you are dating someone new, it is a blurry line to figure out the right time to ask about the other person’s view on babies. It would be super disappointing to date for a year before finding out your partner has zero interest in becoming a parent when you are desperately trying to be one. With a nurse, this situation rarely happens. Most nurses enjoy becoming a parent and find that to be the sweetest moment in life.

4. Good With Parents Or Older People

Beyond kids, nurses are good with older individuals. Your parents are going to love your better half. They are attentive to older people’s needs and how to make them happy. Sit back and relax. Your lover knows their way around even if you think your parents are stubborn and hard to deal with. The only thing that calls for concern is seeing your partner getting more love from your parents than you.

Furthermore, if you don’t have the best relationship with your parents or siblings, your nurse partner will be the bridge that makes things fine. They are so thoughtful that they have a way of giving out positive vibes.

5. They Can Work Anywhere

Nearly half of the registered nurses will switch career paths at one point. As much as the job is rewarding, it is also too exhausting with the constant shifts and mental stress.

Your partner is likely open-minded about moving somewhere for another job or getting a better-paid nursing job. So, if you plan to move out of the country, your nurse partner may see this as an opportunity and jump ship with you.

On the other hand, nurses can find so much satisfaction in their jobs that they can be content staying here. Therefore, whatever you are planning about the future, they can easily adapt to it. Creating a future together will not be difficult at all.

6. You Will Have a Lot Of Friends Around

Healthcare professionals usually form tight bonds. All the nurses, doctors, and pharmacists are in a close circle. Naturally, you will be part of the friendship ring when you are dating a nurse. Not only will you have intellectual conversations with these elites but you will also be surrounded by a group of helpful people.

Within this friendship circle, you are definitely building a healthy lifestyle. Being friends with highly educated people means you feel the motivation as well. That’s how friends strive for higher together. Dating a nurse leads to an active lifestyle, your partner can push you to become who you want to look like in your dreams.

How To Date a Nurse?

Nurse Couple

1. Understand Their Busy Work Schedule

The medical field is a hectic environment to work in. Sometimes, staff won’t even have a chance to take breaks. Holidays are scarce. Your partner may get a call to cover an urgent shift when you are on your way to the Bahamas. Their strong work ethics will likely prompt them to answer any work-related call for help.

When you are dating a full-time nurse, being understanding is extremely important. Make schedules ahead and stay flexible. They might drop you a text to cancel the date and leave you there hanging. You must be gentlemanly about that. Forcing someone to choose between their job and romantic life is never a smart move.

2. Make Uninterrupted Time For Each Other

Maintaining a romantic relationship with someone living a completely different pace of life is tough. You might not see your partner for a few days or weeks. Whenever they are off work, they will be too tired to do anything.

Therefore, whenever you have time for each other, you should make it count. Plan to spend the whole day together instead of having a meal. Locking in a day’s experience allows you to spend more time, making up for the days missed.

3. Learn To Speak Their Language

Medical professionals almost exclusively speak in jargon. Decoding their language is not easy. There are countless nursing abbreviations. Dating medical personnel means you will be drowning in a sea of terminologies. Your partner may not be able to automatically switch their language term straight after work.

Taking your time to learn about their work language shows your effort in maintaining a good relationship. It is a great chance to learn some new vocabulary even though it can be quite challenging. Remind your partner to refresh your memories about these strange terms if they are not making sense again.

4. Comfort Them After a Night Shift

Even Batman needs some downtime. Working a night shift kills more brain cells than you can imagine. Coming home from a night shift is their most vulnerable time. When they get home and start complaining about the unpleasant things at work, don’t just shrug them off because you are tired.

Instead, offer your time to hear them out. Pour a glass of wine and let them rest. Prepare a foot rub or a back massage once in a while to impress them.

5. Deal With The Household Chores

It doesn’t mean that you have to do their share of work but you should stick to your schedule. Coming home from work is hard already but coming home to a messy house is even harder.

When you are living together, make sure you stick with your part of the assignment. Do the dishes, laundry, or whatever tasks that you both agreed on. Remind them to complete their tasks once they are well-rested. That way you can avoid many arguments and potential damage to your relationship.

Date Ideas With a Nurse

1. Full-Body Massage

Body Massage

Nothing recharges a person more than a full-body massage. Getting a couple’s spa in a resort is a great way to spend the afternoon. After working non-stop for a week, they only want to do absolutely nothing and get pampered. Treat them to an inclusive hotel with body scrubs to peel off their stress from work.

2. Pick Them Up From Their Workplace

As hectic as their work environment is, it is always welcome to show up with flowers. You may not have expected this but healthcare workers secretly love comparing their significant others. Picking your babe up from work will be the highlight of their day. They can brag about it in front of their colleagues.

3. Karaoke Bar

Karaoke is the best way to let the steam out. From time to time, they get too overwhelmed by work and need an outlet. Screaming their heart out at a karaoke bar will do the job. Pick whatever songs you love and sing until the audience laugh and clap their hands. If your date is a little shy among a large group of people, book a private karaoke room. That way, you can enjoy some quality time as well.

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