Dating a Doctor in Residency: Pros, Cons & Helpful Tips

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Dating a doctor is hot. All the role plays are sexy for a reason. Everyone wants to date a doctor. There are many channels to hook up with one. To make it work, you need to know how it works to date a doctor.

Like any other occupation, there are perks and drawbacks to dating a doctor in residency. Find out if your fantasies live up to real-life standards by checking out all the pros of cons of dating one.


Dating A Doctor In Residency: Pros

1. They have a very good future

  • They guarantee financial stability if you are looking for something serious

When you like the person you date, it is inevitable to start thinking about the future, whether it’s short-term or long-term. You probably do not want to be paying for everything all the time. It is good to date someone with financial stability and who can afford their own meals.

Money is not everything. But without money, you are likely to plunge into huge fights frequently. Their career prospect is looking bright. Taking the financial burden off your shoulder makes the relationship equal and healthy. Every person should be responsible for his or her finances.

2. They take good care of you

  • As if you are enjoying free medical care

Although dating should not be about weighing the gain and loss, who can ignore the huge benefit of having your personal doctor? They are excellent caretakers that will notice the slightest physical changes in your body.

Having that quality attention to detail will make you feel special and loved. Besides, when the hospital is not fully booked, they are likely to get you in line faster since you are their partner. A lot of medical providers give benefits to doctor’s partners and families as an incentive to retain talents. The scheme makes you a happy plus-one to your successful lover.

3. You will learn a lot from them

  • They are well-educated and a people-person

Obviously, you need to be on top of your class to be a doctor. From their time dealing with different patients every day, they have good interpersonal skills. They are presentable and will get along fine with your friends and family. The problems of having a shy date will not happen.

Most doctors love socializing. It’s part of the job that energizes them. They meet new people and get to hear interesting stories. Through them, you will expand your horizon and realize how big the world is. They always have the wildest stories from the hospital to tell, someone gorgeous to introduce to your friends.

Dating A Doctor In Residency: Cons

1. They rarely have time to meet you

  • Their life revolves around the hospital

As a doctor in residency, they barely have time to leave the hospital. Their whole schedule is built around the hospital. Even during their day off, they are likely too exhausted to go far. Thus, you will have to go and meet them.

You will only get to see them during a long holiday break. It’s not their fault since the medical system is notorious for overworking its staff. If you are not willing to make the effort to visit them instead, you will find the relationship very plain and shallow.

2. Everyone wants to date them

  • You will find a lot of unwanted men or women flying around them like a moth to the flame

Let’s face it, doctors are hot, sexy and intelligent. People want to date them. The competition is high and jealousy is bound to happen. You will find a lot of people preying on them even if they know they have someone. They can say no all they can, but it will not stop others from trying.

It can be incredibly frustrating to date a doctor due to the sheer volume of horny men or women trying to snatch your date. For those who are not good with jealousy, you will find the relationship hard to maintain.

3. Communication is hard

  • You will not hear from them often

Depends on how stressful or overworked the hospital is, but most doctors in residency are on a 24-hour or 36-hour shift. During a shift, a lot of unexpected situations can happen. Adrenaline is running high. They may not be able to spare 15 seconds to send you a text as they run around saving lives. When they do have time, exhaustion takes over and all they want is a little nap before the next ambulance rushes someone in.

A prompt reply is almost impossible for a doctor in residency. They are busy all the time and you will only hear from them after their shift. You may think they do not like you enough, but it’s just because they are so spent at work, both emotionally and physically.

Where To Find A Doctor In Residency?

Adult FriendFinder


  • Large user base
  • Desktop version
  • Advanced search functions
  • Detailed profile description


  • Could improve its visual experience

As one of the largest hookup and dating sites, Adult FriendFinder is a name of reputation. You know your match is just around the corner when you sign up. Doctors have a hectic schedule and will not spend much time scrolling profile to profile on those swiping phone apps. A desktop site is where they hang out.

Adult FriendFinder has over 55 million registered users. Needless to say, there are plenty of doctors in there. The profile display section is clean and organized. Each member’s basic information is listed such as name, age, occupation, interests, etc.

When you click inside, you will see the full profile. Compared to other hookup sites, Adult FriendFinder encourages more details on your profile to showcase characteristics. You will have fun with whoever you match with.

Its advanced search function is also accurate. No matter what requirements or keywords you fill, the system will generate a suitable list for you. You can also input multiple search filters at the same time to narrow down the list for the best possible dates.

All its cool features are practical, although it’s not visually stunning. The whole display is rather dull as if it has not been updated in a long while. Adult FriendFinder certainly fulfills what it sets out for, but a new design would bring it up a notch with the fierce competition out there.

Ashley Madison


  • Subtle web design
  • Each member’s registration has to be verified
  • Excellent customer supper
  • Quick matching


  • Mostly for hookups only

Another trending dating site that has been blowing up in the last few years, Ashley Madison is a place you would not expect to find a lot of doctors, but there are. Doctors in residency spend the majority of their time in the hospital. They have no time to date and they share their living space.

Imagine the rumors that will start when people find out they are often on dating sites. That is one of the biggest advantages for Ashley Madison. Designed to be low-key, the site has a plain display that shows members’ profiles. You will not find those porn-like photos common on other hookup sites.

Each member’s identity is verified by the system before you can start searching, thus reducing the risk of running into a catfish. The smart system analyzes your past matches and the profiles you spend the most time on, then presents new suggestions to you every time. Its compatibility test is superb. You are presented with profiles that are similar to your current matches.

Its customer support is also excellent. Whatever questions or issues you encounter, Ashley Madison’s team always responds to you within the day. If you have trouble learning to use the features, its staff will also guide you through to enhance your experience.

However, if you are seeking a long-term relationship, Ashley Madison may not fill the shoe to be your best matchmaker. Members join for its chill vibe and mostly looking for hookups. No strings attached. You are unlikely to change their hearts. It is one of the best places for some fun but your future wife or husband is probably somewhere else.

Bang Locals


  • Simple registration
  • Fast matching
  • Users are diverse and open-minded


  • Rigid user interface

Dating sites are competing against each other in every aspect, and Bang Locals comes in with the whole package. It’s fast, simple, and colorful. Users will be able to start matching in under 10 minutes with its fast registration process. You can input as much information as you feel comfortable with and choose to hide details that you would like to keep personal.

Members of Bang Locals are diverse and open-minded. The gender ratio is split evenly. You will find people from different age groups getting along very well. Its chill and easy-going vibes attract those with special sexual fantasies or fetishes.

So, if you have something that you are too shy to reveal on other platforms, Bang Locals is a safe place to find your passion. No one will judge you. Just be honest with yourself and your interests. The hardware of Bang Locals is in place, but the software of this site needs a major upgrade.

From the animation to the visual design, the whole website feels very rigid. The speed is decent for a dating site, but the content and layout do not offer the most satisfying matching experience. Users would expect a dating giant like Bang Locals to have a much smoother interface.

Dating Tips For Dating A Doctor In Residency


Take a rose and hop over to their ward for a visit. Dealing with immense stress means they need a loving date who understands why they are busy and feeling blue. Be that someone for them. Pack them a tasty lunchbox as well. There is nothing that captures hearts more than a homemade meal seasoned with love.

Show Some Love

Seeing the effort you make for them will melt their heart. More importantly, it will show their colleagues that they have a caring lover. Not only does it make their colleagues jealous and feed into their ego, but it also helps deter possible horny men lurking around waiting to prey on them.

Keep Your Jealousy in Check

Remember that your partner is a successful and well-respected person. Of course, everyone wants to date them. But that does not give you the right to act jealous or control them. Most doctors prefer to choose their career over their relationship so any aggressive confrontation will only drive them away.

Discuss Calmly with Them Your Expectations

Find a common ground. If you feel jealous, upgrade yourself so you feel confident about where you are. They should feel attractive, the same as you. The last thing they need after their 24-hour shift is your text asking if they were busy talking to others.

When they do not reply, chances are that they are busting their arms off saving a patient. They probably have not eaten anything in 20 hours. If you want to know what they are doing, pick up some food and go to them. Do not accuse them because of your insecurity.

Keep Them Happy

Doctors are extremely occupied with various tasks during their shifts. Understandably, they will not want to continue dating you if it gets too stressful. They do not need extra mental depression outside of work. Try to put yourself in their shoes and be the person behind their success to win over their heart.

Final Thoughts

Dating a doctor is fun and exciting. They have a bright future so your long-term prospect is looking good together. Having a caring doctor by your side is the dream for many. It is a sexy occupation.

Sometimes, you will encounter challenges when they are still a doctor in residency. The distance, the workload, and the stress…Everything can pull you apart.

All you have to remind yourself is that they will not stay in residency forever. If you can make it through this time, your love will be stronger than ever. To find the hottest doctors in residency in town, join Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals today for the match of a lifetime.

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