Colombian Cupid Review

Colombian Cupid Review: Should You Sign Up or Ignore?

by John Santana

Niche dating is thriving as people can specifically search for their perfect partner. Colombian Cupid is here to connect hot Colombians as well as international people looking to date a Colombian.

When it comes to Colombian dating, there are not a lot of choices. So, is Colombian Cupid the magic card for you?

Colombian Cupid At a Glance

First impression: 5/10
Signup: 6/10
Searching and messaging: 5/10
Member quality: 4/10
Pricing: 4/10

Overall: 4.8/10

Final verdict: Colombian Cupid almost made it to be an OK dating site but still needs significant improvement.

The Cupid Media Group has long been introducing niche-specific sites without proper modifications. Updates are infrequent, causing the server and search engine to underperform.

Its loose security system gives scammers the chance to create hundreds of spam profiles. It gets incredibly frustrating not to meet any real Colombians. Despite its reasonable charges, we would still recommend Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison as your best bet in finding true love.

Colombian Cupid In-Depth Review

First Impression

The Cupid Media family is big. It offers all types of niche dating sites for members with specific preferences. Since this branch has been around for so long, it does add to its credibility. In general, before you join any of its sites, you don’t have to worry about your safety and wallet.

The Cupid Media Group is legit and does not have a reputation for overcharging its customers although mishaps do happen occasionally.

Once you can verify the legitimacy of Colombian Cupid, the worst thing that can happen is just not getting dates. This dating site follows a typical Cupid-style layout. An app version is available for Android users. Apple users are always left out of the group. To be fair, the app is very basic and not at all intuitive. So, most users go back to the desktop version after a few days.

You are not given much information before registration. If this is your first time visiting, you could be confused and skeptical. Colombian Cupid should take a step further in establishing a professional landing page to inform users about its features. A Q&A page is also missing. So many questions relating to possible payment disputes and data policy are vague.

We had mixed feelings checking out Colombian Cupid. We gave it the benefit of the doubt as the Cupid dating sites are mostly safe to be on. But the lack of critical information is surely uneasy for new users.

First impression: 5/10


A verification step is not required. You only need to give your email or connect it to your Facebook account to get started. Over the years, Colombian Cupid has been criticized for its opaque privacy policy. Users are unaware of how their data has been used. Hence, it is a better option to sign up with your email address.

You are immediately redirected to the profile creation page after registration. There, you can customize your profile. You can add specific details such as religion, drinking preference, smoking habit, education level, and what you are looking for.

Adding your criteria helps others judge how compatible you are. It is recommended that you fill in as many details as you can. Invisible profiles refer to accounts without photos. These profiles get almost zero visibility in searches. So, you should add at least four photos so the engine believes you are real.

Getting started on Colombian Cupid is not difficult at all. It will not take more than 10 minutes to register and get your profile done. You will be able to start matching very soon. The only big drawback is the lack of privacy. Besides, removing verification is a double-edged sword. It protects users that might not want to reveal their identity but it also gives scammers the best platform to find prey.

Signup: 6/10

Matching And Messaging

Details found in a profile can be used as filters in searches. The search system is slightly overcomplicated with too many parameters to adjust. But, it could benefit users with clear requirements in mind.

Browsing can also be done invisibly with the Hide Your Profile feature. The other account is unaware of your existence until you initiate a message. They cannot view that you have checked out their profiles and they will not find you in the search engine. It supposedly gives people more confidence and receives less harassment in a safe space.

Colombian Cupid allows you to send instant messages to profiles. It alerts them of your interest right away. Alternatively, you can send them a text or an email. The chat feature is primitive and lacks a smooth server. A drop in communication is frequent. Some users experience infuriating lags when conducting a live chat.

In addition, Colombian Cupid prioritizes paid profiles. That way, you keep seeing some profiles repeatedly, even though they are nothing like your preferred dates. This could be annoying for members. The search engine should still match the ads to users’ preferences instead of throwing all premium profiles randomly on search results.

Matching and messaging: 5/10

Member Quality

The experience with members on the site has been very mixed. To begin with, this dating site should either be for Colombians dating Colombians or Colombians dating foreigners. But the messy matching algorithm will put foreigners with foreigners. Then, it is pointless to be on the site because you are not meeting other Colombians.

Once you have finally found a Colombian to talk with, 9 out of 10 times, they are scammers. They use a fake profile to pretend to be from Colombia. In some cases, they do not even speak Spanish so their evil plot can be revealed easily.

If you are patient enough to sit through this nonsense, you will be greeted by the most kind-hearted Colombian daters. There are passionate people on the site looking for dates but you will spend a long time searching.

Colombian Cupid claims to create happy marriages but in reality, most members are not looking for serious dates. They simply want to meet new people to pass the time online. This is especially true when you find overseas matches. They often don’t have the intention to meet up at all or they are using online dating platforms to try to get a spousal visa.

Finding real love on Colombian Cupid is a treacherous trekking journey. There will be bumps along the way. No one will deny its legitimacy but it also makes users wonder if it is worth the effort when there are better options out there.

Member quality: 4/10


On Colombian Cupid, membership plans are divided into three tiers. They are the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans. The membership gets more luxurious as it progresses. It implies higher visibility, more advanced analytic tools, better matches, and more.

For the Gold plan, the cheapest you can get is $13 per month. The monthly cost for the Platinum plan and Diamond plan is $16 and $32, respectively. The pricing is not outrageous for the Gold plan, although it reduces your access to premium features.

Members could join the free trial to explore the potential of being a paid member. Keep in mind that due to its fake profile issue and lower-than-average member activity, you may have to subscribe for a long time before you find a solid relationship.

The investment can add up to a staggering amount. It would be ideal for users to simply join the free trial and get as many contacts as they can during that time.

Pricing: 4/10

Where Else Can You Find Colombians To Date?

Dating Apps For Singles

Whenever you have a specific type of date in mind, it is normal to go for a niche dating site. It sounds like the best option but most of the time, these niche dating sites have a limited number of users in each area. Your chance of meeting a Colombian date drops.

The best way to find Colombian dates is to join online dating sites with a large pool of Colombian users. These platforms often attract more ethnic Colombian than niche dating sites. The top two platforms for this would be Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

Adult FriendFinder has built its reputation for being extremely popular among Spanish-speaking users. There are millions of local and international Colombians around the world. Users can narrow their search by ethnicity and location. It gives you a much broader scope than Colombian Cupid.

Also, Adult FriendFinder encourages group activities. You can join live sessions with other Spanish users on a fun date night. It is the perfect way for shy daters to mingle with others. The registration process is also more serious than Colombian Cupid so running into a scammer is less likely.

Ashley Madison is also a no-brainer if you want some Colombian love. Catering more toward fetishes and kinks, this female-oriented dating site has significantly more female members. It fosters a safe dating environment for women to reach out to their dates.

Many Colombians are making friends and starting relationships here. You do not have to have specific expectations. The site is surprising in the way it matches people. You will find both soulmates and fings here. Anything is possible with an open heart.

How To Date Your Colombian Lover Right?

Colombians are direct. There is nothing more off-putting than being a prude about things. Whatever you want from your lover, say it out loud. They will not spend time guessing why you are upset. An honest relationship is important to them.

They can take criticism very well as long as it is for the relationship. You do not have to be afraid to talk about bad things. It helps when they know what’s wrong. But don’t take their kindness for granted. Colombians are proud people and will not hesitate to leave an abuser if you keep accusing them of wrongdoing.

Also, in Colombian culture, men are expected to be the dominant ones. Therefore, to love your girl right, you should exhibit alpha male signs. Keep your gentlemanly side to show her the love she deserves but step up when the situation requires you to.

Getting along with their family member will earn the utmost respect. Your partner is dedicated to keeping family life balanced. A relationship should never deprive them of seeing their family. Your effort to be part of their family will not go unnoticed.

Don’t fuss about getting your soulmate the best gift. Colombians are not materialistic. They rarely demand luxurious gifts. Instead, a thoughtful gesture is much more appreciated.


Colombian Cupid underperforms in most sections and is not considered a superior dating site. You will not be finding the love of your life here. Want to find the perfect Colombian? Forget about Colombian Cupid and get on Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

John Santana

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