5 Polyamorous Dating Sites & Apps To Find Partners In 2024

by John Santana

If you are in a polyamorous relationship, you already know the beauty of being able to explore different sides of a dating life. You can laugh with a person you click with while discovering new thrillers with another one. Everything flows so smoothly.

But as you already know, it is not easy to find a partner if you are in a polyamorous relationship. Taboo surrounding this dating style has made it difficult. The unjust stigma and stereotypes make people afraid to speak up about their needs and wants.

If you are looking for new partners to join your wonderful dating life, check out these fantastic polyamorous dating sites.

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From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our Recommendations for Top Polyamorous Dating Sites

1. Adult FriendFinder



  • Members are adventurous and accepting
  • Join forums to discuss your dating style
  • Group video calls to increase your chance of finding a partner


  • Many promotional emails

To count the top polyamorous dating sites, Adult FriendFinder would make very high on the list. Designed to cater to all different styles, this online dating site with 90 million registered users will not disappoint. You will find all sorts of people on it. Many are adventurous enough to explore the new avenue in the dating world.

Don’t be afraid to write about what you want. Honesty is attractive. Members want to know what you are looking for and how they can satisfy you. Everyone is super accepting of people’s sexual preferences.

Join the ample discussion boards to talk about the perks and challenges of being in a polyamorous relationship. You will be surprised by how many people are in the same shoe.

The best feature of Adult FriendFinder for polyamorous couples is the video call feature where you can bulk call a group of people. You can choose to call your entire friend list at once or someone in the same interest group. That way, you are able to talk to multiple people at the same time and get to really feel who might be a good fit as a partner.

As dreamy as all the perks Adult FriendFinder offers, a setback takes you a step away from heaven as the trending online dating site is swamped with ads and promotional emails.

Every day, you are sent numerous discounts and offers. You can choose to ignore all of them, but it is still rather unpleasant to get spammed.

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2. Ashley Madison



  • A lot of polyamorous couples
  • Can be anonymous
  • The system can automatically erase chat and search history


  • You might get entangled in an unwanted love triangle with angry spouses coming after you

Cheers to the first popular adult dating site for secret affairs. Ashley Madison has successfully made itself known for being an open-minded dating site. Whether you are seeking an adventurous affair or bringing someone new into your loving relationship, you will find the perfect match on Ashley Madison.

Designed to be discreet, the site allows verified users to use an alias as most people prefer not to use their real names for various reasons. All you need is to get your ID checked by the team and then you are able to enjoy the adrenaline kick on this exciting dating site.

Ashley Madison has gotten its unreasonable attacks in the past because of its nature. It hasn’t stopped it from flourishing. Today, it is one of the most popular sites for polyamorous couples. It is a safe place where they feel accepted and welcome.

The site understands how its members will want a clean record. Not everyone wants people to find out they are on dating sites. Therefore, the site will automatically erase your search and chat history as per the setting. No one will ever know what you are up to.

However, Ashley Madison does cater to those seeking secret affairs. So watch out for angry spouses. It is rather normal for your date’s husband to find out about this love affair and come chasing you down with vicious words.

Communication is important. If you don’t want to get entangled in an unwanted situation, make sure you talk it through with your date to ensure there is nothing worrying going on.

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3. Down

Down Dating App


  • A smart user interface
  • Quality and responsive features
  • Attracts people with niche sexual preferences


  • Many profiles seem to be bots

Down has both desktop and app versions which work wonderfully for those constantly switching between their phone and laptop. Its user interface is clean and smart. You will be able to navigate around and figure out all the features in no time. Its sleeky design is encouraging even for those who are not good with technology. You will find a lot of nomads living off-grid ready for a spicy adventure.

Its built-in chat and search features are of high quality. Each button is fast and responsive. The load time is impressively short. On top of that, its chat box is visually pleasing and enhances the whole experience.

Down attracts mostly people with niche sexual preferences. It is not a mainstream online dating site. It is very welcoming towards the LGBT+ community as well as people seeking a polyamorous relationship. It is safe to say that most users on Down are not your average online dating members from other sites.

Although Down has a fantastic design and great goal, its execution might not live up to the expectations. Most member profiles seem to be fake or bots. It looks like the system pushes out bots to lure in new members.

Those profiles are not responsive and you can’t interact with them. It can be very frustrating to see a bunch of fake profiles when browsing through the database. You might end up not having an actual match in weeks as users have commented in reviews.

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4. MoreThanOne



  • Exclusively for polyamorous dating
  • Search engine customized for finding multiple partners
  • Results are presented according to compatibility


  • The site is slow and difficult to navigate

The name says it all. MoreThanOne is exclusively for polyamorous dating. All you need is to give your email and answer several questions about your personal dating preferences to get started. You can start matching in no time.

Its search engine is designed to find multiple partners at the same time. Results are presented according to the compatibility based on your answers upon registration. You are shown results of not just who you will be a good fit with, but also how other members are likely to fit well in your relationship.

You can see how likely two other members will get along if they were to join in. This fun feature certainly adds quite some points. But keep in mind that there is no knowing of how accurate this is. It could all just be a gimmick.

The worst thing about MoreThanOne is its annoyingly slow site speed. It could take a good 5 minutes to load a single page. This is not acceptable in this era. To top it off, the site navigation is extremely confusing.

The same feature is often given different names on different pages. Users are lost and can’t navigate around until they are familiar with the system. The whole site is not user-friendly.

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5. OkCupid



  • Compatibility test
  • Lots of people looking for an open relationship
  • Popular in North America


  • Users are skewed towards the 30-40 age group

OkCupid is taking over North America by storm. As one of the most trending dating sites, OkCupid surely has its magic. You are required to take a compatibility test upon signup which allows the system to access and analyze your personal preferences. Then, the system will generate a list of results based on your answers. That’s how the system knows what type of people you will type.

Members on OkCupid are mostly open to or actively seeking an open relationship. They find this lifestyle freeing and uplifting. Without a doubt, you will get matched in no time with its solid matching system and the number of members on the site.

This premium online dating site will satisfy all your needs, but only if you are between the age of 30 to 40. This is because the site is highly skewed towards this age group.

You have a much higher chance of success if you belong to this group. If not, you may spend a long time trying without much luck as users on OkCupid are more interested in dating people their age.

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How Do I Find a Polyamorous Partner?

Online dating sites are your best bet, period.

A lot of polyamorous couples are too shy to act out on their desires. Hence, they wander around bars hoping to get picked up instead. Your chances are slim in local pubs as polyamorous people rarely look for their partners there. The online space is the perfect place for them.

You don’t have to waste your time asking every good-looking person if polyamory is their thing. You just upload your profile and description. Then, you sit and wait for the magic to happen.

Online dating never fails you. However, there are some tips to follow if you are unsure where to find a quality partner. Always ask for permission and give the full details before bringing in a third partner in your relationship.

A rookie mistake would be to get your date hooked without explaining the whole situation because you are afraid of judgment. When your partner is on board and finds out the reality is different than expected, it will be traumatizing for you and everyone to deal with.

Always set the expectations straight. If you already have a committed partner or you prefer to divide up the time among your partners, make it known from the start. Don’t toy with people’s feelings. Ask them to do the same. Sit down and get to know what everyone expects from this so you can all enjoy a healthy polyamorous relationship.

Everyone is an individual and if she doesn’t want to hang out with others, come up with a plan that everyone is comfortable with. Don’t avoid confrontation. Face it head-on so you can handle dating multiple people at the same time.

Lastly, only bring in a new partner if everyone in the relationship is onboard. Even if one person doesn’t agree to it, don’t do it. A polyamorous relationship doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. It is about consent. You can’t just bring in more partners as you wish. Everyone has to be fine with the decision like any exclusive couple would do.

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Tips On Being in a Polyamorous Relationship

Whether you are new or experienced in this, you should always remember these tips when it comes to polyamorous dating.

Always Be Fully Honest

It is all about having all parties involved satisfied and happy. Communication is important. Never hide the relationship from people involved in it. If there is anything that you don’t feel comfortable with or would like to improve, raise your voice and have a discussion about it.

Don’t Get Jealous

You are all in a relationship. You need to make sure you can be happy for your partners and do not create division. Never compete for love and isolate one person from sharing the love. Everyone is equal in this relationship.

Divide Your Time Among Your Partners

You don’t always have the same schedule. You might be able to meet with someone more than the others. But you should always try to be as fair as possible by spending the same amount of quality time among all your partners.

Is Polyamory Illegal?

Polyamory can be illegal in some countries. For most countries like the US, although you can’t get married legally to multiple partners in most states, it is not explicitly illegal to be in a polyamorous relationship. The struggle for polyamorous couples is that they can’t get married and enjoy legal marriage rights as equals since there are more than two people in the relationship.

Most states honor the traditional sense of marriage sanity and strictly ban the union of any relationship that consists of more than two people. In some cases, you can get registered as domestic partners.

The most difficult part for polyamorous couples is not about getting married, but dealing with the negativity and stereotypes of the public. People tend to think polyamorous people are not innocent. Having to deal with hatred is often the hard part.

Whether polyamory is illegal or not depends on where you are. Most polyamorous people are living the best life without sharing marriage rights as they are content with their current state. There are many ways to live a life and you just need to find the people to share your values. Online dating is a cool way to do just that.


Polyamorous dating is not always easy. You may feel deterred by the lack of options available. Online dating sites are the best sources for quality matches and bringing in the new dynamite in your bomb combination. You will have the sparks with your new partner from these online dating sites. Register now to start the show.

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