Flirt Vs. BeNaughty – Which is Better?

by John Santana

There are so many dating sites out there. It is hard to know what to choose. Flirt and BeNaughty have been trending for a while. They both advertise finding you a fuck buddy or true love, whatever you are looking for. Are you deciding between the two?

Before you jump to the registration page, read on to see how they compare. Let’s figure out the best choice for your needs!

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Flirt Vs. BeNaughty at a Glance

Flirt advantages:

  • Easy to use with simple features and site navigation
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Blog posts and articles on how to message dates or how to polish your profiles for first-timers

Flirt disadvantages:

  • Very limited features for free members
  • Rigid profile modification and update once the account is made
  • Fake profiles

BeNaughty advantages:

  • Easy signup process that takes less than 5 minutes
  • Suggestions based on your personality and compatibility test
  • Profiles are refreshed after every search, so you are not presented with the same profiles

BeNaughty disadvantages:

  • Frequent spammy ads and email promotions
  • Your personal information is sold to the company, which means the company can use your data for ads anytime
  • Very difficult to delete the account once it is made

Winner: In case you are too lazy to read the full article to find out the answer, here is the big reveal! While both sites have their own merits and demerits, Flirt wins the competition by a margin. BeNaughty is the less effective version of Flirt. Once the account is made, it is permanent. Flirt is much more lenient in its account policy and suitable for men because of the large amount of female user base.

But if you want the true online dating experience. There are aspects and elements that both are missing. Other trending online dating sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison would be the better choices that guarantee success.

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What’s the Difference Between Them?

Who is better for dating?

While both sites are rather notorious in their dating scenes, Flirt is slightly better at finding long-term relationships. BeNaughty has an overwhelming ratio of men. They are mostly there to find casual sex. Since girls are a minority, they have a lot of say in who to pick. The competition is high, and many girls are there to play as they enjoy feeling superior and having men fight over them.

On the other hand, although Flirt is also filled with bots, over 60% of users are females. So your chance of running into a genuine female user is higher than on BeNaughty. On top of that, Flirt is a better profile description section. BeNaughty mostly shows members’ body measurements and physical attributes.

Flirt has a more mature design that allows members to write more about themselves, like their interests, hobbies, and passion. This generates more interest and encourages long-term relationships.

Winner: Flirt offers a better profile description and a more balanced gender ratio. Users are open-minded. BeNaughty has a major audience base of men aged between 30 to 45 looking for casual sex. They dominate the field, making it hard for genuine users to find a lifelong partner on their platform.

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Who has better features?

Both platforms are relatively basic when it comes to features. BeNaughty offers unlimited messaging to its premium members. Free members can only respond to messages but cannot initiate any. Flirt allows free members to have limited spots to initiate a conversation. The restrictions are lifted for all grades of paying members.

For messaging channels, Flirt has the video call feature where BeNaughty is struggling to keep up with. Flirt’s video call quality is decent, while BeNaughty often experiences crashing. You can also select a video to be put on your profile. BeNaughty does not support video content in your company.

In case of technical issues and unforeseeable obstacles while surfing, Flirt has a chatroom where you can contact help immediately. As for BeNaughty, you can only send its support team a message and wait for a reply. It says you usually get a reply within a day. In reality, sometimes you will have to message multiple times before you get an answer.

Customer support is a huge part of the service. Some fantastic examples of excellent customer service work in the industry include Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder. These websites offer live chat support to solve any difficulties customers may encounter. Thoughtful details like this one are what set these online dating sites apart from others.

Winner: Both sites offer basic features only but Flirt is more detail-oriented in perfecting those features. BeNaughty lacks the fundamental functions of an online dating site and fails to connect members with its existing features.

That being said, there are much better options out there that far beat the two, including Ashley Madison and Adult FriendFinder.

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Which one has higher quality matches?


At first glimpse, both Flirt and BeNaughty have an impressive member base. Girls are professional and sexy, and men are gentle and hot. Upon investigation, unfortunately, it is found that many profiles are fake or bots created by the websites to lure in new registrations.

To skim through those fake profiles is a hard task on its own. Once you are through, you will find some genuine profiles ready to talk. The comparison was easy.

Flirt has a much higher quality user pool. In terms of diversity, BeNaughty’s members mostly fall between 35 to 45. Whereas for Flirt, the age range is from 20 to 50. Most are also working professionals looking for some fun.

Winner: Flirt wins this round hands down. Taking out the bot factor which is rather common in big dating sites. Flirt has a diverse member pool that is attractive for those up for an adventure. BeNaughty caters only to a specific group and cannot satisfy other groups.


Flirt is surely the better option between the two with higher-quality features and support. However, to maximize your online dating experience, you should invest your time in superb sites like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

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John Santana

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