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7 Best Midget Dating Apps: Dating for Little People

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

In the world of dating, there are platforms that can be used to access the social realm at the tip of a finger. People are constantly trying to squish time in to find love among their other daily responsibilities.
Mobile dating applications make this a simpler process. It helps people to find time to meet other people and create relationships.

Sometimes there are people that are looking for someone unique, or they themselves feel unique. This is true among people who have differences or disabilities or just feel different than others. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to travel the city or visit or social gathering in a public place like a bar or a sports event to meet someone like yourself.


The Shorter Side and the Term Midget

Are you on the shorter side of the height spectrum and looking for love? There is good news! There are plenty of midgets, also known as “Little People,” or people who have dwarfism, out there.
Although these people are called “midgets” in some contexts, the best and most socially acceptable and respectable term is “Little People.”

The Odds

Finding like-minded people is difficult, but finding like-bodied people can be even tougher, especially since being a dwarf is incredibly rare to begin with. There are about thirty thousand Little People established in the United States.

Out of 331.5 million people in the United States, you would have to be incredibly lucky to live in the same local area as one, and finding them in public social situations where it is acceptable to ask them out on a date is even harder.

This is where dating apps and websites can come in handy. These applications can be accessed both online on a personal computer and on most mobile phones and tablets.

How to Use an App to Find Love

Dating apps are simple:

  • Sign up
  • Create account
  • Set up profile
  • Search for preferred type of person
  • Search for location (optional if you don’t mind traveling or long-distance relationships)
  • Contact them
  • See where it goes from there

Finding Little People in a Big World

Most people with dwarfism are below four feet, nine inches. They often have different requirements and needs for sustaining healthy lifestyles, so unless you’re already a Little Person, you may not attend the same places or same crowds of people they do.

Besides going to the local bar, taking a gander while working out in the gym, or asking a Little Person if they’d like to have dinner with you while you’re shopping for your weekly groceries, there aren’t many opportunities in a busy world.

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Best Midget Dating Sites

If you want to find a fellow Little Person to date or if you want to experience what it’s like to date a Little Person, try using a dating app or two to help you find the right partner. These are the top seven best midget dating apps to find another Little Person who has a whole lot of love.

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo

Ashley Madison is one of the best and highest-rated dating sites available on the internet. This website is touted as one of the most active and secure websites around. There are over 15,000 new members daily. They claim to be highly balanced as far as the ratio of men to women. This website comes in browser form and a mobile app.

The ratio of men to women on Ashley Madison is 1:1, creating a great environment for people to find their other half. Ashley Madison does require a membership; women gain free access while men have to pay around $70 a month. The men’s membership allows them access to full profiles, naughty pictures, hook-up requests, and to read and respond to messages.

This may be a put-off for some men who don’t want to pay, but you really get what you pay for. Ashley Madison keeps this membership fee so that real women want to join and use the site and keep coming back and so men don’t spam the server with profiles. The features available are shared by profiles of women and men alike are about the same, however.

There are options to be able to choose body type, appearance, personality traits, and relationship type. While Ashley Madison advertises secret affairs as its main purpose, it’s still used as a highly successful dating site where real people have met each other and created long-lasting relationships. This can be especially important for Little People to be able to find, as most Little People are also looking for long-term relationships, not just casual flings or even affairs, as the Ashley Madison site suggests.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder logo

Adult Friend Finder is a website similar to other social media platform giants like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. This site is meant for casual dating or long-term relationships and can be used for chatting and connecting with people in general. It can also be used to express oneself by being able to customize a profile and share content on your profile page.

Advertised as one of the biggest sex and swinging communities, Adult Friend Finder is a bit adventurous but thankfully lets you partake of adventure at your own pace. The memberships are free for the most part, with options for gold memberships.

Most of the site’s features are available, even if only halfway useful (until you pay, that is), and can be used to draw people to your profile page. You can use search options and other similar features to find people in your local area, or perhaps somewhere else in the world, but with your shared ideals.

This website is also mobile browser friendly or has a mobile app that is quite convenient for use and is similar to other social media chats. This is a great avenue to advertise yourself as a Little Person, if you are, or to advertise that you are looking to meet one.

3. Match

Match dating App Logo

Match is an online website that utilizes a very personified profile and survey to match you up with other members on the website. Match utilizes a membership option that can be paid for monthly, every three months, every six months, or up to a year. The costs are kind of expensive, with the going rate at about $50 a month.

This seems like a pretty expensive fee just to use a platform, right? Well, the algorithm they use on the website is supposed to be so precise in helping to match people up that the website offers a full refund if you have been using the platform and still have not gotten a successful relationship in the first six months.

This is a fool-proof guarantee that you will use and like the platform and features and find your next partner, which is great! If you don’t, you don’t lose anything, except maybe six months of your life in time and effort.

Match is a great way to find a Little Person because the features offer great filter options:

  • Body type, weight, height
  • Personality
  • Likes, dislikes
  • Relationship Type

Little people who want to try out this website may like the results and if they don’t, they can always get a refund after six months if they have no luck.

4. Tinder

excellent online dating platforms

Tinder is an online dating app that most know by the “swipe right” or “swipe left” theme. This app allows you to create your own profile (albeit with less customization and biographical editing options than other platforms use). You can upload your favorite pictures of yourself in hopes of gaining a swipe to the right (meaning that someone likes your Tinder profile picture).

Sometimes though, a swipe to the left (someone didn’t like your Tinder profile picture) is given without a read on the profile. This makes Tinder an option for super casual dating but doesn’t offer anything long-term on its platform for a deeper connection. The work is really left to the participants on the platform if they choose to meet based on their preferred swiping.

Membership is free for both genders with this dating app. However, of course, there are in-app purchases available such as video calling, seeing who you matched with, and putting your profile at the top of the search list of “active” members in the area.

Little People can use this platform to their advantage and can really showcase themselves as unique individuals. Their profile may not be read at first, but first visual impressions can really be used here to draw in other members. This is also a quick and easy platform to find someone based on looks and first appearances, but be wary of personalities and observe safety measures before meeting.

Tinder is not in any way conducive to a long-term relationship such as Match and Adult Friend Finder. It’s usually a quick meet and greet, a Netflix and Chill, or maybe it can be something more. But this takes work on both ends of the relationship. Make sure to be cautious using these “quick meet” apps due to the nature of the lack of membership, lack of moderation, and lack of a verified profile.

5. Date a Little

For those who are just looking to stay in their niche and in their community of Little People, Date a Little is a great website to start out on. Date a Little is a small platform in which Little People are shown exclusively. This website is more of a blog-style website than a social platform, but it looks simple enough to use.

The membership is totally free. The only drawback is you need to register and complete your profile before you can browse the website in its entirety. The site is much smaller and has a moderator crew that limits and moderates all posts, photos, and most of the activity on the site. This may sound like a dampener in a lot of ways pertaining to time and freedom of speech. But it’s meant to filter out people who may or may not be abusive to Little People.

Little People should feel safe in their online adventures and especially in their dating life. While Date a Little doesn’t offer the protection and security of the most secure paid memberships, the small community and the group of moderators keep it pretty safe and harassment-free.

6. Little People Meet

Another site dedicated to Little People is Little People Meet. This website is also smaller and sticks to the Little People crowd. This website is also free, but like Date a Little, you need to register and create a profile to properly access the website.

There is an emphasis on creating a profile for yourself before you can search for other profiles. There seems to be light moderation within the platform. This is smaller than Date a Little and has a less active community. It does offer a mobile app, but it’s not as extensive as the top websites on our list.

Little People Meet is a great place for Little People to meet others just like themselves. It’s a place where Little People can feel safe and supportive of others that share their short stature and larger-than-life dreams.

7. Shorter Singles

This is a website that is dedicated to people of a shorter height. Shorter Singles is a website that allows Little People in the United Kingdom to meet each other online. This website is completely reliant on filters that feature height as the prominent profile indicator.

While not all short people are Little People, this site can be incredibly helpful for those that are shorter than their peers to find maybe even people shorter than them. Shorter Singles is a more generous take on Little People sites and is a little more open than Date a Little or Little People Meet. This means that you might not meet another “Little Person,” but you might meet someone that fits your size preference as a partner.

This website is free and does offer special premium features such as video calling on its mobile app. Shorter Singles is an active and fun-filled place meant to attract those who just don’t feel “tall” enough in their day-to-day life or those that are truly Little People.

Dating a Little Person

Dating a Little Person is very much like dating someone who is full-sized. Although this article looks for “midget” dating apps, the term “midget” is not deemed as respectful as “dwarf” or “Little Person.” Usually, though, it’s best to refer to the person as however they are comfortable in introducing themselves.

Little People can do all the same things that normal people can do. Although medically, they may be technically disabled, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t normal in every other aspect besides height. Little People have feelings, emotions, wants, needs, and desires, the same as everyone else.

If you do visit a platform to find a Little Person to date — if you’re not a Little Person yourself — please do remember to be respectful. People join these online sites to find love, connection, and escape from the real modern day-to-day problems. No one should be harassed online because of their physical appearance or mental capabilities.


There is a whole world of dating out there, and in today’s crunch for time, many seek the reprieve of online dating. Online dating is fast, efficient, and can yield great results for people who are seeking certain relationships. Midgets, or those with dwarfism, or Little People, (as more respectfully called) are a group of people that may use online platforms to find similar-minded and similar-bodied people.

Little People have the choice to use paid membership sites like Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder, and Match to find others like them. Or, they can use free memberships to more exclusive sites such as Date a Little, Little People Meet, or Shorter Singles. If just online for fun and casual encounters, Tinder is right up there on the list as a useful platform for Little People to date successfully.

Whichever app you choose, always maintain safety standards to keep yourself safe if you meet someone in public. This can help you avoid bad situations or getting harassed in future scenarios if the meet-up doesn’t go as well as you hoped.

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