Kippo Review

Kippo Dating App Review: Good For Gamers or Just a Scam?

by John Santana

Today, there is an online dating app for every niche. You can easily connect with anyone you want. Of all the niches, the gamer dating app, Kippo, is currently creating hype. People are excited to see a platform dedicated to gamer romance while others are skeptical about this app.

Is Kippo any good? Will you find your gamer love on it? Let’s find out here.

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Kippo At a Glance

First impression: 7/10
Signup and searching: 3/10
Profile quality and messaging: 3/10
Special features: 2/10
Pricing: 5/10

Overall: 4.4/10

Final verdict: It’s not a shame to give this one a pass. Kippo is an okay-ish mediocre app that uses gamer dating as a gimmick to attract new users when there is no quality content in it. As a supposed dating app for streamers, it lacks the main features that these online talents seek. Hence, most gamers would not bat an eye on Kippo just for that. If you truly want to connect with fellow gamers online, there are plenty of good options such as Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

Kippo Review By Features

First Impression

Before opening up the app, seeing the stats of Kippo can give you an idea of how this app is doing. Launched in 2018, the app currently has around 50,000 members from the US with the rest scattered across the globe. The total logins each month averages 25,000 times.

The stats are not exactly impressive but considering the niche it serves, it is justifiable. Besides, it is up against a huge market. Having fewer members does not necessarily imply a lower success rate. It all depends on members’ quality. The stats are fairly decent for a new app that serves a narrower spectrum of audiences.

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This brings us to the app itself. Kippo adopts a dark neon theme that is similar to most gamers’ keyboards or streaming lights. This connection is cheeky and cute. The app seems to be well-made with the animation flowing smoothly with lots of visual effects and transitions. As a gamer, you will not be disappointed with the grand entry.

The introduction to Kippo is simple but practical. There is nothing too fancy that will lose users. Feature navigation is kept to the basics, which is nice because you don’t need every online dating app to be made like Fortnite. Simplicity is key sometimes.

Users can signup or read about Kippo on the app. You must register before you can proceed to browse profiles or do anything else on the app. Kippo seems to be a gorgeous app from the introduction.

First impression: 7/10

Signup And Searching

Kippo Signup And Searching

Signing up on Kippo is probably quicker than on any streaming platform. All you need is your email and some basic profile information. Then, you are all set. It is surprising to see the lack of identity verification or any other measures taken to protect the community’s safety.

Keep in mind that Kippo brand itself to be the gamer’s dating heaven. If Twitch’s streamers are really relying on this app to find love, wouldn’t they need a much better security protocol to ensure they are not meeting 10 fake profiles from a crazy fan?

When you create your profile, you can build your card deck. It resembles a card game where you have your unique card for your profile. On the card, there are logos and cartoons that showcase your personality and characteristics. The sound of it is cool but the execution has proven this idea to be a mirage as it is not feasible.

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Reading others’ profiles in this card format is impossible. You have to familiarize yourself with all the meanings. It is too much effort when you only want a simple date.

Moving on from that is the searching section. This is also rather confusing. Although it is obvious that Kippo is striking for the streaming vibe, the search function is a golden example of what is over the top. Each search section and results are presented like a game card with the astrology star, Twitch account, and a bunch of other useless symbols.

These symbols can be replaced by words to make the grid look cleaner and easier to read. It is doubtful how people will read these symbols as if they are their first language. Also, there are too many decorative patterns and flashing effects. They are supposed to make the app cooler. But instead, they make users want to pass out from the excessive flashing lights and symbols.

Signup and searching: 3/10

Profile Quality And Messaging

Kippo Profile Quality And Messaging

This is the most disappointing section of the entire Kippo app. Even if you sign up having the full specs in mind, you will still be blown away by how few matches are available in your area. It does not seem to be what you sign up for at all.

Granted, knowing that there are only 50,000 American members, you should not expect all of them to live in your area. Still, it is heartbreaking to see most of them are not active members and that no one has come online in a long while. Those that are online are always thousands of miles away from you. It makes you wonder if those matches are real or bots created by the sites to retain members.

The messaging feature itself is not bad, but the experience is a big letdown. The chatbox continues the anime style with a purple tone that gives off a modern space chatbox vibe. When you chat with each user, you can change the background to your favorite game. This is quite creative but unfortunately, it cannot salvage the situation.

What is more infuriating is that Kippo lacks the video calling feature. This is the bare minimum and absolutely not excusable when the target market is the gaming industry. Everyone in the gaming field has both the mics and cameras for discord when they stream or simply play together.

Without the same video feature on Kippo, it gives the whole performance a significant discount, especially when this feature is supposed to be one of the easiest things to add without much additional cost.

Having close to no members at all. It is not even possible to judge the profile quality. Of those that are available for a chat, it is hard to tell whether they are genuine because most people seem to be either bragging about their successful stream account or trying to drag you to buy coins for a game collectively.

For a gamer dating app, the most important component would be the “gamers,” but Kippo barely has any active members to keep the platform alive.

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Profile quality and messaging: 3/10

Special Features

In terms of special features, it is even emptier than the pathetic short list of available members. The only slightly cooler feature is that you can start a joint game session through the app. Even this feature is somewhat impractical because avid gamers will long be taking this off the app to start their gaming session. The session your mobile phone can support is not going to be anywhere as epic as on a PC.

You can also book a calendar date with your match to enroll in some tournaments. Again, if you have been in this field for long, you would have used Twitch’s features for that. There is no need to enlist Kippo to schedule or play in any events.

All of Kippo’s effort seems to be down the drain as these so-called special features are not special, nor are they useful. The only credit the app should receive is how beautifully made each feature is with top-notch animation. Or perhaps that only adds to how sad it looks when no user utilizes these features.

Special features: 2/10


Pricing-wise, Kippo’s competitive pricing is worth looking at. Free members pretty much get to look without any action. So, to enjoy Kippo’s benefits, you need to pay for a subscription. The one-month fee is only $10, which is reasonable since the app is really well made.

Then, the six-month total is $37 and the one-year total is $56. This pricing is jaw-droppingly low as you will find more garbage apps out there charging five times more. Kudos to Kippos for trying to create a place for all gamers. At this pricing point, it is safe to say that every gamer can afford it.

Kippo’s down-to-earth pricing scheme should be praised if it has sufficient quality members to supplement it. You may have to live in some concentrated areas for gamers, such as LA, to truly see the magic of Kippo. Otherwise, your investment still will not yield a probable return.

Pricing: 5/10


If you are looking for a gaming partner, skip Kippo because it is a waste of time. There are plenty of gamers on non-gaming-specific online dating sites that will fulfill all your requirements. Try Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals to get every penny worth of dates back.

John Santana

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