5 Signs She Wants a Second Date: Body Language, Flirting, & More

5 Signs She Wants a Second Date

by John Santana

Maybe she’s just not that into you. Or is she?

Here’s the situation: The first date went really well (or so you think). There were *sparks, and you felt the connection. But the thing is, you’re totally clueless if she feels the same way. How would you know if she wants a second date?

First dates are tricky. It’s the ultimate make-or-break moment because it’s literally your first chance to see each other in the flesh. A date is your ticket to pursuing a romantic relationship or an indication to end things. Even though you already got to know each other through a dating app, it’s different IRL because you see them with their facial expressions, body language, and all.

If you can’t figure out if she wants a second date with you, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some telling signs she wants a second date:

Positive body language

Actions speak louder than words. Unless she has explicitly said that she wants a second date with you, you can get clues based on her body language. Positive body language is a nonverbal cue that signals attraction. These are telltale signs that she might be interested in you, so you know whether to ask for a second date or not.

One obvious sign is if she’s maintaining eye contact with you while you’re talking. Is she even glancing at you, or is she busy fiddling with her phone? If it’s the former, you might have a chance—in a video experiment by Function, it was revealed that women who are interested in a second date will look at the face of the other person 36% of the time.

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Another sign she wants a second date would be if she’s frequently leaning toward you. Leaning forward conveys interest, a sign that they want more of you and what you’re saying. The same goes when you’re in a group setting. If her body is subconsciously angled toward you among other people in the group, it can mean that she wants to interact with you more.

Engaging conversation

First-date conversations should be as natural as possible. Sure, first-date jitters are a thing, but as you go along, the tension should decrease. You’d easily know if the woman is interested in talking to you when you’re talking to each other equally. First-date conversations should feel like casual conversations, not the Q&A portion of a job interview. If you ask a yes-or-no question, she should respond positively by going beyond small talk and sharing anecdotes to keep the conversation flowing.

Another sign that could imply she wants a second date is if she asks you questions. This means she wants to get to know you better. An engaging conversation should be a two-way street where you both comfortably speak with each other.

Flirtatious behavior

Now here comes the best part—flirting. Surprisingly, not a lot of people are good at recognizing flirtatious behavior. It’s especially challenging when you’re dealing with an introvert, who’s more likely to be shy and subtle. One way to know if she’s attracted to you and would probably want a second date is if she’s touching you. It’s usually when a woman lightly taps you on safe areas such as the back, arm, or shoulder, or if she gently brushes you on the arm. Flirty touching signals that she wants to be close to you, literally and figuratively. 

Another sign of flirty behavior is when she gives you compliments. But not just any other compliment, though. Usually, it’s if she compliments your appearance or if she feels proud of your skills or achievements when you tell a story. Compliments can mean that she truly admires you. It should feel honest and sincere.

The date gets extended

There’s no set time to end a first date. But if your date feels like you’re not running out of things to talk about and you don’t even notice the time, it’s a good sign that she wants a second date with you. A date shouldn’t make any of you feel like you want to get this over and done with. If you’re on a date that’s longer than the time you planned to spend with each other and you see that the woman is enjoying the conversation without any plans of stopping, you’re on the right track.

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Making future plans

It would be easier for you to make future date plans if you’ve already discussed this while your date is ongoing. But if it wasn’t mentioned at all, muster up the courage to send her a text message to ask for a second date. The rule of thumb is to ask for a second date a few days or within a week after your first date. This will make the woman think that you’re interested in her. Plus points if you ask her out based on her interest that she mentioned during your first date. That way, she’d know that you were attentive to what she was saying. Making future plans is a step towards romance. But before doing so, make sure she feels the same way about wanting to see you again by learning the signs she wants a second date.

Taking it to the next level

Congratulations on making it on the first date! Now, here comes the next part—the second, third, fourth date, and so on. A second date can totally clear things up if you’re still not sure if she’s interested in you. This is why you need to carefully look for signs that she wants you to ask her out again. Just be yourself, and don’t worry too much about your impression. Make the date fun, light, and memorable. Who knows, she might be the one to ask you out on the next date!

John Santana

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