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Tinder Users Can Now Run Background Check on Their Matches

by John Santana

The demand for safe dating on Tinder is on the rise, and the app took action by introducing a new feature called Tinder Background Check. If you have created a profile in the hopes of making a casual connection or finding your one-and-only, you may also have worries regarding the security and authenticity of the profiles you’re swiping left and right.

Tinder’s Background Check feature aims to provide users with more information about their potential matches. This feature will allow users to access publicly available information about their matches, including criminal records, sex offender registries, and social media profiles.

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What Is the Background Check Feature?

You can access the Background Check feature through Tinder’s settings menu and select “Run a Background Check.” In order for you to get the result from this feature, you should grant the application enough privileges to run it by agreeing with the process. Then, it will proceed with the background check for at least 24 hours. Just wait for the result in your inbox and then you’re good to go.

Why Was the Feature Added?

Of course, there is a certain reason why this feature is added to the platform. According to BBC’s official Twitter account, this feature was added by Tinder to address the concerns of information accuracy and general safety.

With the rise of online dating, there have been increasing reports of fraudulent profiles, catfishing, and even violent crimes committed by individuals who use dating apps to prey on unsuspecting users.

In 2019 alone there were two reported incidents of strangers meeting up with someone from Tinder only to find themselves getting robbed and assaulted by these “matches”. These are only two examples out of many that show how easy it can be for criminals to pose as someone else online.

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How Does the Background Check Feature Enhance Safety?

Tinder users, especially from first-world countries and the majority of Europe, will be subjected to background checking by any of their matches worldwide. As of now, the feature is only unique to the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, which will cover users over 18 years old and with an active Tinder Gold subscription.

To think about it, it really makes sense to add such a feature for general safety to prevent getting scammed or, as most of us may put it, catfished by a potential legal offender. For instance, you have matched someone with all the things you’re looking for as a potential partner. You would not want to dive in, faceplanting yourself into disappointment, realizing that account is just full of bogus information, right?

Tinder Background Feature is set to roll out internationally soon.

How to Run a Background Check on Tinder

To run a background check on your match, follow these steps:

  1. Open Tinder and tap their name to open their profile
  2. Find the Blue icon on the screen and click it
  3. Tap “Run Background Check” at the top of their profile

If you don’t see this option, it means that the region you’re in does not support it yet. For those who have successfully run the feature, note that there will be two free background check searches. From there, you will be charged US$2.50 each, along with miscellaneous fees.

Run Background Checks to Verify Your Match’s Authenticity

We have learned that being on Tinder and matching with everyone you want to meet is not the only way to go. You have to verify through any means whether they are telling the truth or not. As of now, the Background Check feature shows a huge potential to bridge this gap. Moreover,

John Santana

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