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30 Best Tinder Questions You Can Ask Your Match Right Now

by John Santana

It is not an understatement to say Tinder is the most influential online dating app out there. Currently, millions of matches and messages are being sent through this trending hookup platform. Everyone seems to adore this lively place with loads of fun people.

The diversity is enchanting on Tinder. You will find all sorts of people that are just perfect. But before you get all excited, remember that the competition is also high. You are competing against millions of people out there. How do you grab the attention of your match so you can stand out from the sea of profiles?

Having the best questions to ask is proven to work. It shows your charisma and wit. You want to demonstrate as many cool personality traits as possible in one question. At the same time, these questions should have you construct your date from a digital profile into a real human being. These questions allow you to access their train of thought and get to know them more.

Stop trying to text random questions that will never get any attention. Use the Tinder questions below to score a hot date this season.

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30 Best Tinder Questions You Can Ask Your Match (2023 Update)

1. What Would You Say to Your 10-Year-Old Self?

A creative question is always appreciated. It gets your match thinking and using their creativity. It is certainly better than any question that plainly exclaims at their beauty and how they manage to stay so good-looking.

2. Are You a Tea-Person or a Coffee-Person?

Start the conversation with the debate of the century. Being a tea-person or coffee-person can be a total deal-breaker. Make sure you are with someone with the same drinking habits!

3. Show Me the Playlist in Your Car.

“When we go on a road trip together, I would love to know if our music taste is compatible. I’m sure it will be an instant click if our music taste aligns.”

Music says a lot about people. You will hear from Reddit users a lot that the best couples are always the ones with similar music preferences.

4. Do You Prefer to Get High or Get Drunk?

Definitely a question for the party fanatics. If you see a bunch of partying photos in their profile, ask them this question. They will have a lot to say on this topic and quite possibly have a speech prepared to justify their answers.

5. What Is Something That You Wish You Had Known in Your Teenage Years?

We have all made mistakes that we wish had never happened. There has to be something that we all wish we would’ve been smart enough to know when we were younger.

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6. Do You Want to Live by the Sea or by the Mountains?

Again, this will probably start another heated debate. It’s fun to know what your date is thinking about different types of nature and sceneries. It helps you build a vivid image of this person.

7. Pragmatism or Idealism?

Everyone wants to live in the perfect place. Unfortunately, the world is not nearly as superb as you once believed when you were a child. Conversations about being pragmatic or being real are always intriguing because it delves into beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. It dissects your inner rational system and sees if you still uphold the belief that the world can be as fabulous as you want it to be as long as you believe it.

8. What Was the Best Birthday Gift You Have Ever Given?

Planning for a birthday for someone you care about is always sweet. It gives you a tour into the logical reasoning part of your date’s mind. You will see how they arrived at the perfect gift idea. And your date will be grateful to revisit that memory and happy that someone is as appreciative as they want. No good gift should go unrewarded.

9. What Was the Best Birthday Gift You Have Ever Got?

It’s good to see if the love is reciprocated. Ask this question after the last one to see what they think about the topic of gift-giving in general. These two questions subtly offer you insight into their preferences. When you prepare a gift for them, you can look back in this conversation and blow their mind with the best gift ever.

10. What Was the Worst Date You Have Ever Been On?

What you think is the perfect date may be the worst date for them. Therefore, it is essential to know about the expectations and what the other person wants. Pay attention to their answers.

If they say having a picnic is bad because they don’t like having the wind blow on their face when they eat, it is clear that she wants you to show her elegance on the first date. Then, you should avoid outdoor activities until later on. She feels more comfortable if she can present herself without having nature destroy her looks and makeup.

11. What Was the Best Date You Have Ever Been On?

Best Date

Their answer allows you to build a fabulous first date. At the same time, you should avoid completely copying the answer. After all, you don’t want to give them a date that they have already been on. And most importantly, you don’t want to be that person that reminds them of their exes. Take the answer as a reference and modify it so you can wow them with a stunning first-date idea.

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12. Tell Me About an Embarrassing Story That You Have Never Told Anyone Else.

People feel more comfortable sharing secrets with strangers because they feel they will never meet again. That’s why if you want to know the dirtiest secrets about someone, do it before you are in a relationship. Once you’re hitched is when your partner takes all the secrets to their grave.

An embarrassing story is a good way to develop a bond. Let them share a story, and you can follow suit by sharing a story that you are embarrassed about. Sharing secrets always creates the deepest bonding as you are connected with something that only the two of you know.

13. What Is the Sexiest Body Part You Have?

Praise their body and let them know what an amazing body shape they have. Don’t be shy with your compliments. Some people mistakenly think reserving compliments is a great way to maintain the mystery. It is not.

Understand why they think that body part is the sexiest and try to see that beauty yourself. Don’t undermine someone’s insecurities as well if they don’t think anything is good enough. Be supportive and find the beauty that you adore.

14. Tell Me About Your Fetish.

Everyone has an unannounced fetish. It is totally okay. It is time society normalizes fetishes and kinks. People want their sex life to be spicier and juicier. Fetishes can be a major turn-on for some people.

With Tinder, these topics can be freely discussed and talked about. Your date will appreciate how open-minded you are with different topics.

15. What Is an Obsession You Have/Had?

Whether it is an obsession with someone or a thing, it can be something to laugh about. Perhaps they were once obsessed with every K-Pop icon that made it to billboards in their high school days. There is no right or wrong. But it is something to look back and smile thinking about all the money they once spent on the celebrity posters and membership cards.

This is a casual question that lightens up the mood and digs a little deeper into the personal life of your date.

16. Are You a Light Traveler or Do You Roll With Your Suitcase?

Ask if they prefer to just take a backpack and travel for a month or they must have all their essentials in place and only travel with a giant suitcase. Not that it should deter you, but it might be surprising to see how someone with seemingly the same characteristics can be so different in their choice.

Take their answer with a grain of salt. If they prefer to bring a lot of stuff, that doesn’t mean they are high-maintenance. On the contrary, someone that travels light doesn’t translate to them being a messy person with no planning. Everyone has their own style and this question only serves as a chitchat topic.

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17. Winter or Summer?

Seasons matter! Imagine going out with someone who just wants to spend the entire winter skiing and all you want to do is to escape to a tropical island!

18. Do You Prefer the Urban Landscape or Nature?

Opinionated people will have hours to talk about this. There is so much to explore when it comes to this topic. Some will tell you how unnatural the urban landscape is and others will tell you that humans must modify nature for survival. Another interesting philosophical debate to leave a memorable impression.

19. What Was Your Longest Relationship?

If you are looking for something serious, this question is essential. Usually, you would want someone who has at least once sustained a long-term relationship so you know they can do it. If their past relationships never lasted more than three months, it’s quite likely that they are not ready to commit themselves. And that would give you an idea of what you are dealing with here.

20. How Would Your Best Friend Describe You?

Being able to see yourself in other people’s eyes is important. You don’t want their answer to be overly snobby but you also want the truth. Someone that is too humble may seem fake. Your date will like how all your questions get them thinking and re-evaluating their values.

21. Describe Yourself in One Word.

How someone sees themselves says a lot about their values and beliefs. If you both describe yourself with similar word choices, it is a good sign because you likely will see many things eye to eye.

22. What Is a Fun Fact You Know About the World?

“The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Brazil.” “The start of the Nile is in Ethiopia.” “The highest wave ever recorded reached 1720 feet in Alaska.”

All these fun facts may not be useful in your daily life but it is surely a good way to get the attention of your match. Who doesn’t want to feel educated and cultured? Give them a chance to shine and blow you away with what they know and you can share a thing or two about it.

23. Are You Always in a Relationship?

Assess their mindset by seeing how long they have been single, or if they have maintained this status quo at all. Some people can’t handle being single and are always in and out of relationships. They refuse to break up in a dead-end relationship because they are afraid they can’t find someone better. They will only end it once they have found the next best person to swap it for.

In general, you probably want to establish a long-term relationship with someone comfortable being alone. If they are constantly being dependent on someone else to feel safe, it puts a large burden on you. Besides, only by being with someone that can be alone, will you know that they are with you because you are compatible and not because they just want someone.

24. What Is a Good Movie That You Would Recommend?

“Let me know which movie and maybe we can watch it together on our date.”

People love it when their favorite movie is liked by others. Suggesting to watch it together will add plenty of points to your profile.

25. What Is Something That You Are Passionate About?

Get to know their passions. Are they into photography? Or are they a coin collector? Or are they passionate about extreme sports? Tinder is filled with amazing people with breathtaking backstories to tell. You never know who you will run into and this is a wonderful question to start learning about someone’s history.

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26. What Was Your Childhood Like?

Someone’s childhood can impact them deeply even till now. Childhood trauma can be so scarring that some are still struggling to deal with it. Someone that grew up in a broken family can fully see how difficult it is to raise children. Hence, they may not want to risk having the next generation go through that.

How someone was raised will shape how they see marriage and having kids. This is not a golden rule, but most likely, you will find that people with similar backgrounds share your ideas on having a family. A person’s childhood may not always be in the past. It explains a lot why they are how they are today.

27. What Is Your Escape Place?

Everyone has an escape place. This is an intimate question that they may not be comfortable talking about it in person. But through text, they can construct their sentences and organize their thoughts. It allows you to understand their inner layer of emotions.

Although people tend to be more comfortable sharing secrets with a stranger, it implies a certain level of trust when someone is willing to share that with you.

28. Who Is the One Person That You Are Grateful for in Your Life Aside From Your Family?

It can be a teacher, a classmate, or a boss that once gave you an insight into how to succeed and pursue your dream. Everyone has that one person that they are eternally grateful for, even if that someone is no longer part of their life.

Asking more questions like this can help you draw up a profile of your date. It tells you if they are a grateful person, what they value the most, and how to leave a good impression.

29. Do You Want Children or Not?

The most direct way to see how far this relationship can go. Needless to say, having children or not is hardly something anyone can compromise. If you are set on having kids, it’s quite unlikely that you even want to date someone that doesn’t share that view. They are not going to change their mind as much as you are not going to change yours.

People think this question is abrupt and rude when it is quite the contrary. Online dating apps are out there so people don’t have to waste time picking up someone the traditional way. You don’t even know if the person you pick up is compatible with you or not.

Asking a direct question helps you decide immediately if you want to move things forward. It saves everyone’s time and your match will appreciate it as well.

30. What Do You Want to Achieve in 10 Years?

The most cliche questions also work like a charm. People love talking about themselves. Let them paint you a beautiful picture of how their life will be. At least being with someone with a dream is better than someone that always drags you down.

What Are Some Other Good Online Dating Platforms?

While Tinder is brilliant in delivering everything it promises, it has become so popular that some members find it to be quite spammy with lots of fake profiles. Well, Tinder is not the only thing out there that will find you love and dates. There are other quality online dating platforms that you shouldn’t miss.

Adult FriendFinder

For example, Adult FriendFinder is one that you don’t want to miss. It is one of the largest online dating sites with 90 million registered users. If you like Tinder because it’s vibrant, then you will find Ault FriendFinder to be the epitome of networking.

Not only are you meeting potential love interests, but you are also connecting with a bunch of people sharing the same view on various sex-related topics.

It is not an overstatement to say Adult FriendFinder is the social media for sex. You can post on the community forum about the latest trends to try, join the live stream, and host a virtual speed dating event. There are so many activities to engage in on the platform that it has completely transformed the traditional online dating purpose of one-on-one to be a group thing.

You get to meet a lot more people. Therefore, it is easier for members to connect with someone. Members on Adult FriendFinder are chill and open to anything. State your purpose and you will find lots of people sharing the same thoughts.

Ashley Madison

If Adult FriendFinder isn’t wild enough, make sure you check out Ashley Madison as well. After going on Ashley Madison, you will see how tamed Adult FriendFinder is. Members on this adult dating site are wild. They long for a night of good sex with no string attached. They are not clingy, want to keep things casual, and most importantly, they want to keep things to themselves.

You don’t have to worry about things getting out of hand or going off-limit. Members strictly adhere to the agreement you have made. Most of these members just want a fun wild without the responsibilities. So, catching feelings is not something to worry about.

As much as Tinder is a good option, you should always reach out and evaluate more choices out there so you can find a platform that suits you.

Or, you can sign up to multiple platforms at the same time. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from increasing your chance. Join all of these quality online dating platforms so you can secure a date with every hot girl in town.


Tinder is exciting because you get to match with a bunch of people every day. But there is only so much that you can talk about. Asking the same question over and over again is boring and not effective.

Now, you can change things up a little by asking all these different questions that help you present your charming side while getting to know your date better! Try it out with your matches and let their answers surprise you!

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