15 Best Gay Hookup Apps For M4M Fun

by John Santana

Do you feel a lack of attention from your partner? Are you tired of his busy schedule? Are you looking for a hookup? Then go check out these apps to get your life sorted. Choose from a wide range of options and get high with your life.

Sex is an integral part of our lives as it builds up the body both mentally and physically. But if it is not fulfilled, then you can surely find even better ways through apps to get your right sex partner in a totally trouble-free manner.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

The spectrum of apps is a wide one. There are a number of apps available to get you the right partner. And each app comes with different features and is made for specific purposes. Whether it’s a hookup or a love interest or just a crush, you have apps for all of these. So choose according to your needs and demands.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

15 Best Gay Hookup apps of 2023

1. AdultFriendFinder


It is one of the top listed gay hookup apps. It has a wide membership base; more than 77 million hot guys are out there searching for their perfect mate. Here, every registered member is sexually active and is generally in search of someone for sex.

Almost 65% of the members are men so it is a golden opportunity to get in touch with gay singles even easily. The app is mobile friendly and you can upload your photos and start chatting immediately.

Try Adult Friend Finder

2. BeNaughty


The signup procedure is very easy in this app. It is regarded as a very raunchy dating platform as you get to flirt from home with anyone out there. You set in your dating preferences, and whoever matches your preferences can send a personal invitation or can simply send messages in the chat room.

But only members with photos can send messages or winks. This ensures genuine users and helps in connecting faster.

3. Passion.com


You are free to join here; just create a profile and add your details to get in touch with people with similar mindsets. You can easily access the profiles of those who are also looking for singles.

It is a fun experience using this app, as users have reviewed. However, new features are regularly added to provide you with the best features.

4. Outpersonals.com

Outpersonals is one of the fastest-growing gay hookup apps with over 1.2 million members now. Here you can join a community and connect to each other on a personal level if you wish to. The community provides you with people of the same mindset.

Being a part of such a community helps in developing yourself and also promote harmony among others and nurture relationships well.

5. MenNation

This app was founded in 1996. It works on both iPhone and Android phones and lets you find you match hassle-free. It has the feature of showing you who has logged in at the same time as yours.

And that makes the hookups even faster. The app is still in use and it has even grown popular. You can initiate a conversation with hot men near you and get into an intimate conversation thereafter.

6. Gaystryst

It is one of the leading gay singles dating apps for Americans seeking the ideal sex-partner. It offers an instant chatting facility and helps in connecting with like-minded people from all over the US.

It is like a social networking community. Those romantics searching for their partner online either for hookups or simply flirt can make use of this app to get new friends.

7. Lust.net

This app has the most intelligent alluring strategy incorporated. You will be enticed during the whole process. You will have access to certain things in the free version, however, to get over the suspicion created by the senders who wish to connect to you will require you to upgrade to a paid version.

However, there are news feeds, photos and videos can be shared, there’s a mailbox too. You receive friendship requests and also can see who has viewed your profile.

8. InstantHookups.com

Just as the name suggests, the app is also gaining popularity among the single that are looking for instant hookups. The app is very user friendly and easy as it requires just logging in with your basic information and then you can search for your suitable partner from the large database and all this for free.

9. Grindr

It is the most popular app in the gay hookup activities. It was launched in 2009 and now after almost a decade, it comprises a large community of gay, bi, etc men.

This app lets you find our matches in every part of the country and even outside our country. So, the distance doesn’t matter in this case, and you plan up a meeting anytime and from anywhere.

10. Chappy

It has a very sleek outlook as it caters to hot singles and makes them happy with their choice and hence the name.  it is for the modern men who like to be on the driver’s seat and live on their own terms.

This app lets them choose their own partner according to their respective needs, hookup or relationship. While you sign in, you need to mention your demand under these categories by selecting anyone. This will filter out the probable matches for you easily.

11. Guyspy

This app makes it convenient to chat with your crush online in real-time. It is an unlimited feature, meaning you can send an unlimited number of chats to each other. There’s a detailed profile set up required before using this app.

It also comes with a map feature that uses GPS technology to locate men available near your region, o that you can easily mingle up.

12. Daddyhunt

As the name implies, this app is for those guys who wish to date older men. Men of any and every background have the privilege to create an account here to find the right match for them. More than 1 million members are active in this app.

The browser in it had photos of men from three profiles stacked up like the tiles on a chessboard. The images are thus clear and you get a larger view of all the photos giving the user a warm environment with a positive vibe.

13. Jack’d

This app is subjected to simply making friends and finding romance on the go. The feature of Match Finder is there to make your search easy as it narrows down the probable matches for you. You can send a message and/or pictures to your crush even before you meet in person.

However, if you have been inactive for a long time, say for three months or so, the app automatically deleted the profile in order to keep only those who are actually interested in finding the right mate for them.

14. Surge

It is similar to Tinder, but only for men, looking for men. It has very fewer advertisements and shows you the matches. The right swipe is a feature here too, to let the user know you have a crush on them.

Premium members get the full access to every profile they look for, and other messaging features. Whereas the nonpremium members get only one power like, but it takes just $9.99 per month to go premium.

15. Hornet

This app offers a wide range of benefits. The users here are not just for hookups but for businesses as well. They network with other people here and plan businesses, explore new job opportunities, and also plan vacations.

You can search for n number of profiles here and can keep scrolling all day long. The free version offers you benefits of finding matches by yourself, but the paid version will help you find people who like you as well.

Why Use Dating Apps

Apps give you the medium to form a connection with your crush without having to encounter much of a hassle. The main objective is to bring two hearts on a common platform where you get a chance or multiple chances rather, to find the love interest of your life or for casual hookups in some cases.

Let us find out the reasons why people pursue using the use of dating apps.

  • It provides you a more open space to flaunt yourself and get in touch with someone who has a similar mindset as yours.
  • While there might be people who are using these apps only for distraction or in other words, for time pass.
  • Some use it for research purposes. They connect with various people of different mindsets and study their behaviors.
  • Some use it just for fun, as they believe it enhances their real relationships which they are already in. it helps them in being more committed to their real partner.
  • Then there are genuine users, who are actually looking for a compatible partner.

Things To Consider While Using Dating Apps

Using apps to find your partner might seem fun and intimidate at the same time, but there are in-genuine users too all over the internet and you should be aware of them. Go through the following points to find out:

  • Have distinct intentions:
    Be specific of your intentions, and try to get the same from people you connect over the apps. This will give you clarity and help you in deciding if you want to go ahead with the relationship, whatever it might be, a simple hookup or a real love partner.
  • Restrain from cyberbullying:
    People often criticize or ridicule the looks, lifestyles, race, and appearances of others over the internet. Make sure you do not fall prey to those.
  • Get a life:
    Rejection is a part of dating, accept it. The sooner, the better. The rate of failure is much higher than the rate of success, but that should not discourage you from going ahead in the dating game. Do not give in to depression or assume things.
  • Reduce pressure:
    You don’t have to decide immediately on someone you have just met. You could turn out to be just friends too. So neither take the pressure nor put the pressure on the person you meet. Accept it if it doesn’t work out the way you had thought of.

Pros And Cons Of Dating Online

While the advantages of using hookup apps are plenty, they cannot be just simply described. Yet a few of them are jotted down here. Read along to find out what is your reason for using the apps:

  • You get a number of options to choose from. This is the foremost benefit of finding our love interest via an online dating app. You are never likely to feel alone in this sea of users.
  • The wide range of user base ensures a variety of people and you get to connect with people from different parts of the world as well as know their culture and still remain connected.
  • The best feature of these hookup or dating apps is that you have the privilege to send messages t the person you liked. So getting to know the person is an added advantage, as this will give you a pathway to decide on whether to meet the person in real or not.
  • You have the freedom to be yourself over the internet. Even if someone judges, there remains a high chance among those millions of o users that you will find that someone who will support you.
  • There are options for sharing photos too. This gives a more intimate approach to the conversation you have with your crush. Sometimes, there are chances that the hookups or dates turn out to become real-life partners later.

The benefits are many, but a few cons are also there, and it is always better to know both sides of the coin before diving into something important or before taking a decision. The points below are some of the cons that come along with the benefits:

  • Liking someone and having a conversation online is great in the first instance, but location can be a factor if you want to meet in person in case the person turns out to be living at a far end from your place. You would like to reconsider the whole thing then.
  • A vast user base comprises of different kinds of users. Specific apps such as hookup apps are solely meant for sex, but sometimes such perverts go out in other apps and create nuisance due to which the genuine users are often bothered. This might diminish your interest.
  • There are not just perverts, but criminals too on the dating sites. Gold diggers, rapists and serial killers are common users, so it better to be aware rather than just giving to anything.
  • Out of the total user base, around 45% of users go for paid versions. While the non-paid versions can be used by anyone and everyone. Whereas you might not want to invest in apps, but if you want to really get on with finding your mate, then you will have to invest in some amount.
  • Cyberbullying is on the rise. People often criticize and ridicule the race, caste, community, appearances of others; this might de-motivate people and lead to depression in extreme cases.

Thus, dating is made easier with technology. Unlike former years when meeting or even getting to know people who live far was trouble, the apps have definitely minimized the distances and brought the whole world of singles at your fingertips.

Hookups, as well as dating, are no more a hassle as you get a large platform with millions of users to choose from. The feature of instant messaging helps in easier communication and connection building. Sharing photos and videos take the conversation to a step higher. All in all, it is sure to quench your thirst for a hookup to a great extent.

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