signs she likes just as a friend

7 Warning Signs She Only Likes You as a Friend

by John Santana

When you feel attracted to someone, it’s natural to wonder if the other person feels the same way. The way she strokes your hair, jokes with you, and cares about you…it all makes you believe there is something more here to this friendship.

But it’s also not the first time you pour your heart out just to get hurt. Sometimes, a girl can act friendly just because they see you as a friend, period. To save yourself from this heartache, keep yourself informed about the signs that she likes you as a friend.

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7 Signs She Likes You as a Friend

1. She does not shy away from asking you about your exes and love life

This may seem strange, but it actually makes perfect sense. Only a person who does not see you as a romantic interest can feel so freely in asking about your personal life. She sees you as a friend, and she genuinely wants to know about your life as your friends do.

You may jump around in bed when she texts you probing you for information about your exes. Unfortunately, most of the time, she is only asking because she thinks there is nothing going on between you two. If she is truly interested in you romantically, she will feel uneasy about prying on your past relationships.

2. Her response rate fluctuates

Sometimes, you get an instant reply and you can talk for hours before bed. Other times, she replies to you a few days later. This is because she likes you as a friend only. When she is free and you happen to be texting, she can talk to you for hours and hours because you do make her happy. But when she is doing something else, it doesn’t occur to her to text you back.

In her mind, you don’t take up the “crush” place that she is always hung up on your texts and thinking to text you. That’s why her response rate fluctuates drastically. Someone that is totally into you will always remember to reply and keep the conversation going. If the message feels one-sided, there is a high chance that is not that into you.

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3. She does not regularly ask you out

Good friends hang out without a timetable. Only lovers make the effort to keep seeing each other no matter how busy they are. So, which one are you?

Does she cancel or cut the hang-out short because she is tired from work? Are you always the one initiating? If so, does she say yes most of the time?

These are all important hints — friends like chatting frequently. However, when it comes to physically hanging out, there is a limit on how much a person can handle. If she sees you as much as she sees her other friends, that’s a clear tell that she is not interested in seeing you.

4. She does not treat you any differently when hanging out with a group of friends

group of friends hanging out

Usually, if she has a crush on you and you are hanging out as a group, she will treat you differently. Maybe she will flirt with you, mess with you, or just stick with you the whole time. This shows intimacy and how much she wants to be around you.

Feelings are difficult to hide, especially when you are around a lot of people. If she comes to get you when you are talking to other girls, she is surely jealous and there is something more. On the other hand, if she is super chill about it and talking to others while you do your own thing, then she sees you as no more than friends.

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5. She does not always share the big things in her life

Friends do not share everything. There are things that she feels more comfortable sharing with one friend but not others. With a potential love interest, she would be sharing the significant things in her life.

Notice how she keeps you informed about things going on in her life. Are you the first to know everything or do you have to find out from someone else? If it doesn’t occur to her to share the big things with you, then she sees you as a normal friend.

6. She is interested in your life but sometimes she forgets the big things

When you are close to someone, you want to know all the secrets. Being close does not necessarily entail love. It can be the purest form of friendship. As the oldest joke goes, you know you are best friends with someone when you know about their life events but forget about their birthday.

It’s true. And that’s the difference between friends and love interests. For friends, you do care about them and want to know things about them. You remember things that are important in their life. With a crush, you would remember things that are both important to them and to you.

If she can remember your favorite dish, don’t get too excited yet. After all, if you hang out frequently, it’s not difficult to know. Ask her if she remembers your birthday or what your siblings’ names are. These are the things that matter. Because if she wants to date you, these things matter to her, and hence, she will remember.

7. She does not make suggestions to include you in her plan

she doesn't include him in her plans

Well, to be fair, since you are not dating officially, she has no reason to include you in her future plans. However, if the plan is big enough that it alters her life, she would at least make some suggestions on how you can be a part of it if she wants you.

For example, if she is moving abroad to work or study, she would hint that you should come to visit and make a plan together. That shows her excitement to see you again. Instead, if she is solely focusing on her move and simply telling you that she hopes to see you again someday, you should move on.

When you like someone, it is inevitable to think about them in your plan. This should be a mutual feeling. You want that person in your future. Even if she is shy, she would drop hints and make casual conversations about how you can be in her plans.

You don’t have to be dating to include someone in your life. If the feelings are right, you will be including that person or asking about their plans.

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Not knowing if someone likes you is mental torture. These signs give you a good idea of where you stand on your friendship scale. If she is not that into you, you know to look for a better match on these online dating sites with an impressive success rate. Sign up today so you don’t miss out on the best matches ever.

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