10 Subtle Signs She Secretly Wants You in Her Life

by John Santana

Women are too hard to understand This saying seems as old as the hills.

And this also reminds you of the girl you can’t get out of your mind.

There is an undeniable chemistry… unfeasible spark.

It’s just that special something that you feel with her, but you don’t know what it is.

You wanna ask her out. She seems to be fond of you too. But we all have our second thoughts.

“What if she likes me just as a friend?”

“What if I get rejected?”

“What if my rejection story becomes a hot topic of office gossip?”

But, Hey! Have you ever given this a thought?

What if she secretly wants you too but refuses to accept it for the same reasons?

If that is the case, I’ll be your internet buddy who will help you out.

Women are really fluent with little signs and body language. If you are smart enough to read between the lines, the deal is sealed!

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10 Signs that she secretly wants you

1. The sight of you makes her nervous

What’s the best way to know if a woman secretly wants you?

Notice if your presence makes her nervous.

Well, the case can be the same in two scenarios.

First, When a woman gets nervous around you and struggles to speak, either you are a jerk whom she is afraid of, or

Second, you are that someone about whom she thinks about in her dirty thoughts and is afraid to not expose her little secret.

The nervousness is nothing but a by-product of the intense sexual energy she feels around you.

And as she has decided​ to keep this as her little big secret, she helplessly tries to resist her sexual energy to flow which makes her nervous and all fidgety.

She will struggle with her words, play with her phone for no apparent reason, mess with her hair, and so on…

If you weren’t a jerk with this lady by saying or doing something​ stupid, then here’s something happy for you: she wants you (real bad!)

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2. There are a lot of touches involved


A woman who wants you can stop her words from making their way out of her mouth,

But she can’t put a full stop to the way she feels and how much her body wants you and your touch…

This brings us to the sensual part of her attraction which makes you weak in the knees.

As she can’t just come and kiss your lips, she will gently touch your hair while having a conversation.

You will also catch her holding your hands or her body leaned towards you.

She will rest on your shoulder and give you a tight hug which will last much longer than the ones that you are accustomed to receiving from your buddies.

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3. She asks you a lot of questions

From your work-life to your family issues, she will show a deep desire to know everything about you.

She will​ ask you a lot of questions. The more she gets to know you, the keener she will be to be in your life.

You may ask “why does she want to know so much about me?”

After all, in this busy world, who is interested to know what happened in someone’s life two years ago?

When we like someone, we want to know every minute detail about them just to add one more thing to our long list of obsessions (about them!)

She may not be so upfront. She may be smart enough to know that asking so many questions about your life can give you a clue.

So, she will start with her past experiences and teenage stories so you open up about your stories on your own.

If someone cares to listen to you in this crowded lonely world, don’t let her go.

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4. You are no stranger to her friends

Photo by Afta Putta Gunawan from Pexels

If you don’t​ already know, women share each and everything with their girl gang!

So, if she wants you, her friends already know.

From the shirt you wore to hang out with her to the mere fact that you were late for office… her friends’ group will know everything.

This makes it pretty easy to know if the woman wants you or not.

All you have to do is to pay attention to the way her female friends treat you.

Are some of her girls stalking you on Instagram?

Is she thinking of hanging out together with you and her friends?

Do her friends pay special attention to you in a group and seem to know everything about you?

If you answered a “yes” to all these questions, then the girl definitely talks about you to her friends.

And you are WANTED!

5. You enjoy her undivided attention

Has it ever happened to you that a group of friends is hanging out together but her eyes are stuck on you?

You no longer have to worry about making a funny joke that gets wasted as nobody lends an ear to it as the girl who is secretly crazy about is always all ears!

Even in a group of people, she will never leave a moment to make you feel like you are wanted and liked.

She will listen to you, look at you even when someone else is speaking, and bend her body towards you.

She will nod her head in agreement whenever you speak to let you know that she listened.

All these are the body language signs that are shouting of her obsession!

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6. She is a totally different person on the phone!


You were tired of sending girls “Hey! How are you?” Rarely a girl replied but then she came and suddenly things changed.

Another sign of a girl’s attraction and infatuation towards you –

The girl will make it a point to appear on your phone’s screen.

She will bring little sweet tricks into play by replying to all of your stories, sending you a random “Hey” or stupid funny jokes.

Not only that, if she is afraid of expressing her feelings in person, she will be a totally different person in chats.

You hang out with her and think she is timid and nervous. You converse with her in chat and bam! She is so bold and frank!

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The girl may even engage in flirting with you and show her naughty side.

It’s just because she really wants you and the intensity of that makes her numb when you are around.

7. Her eyes tell all the tales

Believe me or not, your eyes really are the windows to your​ soul.

So, if her soul is craving for yours, her eyes will tell you.

A passionate look will always reside within her eyes.

The look in her eyes will be different than the way other girls look at you. Whenever your eyes fall on her, there will be fireworks.

A daring woman will look directly and deeply into your eyes and you will feel almost hypnotized by her presence.

But if the woman is shy, you have to go a little further.

Just look at a different direction when she is not looking, and when you turn your eyes towards her again, you will find her staring at you already.

As she is shy, she will be embarrassed that you found her out and will immediately move her eyes away!

If it’s been a while since the both of you are playing the game of eyes, it’s high time that you take it into your own hands to go ahead and approach her.

I assure you, her answer will be yes!

8. She plans her outfits with an intention to make you tipsy! 😉

Photo by Diego Portrait from Pexels

Just yesterday you mentioned to her that you like the color white…

And today, there she is, standing in a fitted white dress and looking insanely gorgeous!

Is this only a coincidence that she happens to wear the same color so often than you like?

Or it’s she giving you tiny mini clues to come and grab her waist?

To be sure, tell her that you think she will look good in pink and I bet she will wear it for you if she wants you!

Apart from that, another striking sign is if she dresses up for you or does her makeup to look more attractive.

Just to let you know, women like dressing up and makeup. It’s not always for men.

But you can be sure of her attraction if you see her in quite normal clothes and a simple hairdo when she hangs out with other men.

But when she comes to see you… there she is donned in her most beautiful outfit and blow-dried hair to sweep you off your feet!

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9. She always tries to steal you away from the crowd

You know that she wants you when she is constantly making efforts to take you away from the crowd and spend some alone time.

It’s like she craves to be alone in a room with you but​ never makes it apparent.

She can’t directly ask you out as she fears that may make her appear desperate. So, she tries different ways to do that:

“Dude… what will I do this weekend? I don’t have any plans!!” 🙁

When she says this, it’s just to see your reaction. She lacks the guts herself, so she wants you to ask her out for the weekend.

When it comes to including other people in your plans, she doesn’t like this idea either. She will say something like this:

“Hey, let’s not hang out with that bitch next time. I really don’t like her.”


“Let’s drop that guy the next time we meet… he stares a lot.”

If you are not confident enough to accept her excuses as real clues of her attraction for you, then the next sign should definitely put a stamp on your beliefs –

10. An obvious sign of attraction – she mirrors your actions

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It may sound strange. But it’s true. When we are attracted to someone, we unknowingly mirror their actions.

The mirroring effect is quite common with couples. They do it all the time.

The best part about this very obvious sign is that it’s subconscious.

The doer doesn’t always know that they are mirroring you as it is happening without giving you any clue.

You think that girl likes you? Pay attention to her body movements.

Does she keep her right hand on her left hand just after you do the same?

Does she cross her legs just after you cross yours?

The mirroring effect is not limited to her body actions. Her words will follow soon.

She will start using the same slangs as you do or will start following your signature gesture without being aware of it at all!

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She really finds you cool. She really finds you attractive. You definitely have a chance.

Now that you know all the signs…

Now that you know all the signs that a woman shows when she wants a man, you may have reached a conclusion to the question wavering in your mind for a long time now.

I’m happy for you if you find the girl showing all these signs. But if she isn’t, don’t lose hope.

I have a friend who struggled with getting girls. No matter what he did, his luck with girls seems to deteriorate with every passing day.

But you know what, his days changed. And yours can too.

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All the best!

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John Santana

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