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6 Best Dating Sites & Apps To Find Love in Canada

by John Santana

Dating in Canada comes with tremendous challenges. Its massive land size prevents people from venturing out too far from their habitat to pick up a pub crawler in another town. Trying your chance randomly in a bar may only burn your money without results.

So, what’s the best way to meet people in Canada? The answer is online dating sites. Nearly half of the population has met dates through online networking. This is the only effective way to land on a desirable future.

Don’t have time to read the complete article? Checkout our favorite picks below.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate dating platform for finding your dream partner. Right from casual hookups to long-term relationships seekers, it is simply perfect for everyone.

Bang Locals is know among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

6 Best Dating Sites & Apps In Canada (2023 Update)

1. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • 90 million users, the majority of them being in North America (Canada and the US)
  • LGBT-friendly
  • Lots of group activities to meet a large group of people at the same time


  • Lack of a mobile app version

The stronger dating site should come first on our list. Adult FriendFinder was founded in 1996 as an American internet dating service that gradually expanded its reach globally. To date, it has 90 million members from all continents.

Due to its American roots, the majority of users on Adult FriendFinder situate in North America. There are millions of active Canadian members hopping on the site each day looking for new dates.

Adult FriendFinder is widely regarded as the friendliest dating site for the LGBT+ community. Everyone is welcome to this loving hub. You don’t necessarily have to be looking for love.

Even if you are seeking friendships or simply want to share your struggles in the dating field, members are all ears. This supporting community continues to gain millions of new members each year as its reputation proceeds.

Mingling in bulk is the core tactic of Adult FriendFinder. It regularly promotes group activities for users to join. These speed-dating events let you connect with a dozen of members in one night. You can push the progress forward pretty quickly when you join these activities frequently.

There are mostly only good things to be said about Adult FriendFinder. It is the most powerful web-based dating site. But, that title also reveals its weakness. It lacks a mobile app version for users to download onto their smartphones.

There is no app available on Google Play or App Store. Although its mobile version suffices, the absence of an app version is not ideal, especially for young users that are all about browsing on apps.

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2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Females are more active
  • Anonymous payment and secret chat
  • Credit-based payment system


  • Lots of dishonest cheaters here

Ashley Madison is another online dating app currently trending in Canada. Thanks to multiple publications, the app is now known as the most reliable dating app for secret lovers. Indeed, if you are looking to date out of sight, this is the place to be.

Members of Ashley Madison tend to keep a low profile. They are unwilling to share too much information about themselves. Usually, members are looking for an underground lover that can regularly meet up for some casual sex. Everyone has their own business to deal with and no one wants to stay the extra time. This is the ultimate place for discreet love affairs.

To live up to expectations, Ashley Madison allows anonymous payment and secret chats. You can also use an alias when matching with a date so your identity will not be leaked. Its credit-based payment system fully complements its secretive operation.

You get the credits as you go. There is no automatic monthly payment to tie you down. Every feature on the app requires credits. Instead of spending a fixed fee on features that you do not use, you can only pay for the ones that are essential to you.

Unfortunately, the entire system on Ashley Madison relies on members’ honesty to find a suitable secret lover. And people are dishonest sometimes. Cheaters use the platform to hide the fact that they are married to find an FWB.

Lots of members think this is another casual relationship without realizing they have become someone’s mistress. This situation is unlikely to be solved so members should exercise caution.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Perfect for hookups
  • Results are organized based on location
  • Popular in both big cities and remote areas


  • Lots of fake profiles

Wouldn’t it be good not to have to sugarcoat your intention? There should be a place where people don’t have to pretend to be the most caring prince to get laid. If that place has a name, it would be Bang Locals.

Everyone shares the same goal here, to get laid without consequences. Keep the talks about relationships and marriages at home. When you meet a date here, it’s all about rocking your boat. It’s okay to wake up not remembering each other’s names. Bang Locals is the most forgiving platform for like-minded people to get sexed up.

Naturally, a dating site like this would not care too much about compatibility. Results are strictly organized based on geographical location. The closer you are to someone, the higher up they are on the list.

Bang Locals is popular in big cities and remote areas. Whether you live in Texas or Idaho, you will find hundreds of hot profiles in the region. It is also an awesome dating site for traveling. You can load up some profiles in your next destination to let them know that you will be in town. Your profile will show up in their location search as well so you are gaining visibility even before you land.

The only thing users must watch out for is the chaotic pile of fake profiles on the site. Due to its simple registration process, catfish take the opportunity to find their victims. The site has yet to introduce countermeasures to eliminate their existence. So, users are the ones to verify the legitimacy of their matches.

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4. Plenty of Fish (POF)



  • 3 million daily active users
  • Members are mostly working professionals over 30
  • Affordable monthly fees


  • Some profiles are low-quality

As a Canadian dating app, POF has the love of patriotic citizens across the country. On average, there are 3 million daily active members in the region looking for dates. The vast volume means you will never run out of people to talk with.

POF’s members are predominantly working professionals in their 30s. They are either looking to settle down or for someone fun to pass the time. It’s a fun place to destress if you are in the same shoes.

If the cost is a vital criterion for you, then POF will be an easy choice. Its affordable membership plan starts at $10 per month. For a dating app with this many members, the monthly fee is unbeatable.

However, POF is also notorious for not removing low-quality profiles. These profiles are often weirdos that send unpleasant messages to their dates, which likely violate community rules. But the customer service team leaves these profiles alone most of the time. Over the years, POF has had a reputation for being a “weirdo canteen.”

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5. eHarmony



  • Has a compatibility test to distill down the best matches for you
  • Members are genuine singles serious about marriages
  • Clean outlook without any fake profile or bugs


  • Lack of advanced search filters

eHarmony is a promising dating site for committed relationships and marriages. Members are professional singles looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. The matchmaker requires all new members to complete a set of compatibility tests before they are given profiles to match with. The series contains over a hundred questions. It aims to analyze personality types that complement your lifestyle.

The success rate on eHarmony is quite high. Millions of couples have tied the knot thanks to its excellent compatibility analysis. The monthly fee on eHarmony is quite expensive but the service provider makes sure every penny is well spent. Regulators frequently scan the site for fake profiles and bugs. So, you are enjoying a safe space with nothing to worry about.

Sadly, eHarmony could be just a little too confident about the compatibility feature that it completely ignores the importance of advanced filters. The basic filters such as location and age are merely enough to start the matching process.

There is no way for you to further separate profiles as it all comes down to the database. If you want to change your preferences, you have to take the personality test again, which can be a painfully long investment.

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6. Match


  • You can message any member that is not a match
  • The system learns of your preferences over time to generate more compatible results
  • Friendly environment with interesting members


  • Rigid interface that makes the experience less joyful

On Match, you have the flexibility to message any profile you see. It does not have to be a mutual click. It gives you a better opportunity to present yourself and write up the most eye-catching conversation opener.

Initially, daters will explore various profiles with the help of advanced filters. Over time, Match learns of your personal preference. Then, it incorporates your preferences into the search results by drawing up profiles that you will likely message on top.

The smart system saves users’ time as you do not have to spend 30 minutes filling out a questionnaire when you sign up but you also get the fruits of its dynamic matchmaking engine.

Furthermore, Match creates a friendly environment for members to network. The platform takes a zero-tolerance policy against verbal abuse and sexual harassment. Users that violate the regulations will be banned from the platform for life. The chances of being catfished are low.

Since Match has been around for nearly two decades, its successful history has made the site reluctant to adapt to changes. Its interface is rigid. If you are a new modern member, there are so many changes you would suggest.

For old users, this might not be an issue as they are used to how things work. But for new members, this makes the experience less rewarding if you compare it to other trending dating sites.

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What Should You Know About Dating In Canada?


Don’t scroll past just because you have lived here your whole life. The dating culture in your own country can surprise you sometimes. The Canadian dating culture follows the same trend more or less. It does not vary drastically from the West coast to the East coast. Therefore, these tips apply wherever you go.

Gender Equality Is Important

In Canada, people take gender equality seriously. Offering to pay for the whole bill can be offensive to some women. It is not a gentlemanly thing to do. Rather, the girl would think the man is trying to “buy” her if he immediately offers to pay for everything.

On your first date, you might want to casually tell the waitress to just split the bill instead of awkwardly asking your date what they would want to do.

Dating Before Committing Is Normal

Also, the dating etiquette in Canada strongly recommends you date someone for a while before committing to the relationship. Labeling the relationship too quickly can cause stress. At this stage, your compatibility level is still under assessment.

Canadians do not want to jump into an uncertain relationship. They don’t officially call themselves boyfriends/girlfriends until they are sure of their partner’s potential.

Dating Culture Is Traditional

Canadians follow the traditional way of dating. When you have been dating for a while, the topic of settling down and having kids will come up. Setting relationship goals provide a sense of security for your partner. If marriage is not your ultimate goal, you need to let your lover know because they might not be cool with it. Getting married is a big deal for Canadians. It is the happy ending they seek in every serious relationship.


Every victory comes from detailed preparation. If you want to date successfully in Canada, you need to bookmark these trending dating sites in the country. Sign up for a few of them to truly get a feel of which one speaks your love language.

John Santana

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