How to Tell If a Girl Likes you over Text? – 20 Obvious Signs

by John Santana

Have you been flirting with a girl for days? Are you confused about whether she likes you over text? If yes, we’ve got you covered!

Developing a liking for someone might not be difficult but to make them like you back is a challenge. If you’ve tried your best at impressing them with your flirting skills, it’s time to find out whether she likes you over text or not.

Here are a few obvious signs to ensure whether it’s heating up for you.

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12 Signs to Tell if a Girl Likes You Through Text

For girls, it’s simple! If she likes you, she’s going to show it. If she doesn’t, she is going to ignore you right away. If you still haven’t got the picture, here’s how to tell if a girl likes you over text. Are you ready now?


1. The respond is rapid

One of the major signs to tell whether she likes you is to check whether she is replying regularly to your text messages. I told you, it’s simple for girls. When they like you, you’ll know!

If you’ve been texting her regularly and she has been replying with equal vigour, you know she has a strong liking for you and you both can be ready for the next step. But if she replies after hours and sometimes even days, you might assume she isn’t that into you.

See if she is online and reading your messages. If she ignores you, back out. If she likes you, you’re lucky!

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2. In-depth conversations are a thing

It’s pretty simple here, why would someone want to talk to you if they don’t like you? Constant urge to talk and the right-from-heart kind of conversations are a green signal if you are willing to find the answer to ‘how to tell if a girl likes you over text’!

That’s the thing with girls. They’d never mind engaging in deep conversations with boys who are a little closer to their heart than the others. If you are the one she is probably falling for, she won’t leave any stones unturned.

You two might even go on talking for six hours at a stretch and she’d still want more.

3. There is an array of questions for you

Does she ask you several questions about how your day was or what you’ve been doing lately? Does she want to know everything, like every little detail of your day? Well, if she does, she is interested in you.

When girls put forth an initiative to know about the little things you do or ask several questions, it means she is willing to know you (like the real you). She wants to get acquainted with the little things you do and the things you don’t do in your daily life.

The next time, she puts several question marks in a conversation, you know she likes you.

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4. You know what’s up with her

She would never, I repeat never, talk from her heart if she hasn’t already developed a sense of liking towards you. It is only when she likes you that she will attempt to open up about herself and take you through her deep dark secrets.

If you know about her love life, about how her mother and how she had a terrible fight or anything under the sun that deals with her secrets, she does consider a special place for you in her heart.

You must also be looking forward to knowing whether you are the only one who knows about her secrets. If this is just a regular habit she has taken to, you might not be as lucky as it sounds.

5. The response is massive

She doesn’t talk for the sake of conversing. ‘Hmm’ and ‘Okays’ is not her thing. If she doesn’t treat you like this, you mean something to her.

Girls wouldn’t write long messages for anyone and everyone. No, we don’t have a lack of life for it! We’d only rain text messages for people we want to be with or talk to.

So, if your girl is texting you with stories and essays about her life and random things, she isn’t here for the sake of it.

6. She digs into your love story

Is she tirelessly interrogating you about your love story with the ex who dumped you? Does she want to know your relationship status regularly?

Of course, your relationship status matters to her. She wouldn’t want to waste time on someone who is already hitched to another girl in his mind. That’s not what she is looking out for.

If your girl is relatable to this one, she is truly hitting on you. The next time she asks about your relationship status, make sure you give her the reply she wants. She might confess her feelings right away!

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7. You feel the heat with her

It’s not just about the way she speaks or what she wants. Its also about how you feel about her when you speak to her. Does she make you feel wanted? Are you constantly feeling an urge to have sex with her? Think about it!

If she likes you, and she wants to be your girlfriend, she will make sure to leave signs now and then, so you can pick them up and feel the heat. If you do get the vibe from the way it’s going, you know the drill!

8. She welcomes the flirt

Most girls who do not like you or talk only for the sake of it, won’t entertain the flirting that comes their way. If this one, isn’t panicking or discarding your pickup lines or cheesy conversations, she likes the attention.

Remember not to overdo the flirting as it could go too hard on her. Ride along slowly and she’ll take you through the paradise over text. If she likes the flirt, you could also initiate a few dirty conversations, to ignite the spark within the both of you instantly.

9. She leaves the clue for you

Most girls are old-school. We do not like the idea to go down on our knees to propose men. Our fantasy is to compel them to come to us and ask us out until we say yes. That’s the drill.

If she is constantly flirting with you, replying to your messages instantly and leaving all of the signs mentioned above, there is no room for doubt. She likes you boy!

10. The emojis do their job

Emoticons are a great way to express feelings and thoughts that are brimming in the mind. Girls love emoticons.

If she uses different emojis especially the ones with a red heart or a kiss emoji, you don’t have to doubt the liking at all. It’s crystal clear already!

But if she doesn’t send emojis or rarely does, it might be a little difficult for you to analyze. At this point, you can focus on the way she texts you. That can also speak a lot about her feelings for you.

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11. Visuals do the talking

Does she send you photos of her regularly? Is she sending you kinky pictures fishing for compliments and attention? Well, what’s the confusion for?

Girls who send regular images surely indicate their strong liking towards you. They don’t do this for random men. If she is doing it for you and ensuring that you have a detailed account of her life, you can assume she likes you.

12. The details don’t go unnoticed

Does she keep a count on each detail of your texts? Does she make sure to hint you when you don’t text her correctly? Well, do you still think that someone who doesn’t like you would pay so much attention to detail? No, right?

Girls who like you will make sure they notice every little thing you do. If you don’t text her the same way or reply to her with the red heart emoji you send her daily, she will panic and text you right away.

If you want to try this out, pretend to act abnormal over text and see what she does! The response will be the final result!

13. She makes the move

Does she initiate conversations on her own? Do you feel a constant urge for her to have a liking for you? If she calls you often, plans outings together, and does things you’d want, why is the confusion for?

Of course, she has a strong liking for you and wants the text conversations to switch to something more real and intimate. If you like her just as much as, she does, go tell her before she is gone!

14. She rains attention

No girl who is disinterested in a random guy will ever rain attention on him without reasons. If she is ensuring to put forth all the effort to make you feel wanted, special and loved, she likes you a lot.

If she is consistently texting you, giving you the attention that requires to tell you about her feelings, she wants you instantly. If you feel the same for her, what’s the wait for? Hurry up! Go tell her what’s heating up between you both.

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15. Midnight texts are a must

Do you both keep chatting till late at night? Does she pay the attention she should while you text her at night? If yes, then you know what she is up to.

Of course, she likes you and she wants you to know that she does.
Midnight texts say a lot about two people and if you both text each other late during the nights without fail, it means you both have something cooking in the middle.

If you aren’t sure about the late-night texts, try it now! See if she responds to your messages late during the night. If she does, you got lucky!

16. Work doesn’t bridge a gap

We do not have time for things that do not interest us while we are at work. But if she is unable to focus on the work and text you in the middle, you know she likes you a lot.

No girl would ever trade her work with a man she does not like to talk to. If she likes you, she will make sure to speak to you even when she isn’t free. This tells a lot about the way she feels for you. Don’t ignore the vibe!

17. The compliments hint her feelings

If she regularly compliments you about the way you looked last night at prom or the sexy jacket that you were wearing was so good on you, she likes you.

This is a girl’s way of letting someone know that she confides in him and likes him. This might also indicate that you are too hot to handle for her. If you like her back, don’t wait for the right time. Go confess it right now!

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18. You are a priority

Does she choose to talk to you even while she is hanging out with her friends? If yes, you know the drill!

We don’t want to talk to someone or be close to someone if we are not interested in them. And if it’s in the middle of our chill-time, it’s a strict ‘NO.’ If she likes you, she will still text you no matter where she is.

If you want to test it out, try texting her while she is out with friends. If she doesn’t mind replying and talking to you throughout, she might be having a crush on you.

19. She is looking forward to the date night

If a girl likes you, ask her out. See how she responds to your text about the date night you wish to go take her to. If she sounds excited, she is looking forward to something with you.

You can also tell her about the things you plan to do during the date night. If she sounds interested and tells you that she is looking forward to the evening with you, you know she likes you a lot. Don’t disappoint her if she does. Only a few men get lucky with this!

20. Funny memes are a thumbs up

If your girl likes to send funny videos, memes or pictures that she finds relevant, she might be liking you a lot. Girls love sharing happiness and laughs with people they want to get along with.

If she regularly sends you funny memes and responds to yours with equal vigour, your feelings aren’t the only thing heating up!

If you want to try out with this to make sure she likes you, try it today! See how she reacts to the funny memes you send her. However, make sure it isn’t anything too kinky or dirty for her. She might get uncomfortable and ignore the text.

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Don’t Mess it Up!

It’s quite interesting to find out whether a girl likes you or loves to respond to the way you hit on her. If she is showing you the signs above, you are really lucky!

Now when you are there, don’t mess it up, make sure to keep up with the impression and take strong measures to impress her further.

Don’t make mistakes that could harm you for a lifetime. If you get too dirty with her or make her uncomfortable, chances are that she will run away and never return. Don’t let that happen!

Tell her how you like her and get going!

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