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18 Strong Signs She is Developing Feelings For You

Last Updated on December 13, 2022

You know, you’d think that for the hundreds of thousands of years that the modern human existed, we’d get better at noticing when someone likes us. But nope! We’re just about as clueless as it gets at noticing when someone is developing feelings for us.

Romantic feelings are pretty complex when you start out dating. Then you get to physical contact and eye contact and then it all slowly turns into other intense feelings. How’s a guy supposed to know she’s flirting with you if you don’t know how to do it yourself?!

Women are a mystery. But if you pay close attention, you might just start to notice the subtle ways she’s hiding her deeper feelings. Without any further ado or snarky comments,


18 Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

1) She Seems Shy And Nervous Around You

One of the surefire signs she is developing feelings for you is that she acts shy and awkward around you. She might have trouble forming complete sentences or her body language visibly shifts when you’re close by.

It’s a natural reaction when you’re close to someone you like. Something about the racing heartbeat and uncontrollable giddiness makes shyness one of the most obvious signs that she’s developing feelings.

A major plus side to this is that it can be weirdly relaxing when you notice how much more nervous they are than you. This is a good way to sense when she’s developing feelings for you.

2) She Likes And Comments On Most Of Your Social Media Posts

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It’s amazing how much you can get out of just a friend request on your social media platform of choice. Now I’m not saying just because she’s following you on Instagram that she’s developing romantic feelings for you. But if she’s spending time going through your old posts, then that’s a sign she is developing feelings for you.

The only boundaries of personal life and personal space on the internet are what you decide to put on there. So why is having someone frequent your socials a good sign?

Commenting is the telltale sign. If a girl likes one or two of your old pics, that’s one thing that can come out of a night of drunk texts. But getting random questions on old posts or almost every new post is a surefire sign that she’s developing feelings for you.

3) She Texts You All The Time

The phone really is one of the most telling signs she is developing feelings for you. It might be a symbol of age, be it a good sign or not, that strong feelings for someone can be spotted in a text message.

In the same way, when someone else isn’t interested in you, they’re more likely to ignore your messages. Getting regular messages from a person is a big sign that they like you.

It’s far more common among girls who are anxious in person but active on their socials. For her, the only way she can develop feelings for you is through cute texts and heart emojis.

There are usually clear signs in text messages that help you figure out if she’s interested or just texts a lot. Really look at what she’s saying, or rather how she says it.

Some telltale signs are that her texts are engaging, deeply rooted, and exciting. It’s like you’re talking to them in person. They might even ask personal questions, which is a sign that she cares deeply.

4) She’s Caring and Affectionate

When you start to engage with a woman on an emotional level, your emotions become stimulated. Comfortable body language could give way to lingering hugs and other little things that show she’s developing feelings for you.

Open body language is a strong sign that she likes you. Feeling comfortable in around you is one thing, but if she’s noticeably more affectionate than the other women in your friend group, then there’s a good chance she’s interested in you.

You might notice that she’s happy when you’re happy and supportive when you’re feeling down. She might even go out of her way to make up for whatever’s lacking in your day. To her, your well-being is of the most importance.

Eventually, her deep feelings develop in physical ways. If she knows when to smile to lift your spirits, then that’s a clear sign that the girl likes you.

5) She Looks For Any Excuse To See You

How do you separate a best friend from someone who’s interested in you? A relationship expert would give you a vague question, like “what do you think?” and leave it at that. But certain things stand out when a potential romantic partner invites you to a coffee shop that doesn’t stand out with friends.

Other girls might just want to hang out in groups, but a clear sign that she likes you is that she wants to spend time with you in almost any situation. It’s less about what you’ll be doing and more focused on finding an opportunity to meet you in person. Mix in some lingering eye contact and you might notice how quickly a hangout can turn into a date.

6) She Immediately Lights up When She Sees You

Possibly one of the most obvious signs happens to be the one thing most guys miss. So let’s put it into simple words: When her whole demeanor changes when you walk into the room, that means she likes you.

Some telltale signs are that her eyes grow wide and she smiles. Energy will dramatically rise through her whole body, and her best friend might even show signs of social whiplash.

If you have such an effect on a girl that her feelings can click from poor to energetic, well, that’s about as obvious as signs get.

7) She Misses You When You’re Busy

When you’re spending time with a girl, you’ll both start to feel more comfortable together and even start to miss each other’s company. So when times roll around when you’re too busy with something else, she’ll still try to talk to you every chance she gets.

If you two talk frequently, then they’ll miss the regular interaction when you’re gone. She’ll try to strike up a conversation even if she knows you have work.

Of the many signs that she is developing feelings for you, getting regular texts will definitely show that she’s thinking about you all the time.

8) She Laughs At Your Silly Jokes

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Not everyone is a comedian. You might tell some of the most boring jokes or the most infuriating puns, but if you notice that she laughs at all of them, then that’s a sign she is developing feelings for you.

You’ll have seen it in every romance movie. Now whether the chicken came before the egg on this one doesn’t matter. It’s a real thing that happens because it’s one of the easiest ways to show someone you’re talking to that you are interested in them.

Keep an eye out for her reaction to your silly comments. You’ll soon see her interest in you.

9) She Compliments You Often

Regular compliments on your appearance or skills during conversation show that they are paying a lot of attention to you. It means there are some things you do that stand out to them and maybe even gets stuck in their head.

Extremely detailed compliments in conversation show that she is definitely attracted to you. If she’s nervous when she says these things, then that’s an even better sign.

When she’s in love with you, she’ll struggle to control her adoration around you. She’ll point out the little things about you that she loves the most.

From there, they might even bloom into personal questions based on these compliments so that they can get to know you better.

10) She Talks Fondly About You to her Friends

On the list of obvious signs she is developing feelings for you is one that encapsulates just how often she thinks about you.

If she can’t get you out of her head, then she’ll analyze everything with her girlfriends. Every future conversation, her feelings, how much smile is too much. It will range from the cute to the obscure, but it’s still you she’ll be talking about.

If your girl is too nervous to make a move, then she may try to run things by the friends of your friends to find out how you’d react.

11) She Tries To Impress You

You always try to look your best when you’re after someone. It’s one of those facts of life that people like to put on their nicest outfits for the people that they want to look at them.

Getting all dolled up is one way to impress someone, but it’s by no means the only way a girl shows interest. If you have a hobby or interest that’s almost parallel to your life, then she’ll try to learn about it.

If you met at the gym, she might try to keep pace with your workout of choice. If you express interest in F1, she’ll try to learn the rules. Taking interest is just one of the signs she is developing feelings for you.

12) She Confides in You

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You need trust to start a relationship. If she is asking personal questions that are closely tied to her feelings, then it’s a sign that she trusts you enough to talk to you about her private life.

When a woman starts to confide in you, it’s because her trust in you has increased. And trust goes a long way when it comes to caring about someone.

If she cares about you, she may develop feelings about you even if she doesn’t display the other signs on the list.

13) She Talks About the Future With You

When you’re involved with her other friends, then that’s a sign that she likes you enough to hang out regularly. But when she starts to make long-term plans with you to hang out, then you probably have a closer relationship than you might think.

When she’s talking about the future of her life in general, and you’re involved in that plan, then those are clear signs she is developing feelings for you.

When she makes plans with you in mind, she’ll love it when you do the same. Show her that you’re developing feelings as well.

14) She Brings up the Possibility of Dating You

Now, this can easily come across as cat-fishing. If she’s being too obvious, then either you’re denser than a brick, or she wants something out of this.

But this point is no reason to be pessimistic! You can usually tell by someone’s body language whether or not they are messing with you or not. If she is showing other signs from this list, then she likely really does want a relationship. She might just be very blunt.

If she plays it off as a joke very often, then there’s a chance that her feelings are real. At that point, all you need to do is act on them.

15) She Wants to Know All About You

One of the ways your feelings manifest for a person is by wanting to know everything about them. Maybe she’s trying to impress you by finding something you both like. Or maybe she’s interested in the man behind your social mask.

With comfortable body language and long discussions about your interests, she’s obviously trying to flirt with you.

This could be intentional or caused by her subconscious feelings about you. Either way, you now have an easy topic to talk about: Yourself!

16) She Flirts With You

Probably the most obvious of obvious signs is that there are developing feelings behind her batting eyelashes. If she’s the one that initiated flirting, then you’ve got someone who knows what she wants. And that would be you.

The obvious signs that she’s flirting are when she touches you, flirts around, and seems to lighten up when you come near her. The more they happen, the more she wants to spend time with you.

17) She Gets Jealous at the Thought of You Being With Other Girls

It’s normal to feel a little possessive of someone you like. Now you shouldn’t always act on these impulses because it can come off as a little creepy in the best of circumstances.

Competition can up the ante when you want a relationship with someone. It can push your feelings for them into overdrive and even make you want to impress your potential partner before the competitor does.

A little bit of jealousy can be very attractive in specific circumstances. Don’t push her away by hanging around another girl, but see how she reacts when you get friendly with other women.

If she moves in closer to you or tries to size up the other girl, then she might be getting a little territorial.

18) She Uses Terms of Endearment on You

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You might notice that some women like to talk sweetly with you even when they aren’t interested. Most of those women are likely your mother. If she isn’t, then there’s a good chance that she actually likes you.

Her feelings can materialize in many ways, as we’ve shown in this list. But if she wants a relationship with you, then she’ll quickly give you a nickname or talk to you in a way that indicates that she adores and appreciates you.


There are many ways to see if there are developing feelings bubbling in the mind of a girl. Body language and other signs she is developing feelings are only scratching the surface. The best advice you’ll ever get is to take a leap of faith and see where it goes.

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