How to Delete Benaughty Account on Phone?

Last Updated on April 25, 2022

Regret your choice of joining BeNaughty? Don’t worry. Many people feel the same way. BeNaughty is notoriously known for its countless spam emails, useless profile searches, and non-existing customer support.

Most members regret their choice of signing up almost instantly. By the time they realize they have made a mistake, it is another nightmare to completely remove your account from the database.

As the winner of the top worst dating sites online, BeNaughty does not let you go easily. You will be stuck with more spam emails and your profile up and running. It is time to put an end to that. And here is the complete guide you will need to delete your BeNaughty account on your phone without leaving them any more personal data.


How to Delete BeNaughty Account on Phone?

1. Go to your BeNaughty account from any computer device.
2. Click on settings to see the full menu available.
3. Select “My Account” in the menu bar.
4. There is the “Remove Account” button at the end of the page after all your account information.
5. Click the “Remove Account” button. Once you do, the system will ask you if you are sure about it. If you are sure, it will ask you to enter your password again.
6. You are then directed to a list of choices regarding how you want to remove your account. There are different levels of account removal available. For example, maybe you only want to take a break from the BeNaughty account and do not want to remove it permanently. Then, your account will only be deactivated but can still be seen. Since you want to completely erase all the data from the system. Click on the “Remove my profile, contacts and personal information” option. It is essential for you to check this box only. Do not check any other boxes. Otherwise, your account is technically still alive.
7. Click “continue.”
8. You are asked to give a reason why you are deleting your account. Write whatever you feel like.
9. Select the “No, thanks” option to continue.
10. Enter the Captcha code and then click on “Yes.”
11. If you are directed to a thank you page, that means your account is successfully deleted.

Only by following these steps accurately will you be able to remove your BeNaughty account at ease. You will not receive any more unwanted spammy emails from them.

What Are Some Trustworthy Online Dating Sites?

It is often a nightmare to try out new online dating sites. You don’t know where to turn, and you don’t want to throw your money into a dozen sites just to find out how useless they are. In that case, you definitely want to join Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison, as they are both prominent adult dating sites in the industry.

Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder (see the review here)has over 90 million registered users. The whole site advocates for a harmonious vibe and community bonding. You are not just meeting dates. You are welcome into a big family. You can join groups and customize your friend lists by tags. You will meet more people in one day than you have in the last year.

The site also offers its unique group call experience, which is perfect for a virtual speed dating event. You can meet with multiple people at the same time and find out who you like.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison (learn more about the app here) is well-loved by its members for its national-defense level of security control. Each member is carefully filtered and every suspicious account reported is immediately suspended.

Its ultra-safe security measures mean your personal data is safely stored and encrypted. Not even the site owner has access or is able to use your information as an advertisement. Your profile and chat history are with you only.

Since both sites are big on protecting users’ privacy and ensuring the satisfaction level of members, you will never receive spammy emails from them. From the thousands of user reviews, you can see just how trustworthy these two sites are. You will be able to enjoy a carefree dating experience with the two trending online dating sites.

How to Select a Quality Online Dating Site?

Always go for the big sites that people recommend. First of all, you want a user base large enough that there are always members around your area wherever you are. Second, you are a paying member, so you should never trust a random site with no track record or proof of company registration.

Final Thoughts

BeNaughty is undoubtedly one of the dating sites with the worst reviews. To end this nightmare, be firm and follow the steps above. To avoid the same mistake, go for those highly-recommended sites commonly seen on the internet like Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison.

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