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10 Signs She Cheated On You Last Night

by John Santana

Sometimes you sit and wonder what your girl was doing last night. Your instinct tells you she was up to no good. You feel you are right but you can’t seem to tell. The frustration can be nerve-wracking.

There are obvious tell signs when she cheats on you. Read all about them to see if she has been faithful or not.

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Signs She Cheated On You Last Night

1. She Is Withdrawn

Her mind is not with you. Not showing attention to you means her mind is occupied. During dinner, you are excitedly sharing plans for the weekend while she puts on a fake smile and nods. You wonder if she is having a bad day at work.

Most likely, on the contrary, she was having the best night without you and now you are in her way of having fun. Ask her about what’s on her mind. You will probably get the general answer that she is tired or it’s something trivial. Everyone knows it’s a lie. Her scattered thoughts show she is putting her mind and effort into someone else.

In time, she may even try to pull away from you. She refuses a lot of the activities that you plan. In her free time, she would rather be home, or so she claims, than hang out with you. It doesn’t mean she wants to be alone, she just doesn’t want to be with you.

2. Sex Is Not the Same

There are no flames left in your sex life. It feels like a routine. Or often worse, she tries not to have sex with you. Sex is very important in a healthy relationship or marriage. The physical bonding keeps the attraction alive. It elevates your connection to the next level.

You will feel that she is somehow repulsed at the idea of sleeping with you. She has been getting her orgasms from someone else.

Suggest a new place or position. If she falts out reject the notion, it goes without saying that it’s not sex that disgusts her, it’s you.

3. She Doesn’t Text You Anymore

When you are not physically together, texting is important. It keeps each other updated. You know what she is doing and she gets details of your life. It creates a sense that she is still there with you even though she is miles away.

A person bad at communicating is likely a bad lover. It’s not about how horrible you are at texting. It doesn’t give you the excuse to care less or not text back. If she cares enough, she will always remember to check up on you.

The frequency of texting directly indicates her interest in you. Someone else is on her to-text list. You are not someone she is thinking about anymore these days. Notice how she would leave you on read for a day before replying with a very automated message like “I’m good”?

She has time to post all her fun stories on Instagram but no time to reply to your text. Even when she does, the messages are so shallow and skin-deep. There is no content.

4. She Puts on a Good Look but Not for You

First of all, it is perfectly fine for her to dress up. Girls should feel attractive all the time by putting in an effort in their looks if they want. Just because you have been in a relationship forever doesn’t mean she can’t put in an effort to look radiant now.

The real red flag lies in how she is dressing up and who she is dressing up for. She is claiming to be meeting her friends at night. You see her buying all these new heels and makeup products.

But when you are out on a date night, it’s the same casual t-shirt she has been wearing for the last 4 years. So she is dressing up to impress, except the person she wants to impress is no longer you.

Even though you are in a comfortable relationship, you should try as hard to look glamorous to your significant other as you would to your other friends. When a piece like this is missing, it tells you that you have already lost her heart along with it.

5. She Doesn’t Want You Around in Her Friendship Groups

All the excuses you have heard are that this is a girls’ night out or that it’s someone else’s party so she can’t invite you. It’s the same excuses over and over again.

One reason why she does not want you in her friendship group anymore is that everyone probably knows she has been cheating on you.

They will not reach out to you and tell you since they are her friends, but someone might slip their tongue if you hang out with them. After a couple of drinks, things could get ugly and she wants to avoid that.

She is also afraid you will find out how she acts or behaves when she is not with you. Friends know a friend more than a lover. It’s always true. They know she is flirty in nature and has other guys hovering over, always ready to make a move.

To keep you around, she wants the same elegant image you have of her to stay. That’s why she will try not to let you meet her friends as much as possible.

6. She Gets Irritated Easily

Nothing you do is right anymore. Whatever you do, she finds a reason to be upset and claims it’s your fault. She gets irritated over little things. It’s annoying. She wants to leave the relationship but can’t find a proper reason to.

After all, she can’t tell you explicitly that she has been cheating on you. Therefore, she finds flaws in everything you do. Of course, couples argue sometimes. It’s normal. What is out of the ordinary is her frequency of blaming you over everything and how she is not trying to understand you.

Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes is the number one lesson in any relationship. If she pulls back from caring for you these days, she has likely found someone else to care for.

7. She Is Secretive About Her Phone or She Has a Second Phone

It’s a dangerous sign if she has changed her password. You are not entitled to automatic access to your partner’s phone but it’s always bad if you used to know her password and now she has changed it.

She comes up with excuses like it’s her privacy and does not let you see her phone. While everyone deserves her privacy, hiding her phone means she does not want you to see something or someone on it.

Finding a secret second phone is the nail on the wall. It’s almost 100% that she is cheating on you. The most common places for her to hide another phone would be under the bed, deep inside the closet, or in the storage unit.

Usually, the girl in the relationship is more likely to take care of the household chores, making it easier for them to hide a phone. Volunteer to clean the house next time, maybe you will find something surprising.

8. She Compares You To Other Men

Comparison is a subconscious reflection that she thinks you are not as special as other men. People who have shared their stories online revealed that girls even tend to compare their boyfriends to the guys they are having an affair with.

They do that as a way of releasing their frustration, believing they will never get caught while undermining your confidence. She does not care if you live up to her expectations or not at this point.

Praising other men tells you how worthless she thinks you are because she has someone better. No one should compare their partner to someone else. It is not a competition. It’s hurtful and demanding.

Under any circumstances, this comparison directly harms your relationship even without the cheating part.

9. She Refuses To Make Future Plans With You

Refusing to commit to long-term plans is surely a sign that she doesn’t see you in her future, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you she is cheating on you. What is solid evidence would be proof that she is making future plans with others.

Men have shared how they found hidden plane tickets on their girlfriend’s laptop thinking it’s a surprise trip, only to find out 6 months later she claimed to have an urgent family trip at that time.

There is no stronger evidence than this. It tells you how disrespectful she is towards your relationship. Someone else is certainly involved.

10. She Has Been Coming Home Late

Eliminating the possibility of work, how many late nights can you have with friends? There is a line between normal social gatherings and suspicious hangouts at night. If you have been noticing her change of behaviors lately, she is probably seeing someone else.

She would dress up and lie about her whereabouts. You wait until 2 am every night just to have her coming home and say it’s another gathering with friends. Well, it’s more like she has been sleeping with a secret lover, having orgasmic pleasure without you.

What To Do If You Find Out She Cheated On You?


Let’s just say, cheating is something that snowballs. If it happened once in the past, it will very likely happen again. Emotions cloud judgment easily. A lot of people let their emotions run the course and convince themselves that cheating is only a one-time thing.

man leaving girl

When someone cheats on you, it is no longer about how much they love you. It is about how much they value their moral boundaries as a person. She didn’t cheat on you because you are hitting a rough patch in your relationship. It’s simply because she sets her boundaries fairly low.

Statistically speaking, it’s highly unlikely that things will work out for couples that have to deal with a cheating episode. The trust is completely shattered. A lack of trust will make you suspicious all the time.

It’s almost guaranteed that any futile tries will lead to a depressing end. The best you can do is to leave with grace. Sit down with her to discuss all the problems.

Find a civil way to end this so it doesn’t affect your mutual friends or things that you share like property etc. Put your happiness first and do not let someone question your attractiveness.

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Final Thoughts

Dealing with a cheater is heartbreaking. All the years of effort you put into loving someone turns into the worst type of betrayal possible.

Once you see the signs that she is cheating on you, you know it’s time to leave and get into a healthier, more honest relationship instead.

Follow these tell signs that your partner is cheating on you and sign up on these best dating sites to find the girl that will be honest with you from the start.

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