Why Do I Want to Cheat on My Girlfriend? [5 Reasons To Know]

by John Santana

Happily ever after is a myth every couple seeks. Love that extends beyond your life span is extraordinary. Unfortunately, in reality, most refuse to commit to one person.

When you have the urge to cheat on your girlfriend, it is time to ask yourself what it means. You are hardly the first person ever contemplating cheating. Where does the urge stem from? Does it mean the end of your relationship? What should you do with such a desire?

Don’t panic, a lot of people have gone through this and this article covers the essence of knowledge left behind by some wise minds.

Why do I want to cheat on my girlfriend?

There are numerous reasons you are not satisfied with your partner. All these reasons combined are unconsciously pushing you to cheat. Battling the desire every day will not solve it. You need to get to the bottom of it to dissect why you feel this way.

1. You want to end the relationship

The most blatant reason to fantasize about cheating is to end the misery. Being in a relationship no longer fulfills your spirit. Your partner does not energize you as she once did. All that is left now is endless quarrels and fights. You long for a change.

Letting go of a relationship is a hard lesson that many people still fail to master after years, especially when you have been in a relationship for years. You are nervous about actually terminating the relationship out of fear of not being able to find a replacement. The conflict in your mind is pushing you to be unfaithful so you can explore other possibilities.

2. You want a better sex life


Sex is a big component of a relationship. A misalignment in expectations can have a severe impact on harmony. Sex with your girlfriend should enhance both physical and mental bonding. You will be much more in love.

The problem of not having a coordinated sex life will manifest in other aspects of your relationship. As the bonding diminishes, you struggle to find the sex appeal of your partner. Hence, you do not want to be loyal anymore.

3. You believe in polygamy

Not wanting to commit solely to your girlfriend does not make you a playboy. You could believe in polygamy without realizing it. Most people do not give too much thought to polygamy until they try it.

Think about how you feel toward your partner. Maybe you do want to spend the rest of your life with her, just not her alone. In that case, you need to explore the possibility of introducing polygamy into your relationship. It is an inner desire that many people are scared to face but it will solve all their problems instantly.

4. You have fallen for someone else

Love comes in the most unsuspecting way. You cannot stop a connection even if you try. Wanting to cheat on your girlfriend is a natural response when you have fallen for someone else unintentionally.

In your mind, your girlfriend is no longer the partner to stay loyal to, your new crush is. Underneath all the sugar coated layers you excuse yourself, it is the raw fact that you want a new girlfriend. Of course, you want to sleep with your new girlfriend and not someone you have lost attraction to.

5. You are unsure about having your girlfriend as a long-term partner

There is nothing wrong with the relationship that warrants a breakup. Everything is fine. You do love her and she is lovely. But deep down, you are questioning whether this is the right choice to make. To be fair, it has nothing to do with your girlfriend’s character. You are probably confused because you are not at an age where you want to settle down. There is still so much to do in this world. You are unwilling to sacrifice your freedom to build a home.

All your conflicts will lead to the urge to cheat. You do not know how to deal with your other problems in life so you think cheating will be the answer. Usually, it will not be the solution but you are too wrapped up in your struggle that you believe cheating will set you free because it is a new experience.

How do I stop wanting to cheat on my girlfriend?

Unless you are dead serious about cheating or having an affair excites you, you should strictly avoid going down this morally questionable pit. You will likely end up regretting the decision later in life. There are plenty of other ways to go around than breaking the ultimate vow. The most important note to take is that you need to solve the issues that are causing these unethical thoughts.

1. Take some couples therapy

Couple therapies are not lame. They are extremely helpful in restoring the trust and passion in a relationship. The therapist will patiently guide you in opening up and expressing your most intimate thoughts to each other.

When you are so clouded by disappointment, it is difficult to have a productive discussion. That is why having professional help can change the game. A licensed therapist understands the needs of each couple and how to target the right topic. You will never be able to achieve the same results if you replicate this at home without guidance.

2. Think about the consequences

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Cheating is not something that will go away with time. It will be permanently branded on your face. Having labeled as a cheater is far from glorious. You will face judgment from family and friends. To make matters worse, if you are colleagues with your girlfriend, be prepared to never hear the end of it in the office. It will be the company gossip that echoes forever.

Leaving behind a bad reputation is a nightmare that follows you around. You can shake the doubt and disappointment people throw at you. Regardless of how you justify it, people will not forgive your actions. On top of all that, think about the heartbreak you will put your girlfriend through. Being cheated on will traumatize her for life. Think twice before you decide to be that person.

3. Take action to rebuild your relationship

Relationships take effort to maintain. Nothing comes easy. There will be bumpy slopes during every stage. The crucial thing is your approach toward these unhappy events. Identify the problems and take appropriate measures.

If it is the sex life that is bothering you, talk it out with your girlfriend. See why she is not feeling the need or has more sexual drive than you do. Find a balance. Neglecting the problem will not dismantle it. You need to talk about it to make it go away.

4. Take some time off from the relationship

Instead of breaking up with your girlfriend, tell her about your struggles and uncertainties. Explain to her why you need to take some time for yourself. Do not disappear for a month or two. Stay connected while you find your peace again. Irresponsibly disappearing will end your relationship effectively.

Once you work it out with your girlfriend about your relationship sabbatical, plan a trip to cleanse your mind. Evaluate every situation and what kind of life you want for yourself. Devote the time to your healing so you can come back a stronger person.

5. Break up and date someone else

If the relationship is going nowhere after all the attempts, it is time to call it quits. Breaking up is not easy but it will be freeing once you do. You do not have to tell her the cheating urge you have been feeling. It is within your right to keep it to yourself.

Tell her why this is not working out and how much you need to end the relationship. Ending the relationship in a mature way helps you move on faster. Be firm when you do it and do not soft-heartedly take her back when she starts crying. You do not have any moral obligation to stay faithful when you are single. You can sleep with anyone you want.

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Having the urge to cheat on your girlfriend is not as uncommon as you’d think. Learning how to deal with the desire motivates you to be a better person and live a happier life. Follow the advice and make a plan for your relationship!

John Santana

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