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Dating a Person with Depression: What you need to know?

by John Santana

Dating a depressed person can be a challenge. It isn’t very different from dating someone without underlying mental problems; however, issues arise more commonly. When you know what is going on with this person and know how to handle your partner’s depression while looking after your own mental health, here are some behaviors you may encounter and how to deal with them and make the most of your relationship.

Recognizing Depression

Depressed individuals have complex mental health problems that impact their perceptions and actions—the severe but treatable condition affecting the mental health of millions worldwide. You may not have the tools you need to help someone while addressing their psychiatric issues. When dating someone with depression, you have to understand their physical and emotional needs.

Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Accept their feelings

People suffering depression often hide their feelings for fear of being burdensome. This applies to partners who are unable or unwilling to understand each other in some respect. It is crucial to allow the depressed person to recognize their feelings. If you date someone with depression tell them that you don’t blame them and help them talk about what they’re feeling.

Don’t blame yourself

Many environmental influences cause mood disturbances. You shouldn’t have to be upset when your relationship has a particular behavior and blame yourself for this. Your misunderstood responses to the Depression may make your partner feel unlovable

Don’t try to “fix” your partner’s depression

However, depression cannot be treated with loving, kindness or affection. It’s not possible to cure depression by any miracles. This does not mean you cannot support the relationship. If you’ve been dating someone who has depression, try to find out if you could have an open conversation with you or someone in that situation.

Be flexible

Depression can be a complex illness, so dating someone who suffers from depression must be flexible. Your relationship moods may change in an unexpected way. It can inhibit a person from participating in activities in any way possible. For instance, when a date is set for Friday night with friends do not be overly disappointed when your partner isn’t able to go out with friends. Make changes in your mind. Suggest something that fits in with the comfort zones of your partner: watch a movie together.

Offer hope

It can be a nightmare for anyone with depression. I hope it helps. Hopefully the darkness has lifted up. We hope this empty space fills them and encourages them. I hope things do not happen forever. I’m hopeful the kids will get there. Some depressed individuals can’t articulate their feelings of hopelessness or depression. This requires using words to describe experiences as genuine as the air they breathe. Offer hope and remind yourself why it makes you live. Perhaps they need their children, pets they love, or their faith.

Don’t leave them alone

Sometimes your spouse will say something to your depressive partner that will be more mean to you or someone else in their life. Destination is an important symptom in the treatment of depression. Distancing means the person pushing another person away in one of many ways. It could be because of fear or anger in the community or because it makes them afraid of hurting anyone else. Unless he wants to leave alone, then he’ll be disappointed by that. Sometimes you just need help.

Recognize Depression Isn’t Everything

When you date people who suffer from depressive symptoms, realize that their condition does not define them. Your partner may feel many emotions without mentioning the depression in any of these situations. This can lead to them having feelings that are dissatisfied. Give them no blame if they’re depressed. Do not rush to the conclusion that “the depressed person is just talking.” It is challenging to separate mood swings from legitimate griefs.

Get support and treatment

Untreated depression affects everyone in close proximity. It’s true that many people suffer from depression at some level at least. Getting the proper treatment can help with depression. Assisting the person with their medications or remembering their appointment is essential. If you ask for help, they may feel a bit ashamed. When a family member has depressed feelings, it is OK to be disappointed, annoyed or upset. It would be best not to allow the emotions to fester or expand.

Participate in Your Partner’s Healing

Depression can be controlled. Therapy, medication, or dietary changes are helpful in improving your health. A therapist is trained to help a patient with depression symptoms. Tell someone about a partner that’s having a depression problem. When you’re struggling with depression, you should be a friend to your partner to encourage them and acknowledge their efforts.

Don’t take it personally

Depression is the most common mental health issue. They might feel angry, irritated and withdraw. Some people will not go out and do something with you the way they were once. It’s possible the relationship will continue. When your partner has arguments that appear unsettling or blown out of proportion, understand that these aren’t personal and don’t mean your partner doesn’t care about you. It is a sign of a disease that needs treatment.

Acknowledge your own mental health needs

The struggling individual usually has a prominent place in an individual’s life. In the process, your wants are pushed off the backburner. However, you must acknowledge what you are feeling. In other cases, you may find yourself angry when your teen tries to fight. Remember: You are human; it is not enough to stop your feelings for the depressive partner. Bring yourself to life and share your emotions with your partner.

Work on your Sex Life

When dating someone with depression, medication might have an effect on one’s libido and capacity to enjoy sex. If you want to date someone sad, you must make an effort to initiate having sex. You may feel unlovable and irritated at times. Those who date a depressed person may find it difficult to talk about depression. Allow yourself the opportunity to vent your emotions in a safe environment.

Maintain a Balance

Dating someone with depression is hard. You must always meet their demands, even if it means going against your own. It is critical to maintaining a state of balance in a relationship. When dating, you should do everything you can to make them happy. However, while this may be required for a short period of time, a connection does not persist. So, without deriding yourself, put yourself first on occasion.

Educate yourself

Understanding depression’s complexity will be the key to establishing a support relationship. When you are dating someone with depression, refer to experts on the subject online as well to gain a deeper understanding and emotional awareness of how depression manifests.

The process will give your partner more insight into your situation as well. You might even want to look into joining one of the support groups available to those dating someone with depression.

Be there for them.

Most people with depression tend to have a desire to get help. It means everything for them to understand their mental disorder and manage depression. It’s important to support someone in their depressed state. Keep your eye open, and be patient while you’re sharing your feelings.

Provide support for appointments and other chores they struggle with. Tell them you’re here to assist them when they’re recovering.

Take part in their self-care activities

I think we have to understand how you support those who have depressed emotions. But we have to know that you can’t fix them. Be there to listen. Give congratulatory comments. Come and meditate or go yoga. Make them gentle and avoid forcing yourself into an activity you don’t want

Make sure you know the type of depression they are dealing with

The symptoms of depression can differ wildly between individuals, and therefore, the patient must know what causes the depression. Understanding a loss and understanding the difference between bipolar disorders and other disorders will help with a diagnosis.

Tackle the Depression as a Team

There have been some indicators of progress in terms of reducing the stigmas associated with dating someone with depression. As a result, a supportive partner must develop an empathic and collaborative approach toward companions suffering from depression.

Learn their love language

The language you speak is helpful to your partner as they are trying to communicate with you. Many people with depression have low self-esteem and low self-worth. Using their love language can be an effective way to support them.

Let them know you’re there for them

Someone suffering from depression wants to feel heard. Please try to stay there for them. Tell them they have somebody on their side. They know they’ve been heard, seen, and understood.

Notice their growth

Make sure to note and verbalize the changes and recognize their victories because they may not notice their improvements, so identifying and highlighting the good moment is essential.

Be Empathetic

I’m very thankful you told me that your mood was bad. Don’t minimize feelings. Although sometimes very well-intentioned, saying that someone is dating is no big deal.

Don’t take their moods personally

Depression is a common problem for many, and it is a way to hurt people and make them feel hurt or upset. ” Valentina Dragarov, a psychologist and founder of PSH.

Don’t blame them or blame depression

When you’re dating someone with depression who doesn’t want to go out to dinner or participate in an activity, avoid accusing them of depression and help them feel motivated by their decision.

Don’t try to be too positive about it

The biggest problem may be forced positive thinking will not work. Listen actively and provide empathy. Why does it seem like it is? Why are we here?

Establish self-care routines & boundaries

Get e rest to stay healthy and stay calm; this helps prevent you from putting yourself on the other end of their mental illness.

Don’t push them to be happy all the time

Be aware when people need to get away or have fun.

The Depression Talking

If you’re dating for a few months you’ll discover the fact that he/she’s suffering depression. This is a highly crucial relationship time, so be cautious and be careful not to criticize.

Please trust him with this knowledge he probably won’t share with many people. Consider that as the beginning of a conversation that resurfaces sometimes.

Consider seeing a therapist

Working with your psychiatric doctor can help alleviate anxiety in relationships with people suffering from depression. It’s your opportunity to learn more and be a role model for the person with a lack of patience and receptivity to therapy.

Understanding Depression Symptoms

They can be more Irritable

Almost all sufferers acknowledged being irritated if they didn’t realize they were depressed, and they also mentioned the consequences on their mental health.   Many female sufferers used the adjective “touchy” to describe themselves. Many men hide their depression because they see it as a sign of weakness. Irritated weariness and irritable emotions are common complaints.

They look for more distractions and can appear disinterested or mentally exhausted

Men with depression often seek fewer diversions than women, mainly when those distractions include drink or drugs. It may take some time to get used to his talking about depression.

You can help him by steering him away from potentially dangerous diversions. In some cases, you may also serve as a worthwhile diversion. Distraction is used by men to combat depression. They appear lazy and too passive.

They’re not lazy; they’re depressed people

Some people believe that persons suffering from depression are slackers. This is due to the fact that they are frequently untidy throughout their depressed state. It has a direct link to depression. This isn’t just laziness. This is exhaustion, both physically and psychologically.

Depression is very destructive to our mental health, leaving people exhausted and unable to achieve what they ought to. Laziness in completing a task causes them to get unhappy and lose confidence.

People with depression don’t always want you to fix them

Nobody wants to admit they have depression, and they specifically don’t want their partner to fix them since depression implies that they are damaged. The drive to improve something can be positive, but it can also lead to despair and other mental health issues because individuals regard themselves as a danger.

According to Talkspace interviews, the problem that affects both sexes appears to afflict males far more. “Female fixers aggravated my mood issue,” he stated. Veny stated that there are distinctions between assisting individuals in recovering from terrible circumstances and altering them.

They don’t want to be depressed

Depression is also not an option. The most dangerous thing to say to someone suffering from depression would be that it is their fault and that if they had been tougher, he would have changed his attitude. People require assistance in overcoming symptoms of depression, not in harming those who care for them. Even if we were all superhuman, we really could not resist this disease. When conduct harms your emotional condition, you should be aware that it was not the person’s intention.

You don’t need to stay with them.

The protection of mental and physical health is vital to you. If a relationship is making you it will leave you to feel unhappy or even unhappy and improve it. It could look as though you have abandoned him, left him with depression and without love for him. Nonetheless, men are responsible for helping others to overcome depression and help manage it. You shouldn’t give up if someone isn’t working for a good relationship. Men with depressed personalities are no exception.

Depression could make him feel unworthy of your love

Depressed individuals often feel that they are lacking in love because they think they are delusional and have lost their worth. The relationship became difficult because of its emotional dimension. The Depression has always been perceived as one more issue and thereby not one solution. If a guy you’re dating has an affected personality, please be patient. Show him he should get love which is good for him instead of burdening him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to say when a first date tells you they have depression?

It can be tricky to understand the first time you see someone with depression. You could ask them if their depression has affected their romantic relationship? While there is no rule against answering, it is essential to be sensible and nonjudgmental while seeking further. Most people try to hide their sadness, so take it to heart.

What is the success rate of couples counseling?

Approximately 97% of the surveyed couples said that the counseling was helpful to them. The survey also revealed that 93% of couples found therapy helpful in reducing conflict. Couples counseling is most effective at allowing both partners to begin a relationship to improve.

Can couples counseling really work?

Couples counseling really works when the couple enters the counseling utilizing communication and empathy. Couples counselling can be a powerful resource in addressing challenging aspects of relationships and helping prom. According to APA surveys, Couple secure bond with others. Couples counselling incorporates emotions-based therapies / Effective, according to APA surveys. Therapy assists couples in deepening their intimacy of themselves emotionally and sexually as they develop healthier habits.

Tell me the cause of depression?

Depression affects nearly every American population and is common. The condition has multiple manifestations and is associated with numerous symptomatic factors. There is no specific cause of depression.

This can be genetic or behavioral; however, environmental factors may contribute to its occurrence. In addition, sometimes depression symptoms can result from a lack of brain activity or faulty brain regulation of mood. The cause of depression is commonly linked to various aspects of health like addiction or depression. Another major factor in this is stress and lack of self-confidence.

Is it okay to break up?

It can also be difficult for an ex-partner when they worry that the ex may be suffering more profound depression following the break-up. Mental illness cannot make a breakup a problem. People can experience long-term fulfilling and happy relationships.

A condition alone is no cause to leave something. Although you may want to consider your relationship more seriously when psychiatric symptoms can interfere with your day-to-day lives, threatening your health.


It might be difficult to date someone who is depressed. It’s heartbreaking to see someone you care about struggle with excessive pessimism, self-criticism, and failure. Your companion may have strong, incorrect views about themselves, or they may believe that they have never done anything or that they have nothing to live for. These all-or-nothing thinking patterns might leave you feeling helpless and unsure of how to assist your significant other.

Depression may be loud and persuasive, taking over the thoughts of those who suffer from mental health conditions. The greatest advice for dating someone with depression is to understand how to assist your significant other as they navigate the ups and downs of daily living while painting your own basic needs and emotional capacity.

John Santana

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