signs he wants you badly sexually

14 Clear Signs He’s Sexually Attracted to You: Interpreting His Behavior

by John Santana

Has he been giving you the dirty looks lately that suggest you are more than friends? How can you be sure he wants you badly sexually? Well, it is not a guessing game with men. There are clear tell signs when they are drooling over your body.

Curious to know if he is being friendly or if he is secretly picturing you naked every time you hang out? Check to see if he is exhibiting these signs!

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Signs That He Wants You Badly Sexually

1. He Makes Dirty Jokes

Men are always a little dirty but that doesn’t mean they crack dirty jokes for everyone. Telling inappropriate jokes to you is his way of testing the water. If you respond positively, he will know that you are likely interested. Take these as hints that he is trying to make you flirt with him.

Making nasty jokes is just a starter if he wants to sleep with you. He might go further and make some wild suggestions about how it would be if you two have sex. Of course, these joke progress depending on how you perceive them.

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2. He Pays For Everything

A man is paying for his girlfriend

Some guys save their generosity for the girls they want to sleep with. If he insists on paying for meals or movies, he is trying to impress you. Even though it is 2023, paying on dates is still the quickest way to get laid. Guys always have this winning woman over with money strategy embedded in their minds. Being financially well-off is attractive for most dates.

3. He Dresses Up When You Are Here

In general, men are lazy about choosing what to wear. When he puts in effort for your date, he really wants to impress you. It is a primal instinct to visually attract a potential mate. He wants to show off his physique with the trendiest pieces of clothing.

Fashionable men will also dress up neatly when meeting their homies. However, when he is hanging out with a girl that he wants to sleep with, he will wear clothes that make him look more masculine and reliable. After all, women tend to go home with those that make them feel safe.

4. He Sends You Pictures Of Himself

Remember all the gym selfies he has been sending you? The ones where he shows off his six-pack with his sexy, sweating face?

Yeah, he really wants you sexually. This guy wants to mark his territory on your phone’s gallery. Whenever you scroll around, you have a high chance of seeing his face and body. The more you see someone, the more you get comfortable and familiar with that person. Eventually, you will be asking him to send you more selfies because you miss seeing that sunny boy.

5. He Touches You a Lot

Boyfriend is fixing Girlfriend's mask

He touches you in the flirtiest way possible. Whether it is a pat on the shoulder, fixing your hair, or holding your waist lightly to guide you, these are all signs that he wants to get under that blouse. He may hold your cheeks when you smile, saying how cute your smile is or that he wants to bite you.

Don’t get confused with a nice-guy move. Nice guys will rarely make anyone confuse. If you are left wondering about his intentions, something is definitely up.

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6. He Takes You To Drinks Often

Booze is the most effective substance to lure a sex target. For a lot of people, having a few shots of tequila is an ice-breaking hack. If this guy wants to invite you alone to bars and have drinks often, he is into you. Otherwise, he will be sure to invite a crowd. Two sexually attractive people getting drunk together will rarely end innocently. And he wants that dirty ending.

Loud music and alcohol set the mood. There is a good chance for him to sneak up and whisper into your ears softly. Although he might not take advantage immediately, he definitely knows what he is doing. If this is not a situation you want to be in, you might want to put some boundaries when he repeatedly asks you out for drinks and deliberately try to get you drunk on several occasions.

7. He Adjusts His Pant When You Are Around

It is an inevitable sign if a man wants you badly. He can have a hard-on every time he looks at you. If you notice him putting his hands in his jeans pocket and shifting around, that is probably him trying to cover up his erection.

He is having dirty thoughts about you. In all fairness, men physically cannot hide their erections. It may put him in an embarrassing place. Being sexually attracted to someone does not make him a creep but if you are uncomfortable, you should walk away.

8. His Voice Gets More Profound When You Are Near

Other than getting a boner, this is another weird biological trait that is noticeable. The more attracted a man is to a woman, the deeper his voice gets. This subconscious biological perspective is in every guy. If you happen to notice his voice gets more profound when he talks to you than to others, he is trying to appease you by appearing stronger and more dominant.

9. He Glances At Your Butt Or Cleavage

Boyfriend Carry his girlfriend

It is innate for girls to know when someone is staring at your cleavage from across the table. Men can be beasts with the uncontrollable desire to check girls out. He probably won’t stare at your body for 5 minutes as if he has never seen a chick but he will for sure steal a few glimpses whenever he thinks you are not looking.

His glances could also be taken as a hint. He wants you to notice that he is checking you out and see how you will react to it. Ideally, you’d flirt back. Whether you play into it or not is entirely up to you.

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10. He Makes Excuses To Hang Out Till Late With You

He will purposefully make up silly reasons to hang out with you until midnight. The later it gets, the more romantic it is. A horny guy will eventually come up with ideas to head to your place alone or invite you to his. After spending a few hours together, he will strike as he feels you are now comfortable enough to go back with him.

11. He Takes You To Dance Clubs

The dance floor is where things get heated up. Loud music, drinks, and your bodies touching each other. He wants you badly if he invites you for a night out in the club. In his mind, he is picturing himself holding you closely and with his face against yours.

The music is so loud that you need to put your face to the person you are talking to. A nightclub is where everyone gets loose. He is hoping you will get the vibe and loosen up.

12. He Gets Agitated When Other Men Check You Out

Men are territorial. He is not going to tolerate other men throwing themselves at you. His reaction will be dramatic. It feels like he is not trying to protect you as a friend but he wants you for himself. He will try to scare the other man away by touching you to show that you are his.

However, not every guy reacts physically when they feel threatened by another male presence. Some will only show a disgruntled face without saying a word. That is a normal reaction when you are not officially dating. He feels it is not his place to raise his voice in that case.

13. He Talks Badly About Your Current Boyfriend Or ex

He wants to compare himself to every man in your life, whether they are in the present or in the past. The fact that you currently have a boyfriend hardly stops them. When he wants you sexually, he will consciously tell you how he is better than your boyfriend. Out of jealousy, guys will talk bad about your exes to make themselves look good. Deep down, he wants to hear from you that he is way better than your exes.

14. He Posts Pictures Of You On His Social Media

He Posts Pictures Of You On His Social Media

It is social etiquette to post pictures of those you like on social media these days. Showing up on someone’s account means you are important to them. No matter if it is a silly photo or a beautiful date photo, it tells you that he wants you. He obviously thinks you are sexy and wants to reassure you that you are the only one on his account.


Just like that, his naked intentions are bright as day. If the sexual attraction is mutual, it is up to you to decide what to do. Alternatively, if you are on a manhunt for a good-looking date, try out Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals!

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John Santana

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