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Dating a Scorpio Man: Traits, Personality & Useful Tips

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

A Scorpio man is unlike any other Zodiac sign. When you decide to date him, you are in for an exhilarating and intimate relationship that you did not know could exist. If you date a Scorpio man right, you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience.

However, a Scorpio man is a mysterious creature. Mastering his language takes effort. Jumping into the relationship without properly studying him will only get you bruised and hurt. Understand his secret love language and know what you are signing up for.


Basic Information of a Scorpio Man

  • Birthday: October 23 to November 21
  • Good personality traits: Ambitious, dedicated, smart, loyal, gentle
  • Bad personality traits: Overly emotional, stubborn, spiteful

How to Initiate a Relationship With a Scorpio Man?

1. Show Your Interest First

With a Scorpio man, you cannot hide your feelings and wait until he asks you out. You have to initiate as he is likely too overwhelmed to make the move. He can be an over-thinker and worry about getting rejected.

Either you ask him out or you will be playing the guessing game forever. Due to his shy nature, it will take him forever to confess his feelings. Be the one to initiate first.

2. Open Up to Him

He will be quite protective of his feelings because he is afraid to get hurt. The best way to get a Scorpio to open up is to be an open book yourself. Show him how it is done. Share intimate details about yourself such as your biggest fear, childhood regrets, and family problems.

When he feels you are not holding back with him, he will open up to you as well. It takes a while for a Scorpio to open up. He adapts to his surroundings. Therefore, having a model of how to share stories and feelings is good for him.

3. Ask Him Deep Questions

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Having deep conversations about life and hypothetical situations is the best feeling. He enjoys getting to the bottom of someone. The feeling of knowing you inside and out is crucial to establishing trust.

After a few dates, you can ease in with some deeper personal questions. Once you get the ball rolling, he will discuss everything with you. Ask him deep questions about aliens and the purpose of life. Not only will he not find them absurd, but he will be super intrigued.

4. There is no Need to Rush the Physical Things

Unlike most other men, the physical connection is not the most sought-after thing for a Scorpio man. He would much rather hold off sex until he feels the emotional bonding with you. Being hopelessly romantic is a sin he will have to carry.

Getting intimate is a big step. He believes your relationship will evaluate with sex, but only after you have built a solid foundation. Otherwise, sex is quite meaningless and it is merely to satisfy raw human desire.

5. Exchange Intelligent Ideas

A Scorpio man enjoys these intellectual exchanges. With a fast brain like his, he cannot tolerate an arrogant, mediocre date. He needs someone that is well-read about world affairs and trivia. You do not have to be a Yale professor to keep him satisfied. But you should be curious about the world and open-minded enough to accept new ideas.

6. Do not Push His Personal Boundaries

At the beginning of your relationship, he will draw a few clear personal boundaries. It does not mean that he is not fond of you. He wants to reserve the inner-most part of himself until your relationship is stable and he sees you as a life partner.

He will still open up to you about a lot of things. At the same time, he wants you to respect him when he decides to keep some things to himself. Do not push his limits by forcing him to reveal any secret. Let time do the job for you.

7. Maintain a Suitable Distance

As annoying as it sounds, a Scorpio man often prides himself on being mysterious. He enjoys leaving a part of himself under the shade. Being completely figured out is not on his menu.

This is just the way he is wired. To counter this, you should maintain a suitable distance and make yourself a little secretive as well. You do not have to share your whereabouts or what you are up to 24/7. Even if you do, it is unlikely that it will be reciprocated. So, instead of letting your effort go down the drain, learn to be the mysterious one to get him on the hook.

He will want to be around you once he sees you are hard to figure out. Knowing his sign, you can use it to your advantage. He enjoys being the only mysterious one and encountering someone like him will make him want to be with you more.

How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He is in Love?

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1. Honesty is Guaranteed

When it comes to love, he is incredibly loyal and trusted. Once your relationship is established, he will do anything to gain your trust. Lying to his partner is not in his genes. You can expect total honesty from him.

You are always his priority. He will never choose others above you. Even when his friends share secrets with him, he will relay that to you. There is no secret between you two. The moment you reach this point is the moment you know he is in love.

2. He Can Get Emotionally Intense

A Scorpio man invests everything he has into his relationship. It is not an exaggeration to say that your account for the majority of his life. He can put his relationship over anything, including family and career. Therefore, his feelings get intense sometimes.

Handling conflicts is a lifelong lesson for him. He is often not as composed during arguments as you would have hoped. Unfortunately, he is not the calmest in dealing with unpleasant things. You need to handle this gently. His overly emotional side is also a sign that he is madly in love.

3. He Shows You His Vulnerable Side

Due to fear of losing you, he will ask you hypothetical questions. These questions are about how much you love him and believe in the relationship. They are worried about the relationship failing.

He is not trying to test you or bother you. He needs that extra reassurance that this relationship is going well. There is nothing more horrifying than getting dumped without a prior warning. That is an utter nightmare for him.

These questions will sound extremely silly to you. Answering them will feel like counseling a scared child. That is what he does sometimes. Showing you his vulnerable side means complete trust.

4. He Talks About the Future

His honest personality means he does not make fake promises. Some people will tell you a Scorpio man is the stingiest with promises. It is not that he is unable to commit, but he is unwilling to give false hope.

When you receive a promise from him, rest assured that he will keep it. Breaking a promise reflects poorly on him. He will not allow it to happen. If you manage to secure a promise from someone as prudent as a Scorpio, you are onto something real. He is ready to offer you a whole lot more.

How to Nurture a Relationship With a Scorpio Man?

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1. Be the Composed Person in an Argument

Since you cannot count on your man to be the logical one, you need to take up the mediator role. Two emotional people in a heated argument never lead to anything constructive. It will only damage your relationship.

Be composed. Your mannerisms affect deeply how he tackles problems and conflicts. You want to show him that relationship troubles can only be solved with a calm tone. Do not be afraid of him. He never wants to hurt you. His intense love can cloud his judgment, making him unable to think straight.

2. Be Honest With Him

His honesty should always be reciprocated and answered. You cannot expect total honesty from him while hiding things behind his back. He will retract his genuine attitude if he feels it is not mutual. What loathes him the most is lying about the issues you have with him.

No relationship is perfect all the time and he knows it. What he wants from you is to be able to tell him when something is not right. Give him time to reflect and change. Whatever happens, honesty is important in your relationship with him.

3. Reassure Your Love for Him

Underneath his tough surface, a Scorpio man is very sensitive. He tends to think the worst of things. Losing you is a thought he cannot bear. Sometimes, his insecurity leads him to do idiotic things.

Reassure him with loving gestures and romantic texts. It means the world to him. He will never get tired of hearing “I love you” every day. It is the sweetest thing you can do for him.

4. Getting Physical is not the Solution to Everything

For some couples, sex is the best therapy. It reduces your stress level and reconnects you with your partner. But that is not the case with your Scorpio man. He does not like using sex to fix problems. He firmly believes in the sanctity of being intimate. Sex should be on the table when there is love, not war. He will much prefer to solve your differences through a dozen of talks and discussions.

5. Commits to Some Long-Term Plans

If you feel that he is your long-term partner, make it clear. Make some future plans about buying a house or envision your retirement life together. Commitment does not put him off. In fact, he craves it. Commitment shows him your willingness to be loyal and stay with him.

Your words help him decide how to push the relationship forward. Since he is too shy to make the first step, if you do not commit, you will unlikely to have a serious relationship anytime soon. These plans do not have to be concrete. They only have to show that you are prepared to possibly get married one day.

6. Make the Effort to Get Along With His Friends

A Scorpio man is so loyal that he is willing to cut ties with his family and friends if you tell him to, although it will put him in misery. You mean so much to him that you should nurture his other relationships to balance things.

Make the effort to meet his family frequently. Hang out with his friends so he can build strong friendships too. It lays off the intense feeling you may feel about his love. He should have other aspects in life to care for as well. While he may be too in love to do that for himself, you should help him for a win-win situation.

Is a Scorpio Man Loyal?

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A Scorpio man is as loyal as you are to him. He is the most loyal person you will ever meet if he thinks the loyalty is mutual. However, you do not want to get on the wrong side of him. He can turn into a vengeful soul once his loyalty is destroyed.

When you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man, there is no room for uncertain flirtatious behavior. You should strictly avoid soliciting unnecessarily. He will treat you exactly how you treat him. He is the most protective person when he is in love. While he does not restrict your freedom to socialize with friends and party, he would expect you to exercise judgment to not overdo it and playfully flirt with others.

If you want a partner that plays by the book, he is the one. He follows the rules and keeps you in the loop with everything he does. He never toys with the idea of cheating or acting inappropriately around others. You are the only person on his mind. Everything he does is to keep the relationship strong.

That being said, if he ever finds you breaking his trust, it will take him a long time to recover. A Scorpio man is not the best at giving second chances. Usually, strike one means out. He will not hesitate to end the relationship if he believes you have done something inexcusable. Even if he agrees to give you another chance, he will probably put you through tough tests to rebuild the trust.

That is why it is crucial to talk beforehand and set boundaries. You need to know where the limit is. Nothing should be ambiguous here. He values your love. He will give you everything unconditionally if you do the same.

Is a Scorpio Man Husband-Material?

Despite his intense nature, a Scorpio man makes the perfect husband. He is reliable, thoughtful, and family-oriented. In every stage of his life, there is a mission. When he is younger, it is to build his career. But after he gets married, the sole focus will be to run this family.

He adores the vision of raising children together. Taking your kids to the park during sunset is something he dreams about. He is not afraid to commit. Commitments push him to do better. He wants to take your hand and grow old together.

When you marry him, you will never have to worry about him abandoning this family. He is the ultimate romanticist with the one he loves. He cherishes you like a princess diamond on his palm.

As his wife, you will meet the most gentle, loving, and nurturing side of him. He will be constantly making marriage goals and milestones to achieve. Marriage unleashes his fun side and prompts him to be the best version of himself.

Best Online Dating Platforms to Find Your Scorpio Man

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Perfect for casual relationships
  • Perfect for discovering new kinks and fetishes
  • Females get to enjoy premium features for free


  • Lots of nudes and sexual photos

If you are adopting the wait-and-see approach in a new relationship, then Ashely Madison is your best friend. Most people have the same mentality and do not want to rush into things. It is ideal for casual relationships. You can date multiple people at once until you have found your true match.

Ashley Madison is also famous for its wild side. Members like discussing kinks and fetishes. These topics are not well-receiving on traditionally dating apps. This place is a safe space for people to openly discuss their biggest turn-on.

Besides, all female members can access the premium features for free. You do not have to pay a dime to unlock these wonderful matching features. The whole app aims to protect females. So, you are placed in a harmonious environment where your needs are above all.

Ashley Madison will not disappoint but you will need to get used to seeing nudes, which is a major downside for some users. The app hardly censors photos and some profile pictures can be vividly unpleasant.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

adult friend finder logo


  • 20 years of proven track record in connecting couples
  • Great for long-term relationships
  • Members are diverse


  • New profiles get limited visibility

New platforms will never have the same member base. When signing up for the supposed rising star, you should be prepared to wait months before you find an ideal match. This is not the case with Adult FriendFinder. Having first set foot in the matchmaking industry 20 years ago, the industry giant now has about 90 million registered members. You cannot compare it with any other site out there.

The friendly vibe is perfect for both casual and long-term relationships. Members are not irresponsible bang buddies that will never call you back. Everyone makes their expectations loud and clear in their profiles so there will not be a mismatch.

On top of that, its members come from a wide range of places, both geographically and ethnically. The diversity is great. It fosters a healthy online dating environment for members to interact. The whole site feels professional and clean.

Adult FriendFinder is certainly a prime choice, but only if you are ready to invest your time in it. Its algorithms reward loyal users. If you are new to the platform, your profile is less visible on searches. You will need to gain your place by interacting with others and actively using the site. It proves you are a genuine member that others favor.

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3. Bang Locals

Bang Locals Logo


  • Search results are ranked by geographical distance
  • Members are in their early 20s to mid-50s
  • Excellent customer service


  • Quite a few fake profiles

Want a date without leaving home? Bang Locals systematically presents all your search results based on geographical distance. Regardless of your search filters, all the profiles are ranked based on how far they are from you. You can easily match with someone just down the block.

Most of the members of Bang Locals are in their early 20s to mid-50s, which covers the largest portion of the online dating scene. You will be able to find a suitable match in no time. Its excellent customer service also offers the personal touch you need. Whether you have been harassed by a member or something else is awry, the team will get it sorted promptly. It creates a positive environment for members.

However, the fake profile issue is quite severe here. Perhaps the site needs to update its security protocol because too many bots are slipping through. These fake profiles are generic with similar photos, names, and descriptions. Users will have to exercise their judgment to report these scammers.

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Love with a Scorpio man is intense. You have to sail through strong waves to gain his trust and build a healthy relationship. But once you are there, the love you have is indestructible and he is the perfect man to be your baby daddy.

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