Dating a Greek

Dating a Greek Person: What It’s Really Like?

by John Santana

On the edge of Europe, there is the beautiful land of Greece. Blessed by nature, the country has thousands of miles of stunning coastlines. But beaches are not the only eye-captivating attraction in this Mediterranean country, the people are.

Greeks have this mesmerizing socializing skill that makes you fall for them. They are humorous, charming, and good-looking. Those curly dark-brown eyelashes are inviting. Before you dive into your Greek hunt, there are a few things you should know about to keep your success rate high.

Why Should You Date a Greek?

Dating a Greek has loads of benefits you will not get elsewhere. The experience is unmatched. Each Greek is unique in their own way. The one thing they have in common is their romantic soul. They are always ready to love. Here are the best reasons you should date a Greek.

1. Summer Vacation In Greece

Highlighting this perk is essential because who wouldn’t want to spend every summer in paradise? Greeks have strong sentiments toward their beautiful home country. Each year, international Greeks will flock home during summer to experience the country at its best. Being their partner means you get to holiday in paradise too.

They are generous about showing off their country. You don’t have to wait for an invitation as they are probably already planning it. There are lots of hidden gems that they want you to see. You get to see the raw and local side of Greece uncontaminated by tourists.

2. They Are Chill About Most Things

Greeks are not detail-minded people. They rarely get fixated on small things. If you want to cut the date short or are late to the party, they will usually give you a wink and smile. These small things do not trigger them as they are all about living life to the fullest.

3. They Know How To Party

Life is not about being uptight. It is always party o’clock in town. Get your party hat on and follow your Greek babe as they take you to the coolest underground rave. They have a radar for awesome parties.

Their workday suit stays in the office as soon as the clock strikes. They are not as tame as they appear to be. Once the professional outfit is off, you will see the wild side of them. Dating a Greek is magnificent as you will never have a boring weekend again. They know every event in town and they never say no to a good party.

4. Their Heart Is Made Of Romantic Phrases

Actions speak louder than words unless you are dating a Greek. Their entire brain is made up of romantic phrases. From the day you meet them, you will be reminded of how loved you are. There will not be a day when they forget to appreciate your existence.

Having you by their side is the biggest blessing. Rather than delving into the things you can improve on, they focus on admiring the way you are. Staring at you all day is enough for them. You are truly the daily dose of vitamins for your Greek lover.

5. There Is An Adventure Every Day

Boredom freaks out your Greek lover the most. They are actively looking for new things to do every day to break the routine. Life is short and they are here to live it to the maximum. They will ring you up every evening asking if you are ready for a spontaneous weekend trip to the national park.

With them, every ordinary experience is extraordinary. They can have fun playing in the creek or camping in the woods. Nothing scares them except a static life. If you want someone that will knock on your door at 2 am to go on a road trip, you are dating the right person now.

How To Leave A Killer First Impression With Your Greek Lover?

Man And Woman Dancing

1. Show Off Your Dance Moves

In this tropical country, dancing is a passionate way to express yourself. Every Greek person can dance till dawn without a break. Naturally, when they select a date, they are visually attracted to the lively faces with some grooving dance moves.

Practice your moves now so your hot babe can take you to the nightclub by the sea. Let them see what you are made of and how you can dance better than them. It is fine to make the dance a little dirty as well. That’s how your fella likes it.

2. Know A Thing Or Two About The Greek Culture

As much as Greece is the top tourist destination in the world, most people’s knowledge of the country stops at the bewitching coastlines. If you want to leave an impression, don’t show up on your first date waiting to be told about the Greek culture. Researching a few things beforehand and showing them off leaves a killer first impression.

Meeting someone that knows deeper about their country makes them feel proud. It is time to talk about the traditional Greek festivals other than the same beach resorts.

3. Cook Them A Meal

Another well-known fact about Greece is the delicious food. Whether it is street food or fine dining that you are going for, you will leave home with a full stomach. Quality chefs are not only in restaurants but in every Greek household as well. Greek kids grow up watching their family members cook for them. Hence, they have years of experience learning.

Beating them at a cooking session is the cutest way to get them turned on. People that love to cook are patient, scrupulous, and caring. These are the qualities they want in a long-term relationship.

4. Show Off Any Unusual Skill You Have

Greeks take pride in unique personal features. Whatever stunt you can do, remember to do it in front of them. They believe every human is special. Therefore, knowing your strength is impressive as people spend their entire life searching for the element that makes them different.

It doesn’t have to be a groundbreaking skill. Perhaps you can whistle an entire Billie Ellish song or hold your breath under water for two minutes. These funny little skills are entertaining yet memorable that they will leave a lovely impression.

How To Make a Greek Fall In Love With You?

Celebrating Traditional Events In The Family

1. Be Understanding If There Are Still lingering Traditional Values In The Family

It is no secret that traditional Greeks think it is degrading to date non-Greeks. The older generation tends to think the precious Greek blood should only stay in the community. Of course, your lover does not share these beliefs; otherwise you would not be dating. However, it is good to be mentally prepared that their family still holds onto those values.

If that is the case, you should respectfully listen to their family members even if you disagree with them. Acting out and making your lover choose between you and their family is hurtful. They may label you as eccentric because family is everything in their book.

On the other hand, if you could delightfully handle the situation knowing that your partner is on your side, they will be stunned by how gracious you are. Greeks seek a calm partner in life that can give them a lifting hand even when their family is giving an embarrassing statement.

2. Don’t Demand Them To Do Things

Greeks the same mystic creatures they wrote in their books. They are not the best at following orders. If you take a step back and let them handle it, they will surprise you with outstanding results. But if you insist on pushing them, they will be reluctant to do anything.

Trust your sweetheart that they are on top of things. Avoid checking them up all the time to ask about the progress. Being monitored is a horrible feeling that will deter their efficiency. They only function well in a stress-free environment. Ideally, when you have some demands, you can construct your sentences clearly and relay the thought once. After that, let them figure it out on their own.

3. Share Your Feelings

From the sheer amount of influential Greek poets and philosophers, you can tell that this Mediterranean country brews people with excellent minds. Your partner tells you how much they love you each day. In return, they expect you to open up as well.

Sharing your feelings is bilateral. They don’t want to be the only ones to keep rambling on about their thoughts where you just sit and listen. Opening up to them is important, especially if you have some traumatic experiences as they are desperate to be the ones to heal you.

The feeling of knowing you best on earth is unbeatable. On the contrary, if you shut down about your feelings, it can cause frustration for your partner.

4. Do Household Chores Together

Having one person to cover all the household chores is unfair. Greeks romanticize everything that they find beauty in doing household chores together. Instead of splitting the job by weekends, they want to pick one day every two weeks to do all the tasks on the to-do list.

Two pairs of hands are more efficient than one. Besides, having your lover hold you from behind as you do the dishes is adorable. Put on some music and dance to the rhythm as you complete the otherwise ordinary tasks.

5. Put Down All The Important Dates

Important dates do not only include your anniversary and their birthday but also their parents’ birthdays, cousin’s engagement party, niece’s graduation day, etc. Being a family guy, they have the responsibility to attend every family event. If you want to gain approval from their thriving Greek tribe, you have to be mindful of your schedule.

Always show up with a small gift. It doesn’t have to be exquisite, but it should show you have put some thought into it. Greek families are not into big gestures, but they do appreciate the kindness of your attendance.

Will Your Greek Partner Want To Get Married?

Woman in Wedding Dress Holding Flower With Man in Black Blazer

Most definitely. Families are the core pillars of Greek culture. It is heavily embedded in their world that growing a family is the most heavenly thing a human can do. Building a family with their significant other is romantic.

Since they are serious about marriage, they will not hesitate to take their sweet time to discover how compatible you are. Oftentimes, Greeks are unwilling to commit until they feel you are the one. It is typical for them to keep things casual at first. But that doesn’t mean they will screw around and sleep with others. It only means your relationship process will not jump as fast.

Once you have entered a stable phase, they will start planning ahead for a possible future. That’s when you will hear a lot of “what if” questions. They want to see where you see yourself in a few years and how it compares to their vision. Most importantly, they want to see how you will feel about repeatedly going to Greece several times a year.

It is crucial to set the expectations straight. There is no need to stress about telling your date about how far ahead you are looking to settle. Knowing how chill they are, a compromise is easy to reach as long as there is full honesty.

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By now, you should have your eyes wide open and a big smile as you think about all the perks of dating a Greek. Their hot appearance instantly gives you the butterfly in the stomach. After getting to know this sexy doll, you learn that they are the most loyal breed out there. Don’t let your Greek love slip through. Go through these tips again so you know how to behave on your next date.

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