How to Get Closer to Your Crush – 10 Steps to Make it Happen

by John Santana

Crushing on someone may begin to feel irresistible. Fantasizing them, wanting to see them and the urge to tell them how you feel about them may feel inevitable eventually. But getting closer to your crush isn’t as simple as it may seem in your thoughts. It’s no bread-and-butter.

So how do you get closer to your crush without appearing too eager? What is the secret behind making it happen? Well, calm down. We’ve got your back!

Besides putting on your favorite outfit and looking (ALL SET TO GET WOOED), there are many other things that your crush might secretly require to be yours. Yes. Getting closer to someone and grabbing all the attention might feel like a daunting task until you discover the right aim to target and the right way to walk.

Come, let us take you through a few top-notch steps to help you get closer to your crush and have them drooling. Let’s make this happen now!


How to get closer to your crush?

If you’ve been spending nights and days thinking about how you can get closer to your crush or make it happen, look no further!

Now get yourself a nice bowl of popcorn and relax on your couch as we bring to you some incredible ways to steal your crush and get them going!

1. Don’t give up on the confidence

Confidence is the key to an attractive personality. There is no point dressing up fashionably if that doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

The more confident you are, the more likely it gets for you to attract their attention. But make sure to avoid dressing over the top or being over-confident as this may spoil the broth quite easily.

Even the way you show up, tells them everything. If you’ve been stammering all this time when your crush tries to speak to you, hold on! You’re doing it the wrong way. Never allow your crush to feel the nervousness you go through while they are around.

2. Stay true to who you are

Did you know that 90% of men find natural women more attractive?

Often, people assume that pretending or going out of their way to woo their crush works. This is a myth. It is very important to stay true to who you are no matter who you want to woo. If your crush is really worth the time and effort, they will like and accept you just as you are. Don’t try to fake, wear something that doesn’t feel comfortable or do things that don’t define you. It’s always easier for people to get attracted to women with an uncomplex personality. This will help your crush to get closer to you without the extra effort.

3. Say NO to clinginess

This is definitely the most obvious thing you’ve got to keep in mind. Often, in the haste of getting closer to your crush, you might tend to get a little too clingy. This is a strict NO.

Clinginess is very unattractive to people. It makes you look needy and desperate in their eyes and we are sure you don’t want that to happen.

Always keep in mind to maintain a balance in the closeness. Remember, that good things take time. Of course, you can text them and speak to them normally but remember to avoid overdoing anything.

4. Send the signals

We know this sounds super exciting and you can’t wait to do this. But hold on before you faint at this.

Sending minor signals don’t just add fun to the entire story but also helps you to test your crush and see whether he is just as into you. Even if he is not, sending signals could make him fall for you. You never know!

Making intense eye contacts or healthy flirting can do wonders in some instances. Remember to take each step wisely before you send them signals.  Let it be worth the wait.

5. Show your bright side

While trying to woo someone or get closer to them, it is always important to show them your bright side. This step will compel your crush to come to you on their own and take the initiative to communicate.

If you have a crush on a co-worker, working whole-heartedly in the office can act as a very intelligent way to grab their attention. As people applaud you and appreciate you for your good work and excellent skills, it may become difficult for them to keep their eyes off you.

6. Look for the commonality

Do you see any common attributes between you and your crush? If yes, you’ve already found the right buttons to push.

80% of people find it easier to attract their crush with a point of commonality. Whether it is playing the guitar or watching a football game, make sure your crush is made aware of the common interest between you both. Believe me, when I say, it can be a kick-start to your dream of getting along with your crush.

7. Block over-thinking

Overthinking is detrimental to all kinds of relationship especially this type. You and your crush are yet to get close. But if you don’t control your power of overthinking or over-analyzing, you could go the wrong way instantly.

Always remember to keep minimal expectations. This will enable you to reduce over-analyzing situations and spoiling the broth. Also, it is important to remember that relations and friendships don’t build overnight. Give your crush enough space and time to get close to you. If it is meant to happen, it will happen just at the right time. Don’t worry.

8. Avail yourself for help

Helping is not only a means of getting closer to someone but also showing an act of kindness. Such gestures may guide them to get closer to you and count on you for any assistance. As a result, it will you give an excuse to be closer to your one-and-only. This will also enable you to create a strong reputation for yourself in their eyes.

Amidst all of this, remember to help them moderately and not overdo it. Being too available may give them the liberty to derive advantage from you thereby leaving you broken-hearted.

9. Be friends of their friends

Another powerful way of getting closer to your crush is to be friends with their friends. Having the same friend group will make it inevitable to get closer to each other. Mutual friends may even help you in learning more about your crush or get closer to them in no time.

Remember to be kind to their friends and keep your attitude in moderation. This will enable them to like you, eventually giving way for you in their group and calling you over for parties and hangouts. Such hangouts may give you and your crush some more time to know each other properly.

10. Ace your rounds

There is no means by which your crush will not get closer to you if you remember to aim the target with all your might (most importantly if you have followed the given 9 steps carefully!). Don’t leave any room for errors. Give them space to think about you and avoid constant nudging. Indulge in smart conversations with them as they come forward to talk to you. And most importantly, split the bill if you, hang out with them.

These gestures might appear to be no big deal, but they sure have massive roles to play in bringing your crush closer to you without seeming too desperate.

All the best!

These were some of the easiest ways to get closer to your crush without going the extra mile. We told you, it won’t be a daunting task!

If you remember to maintain a balance in everything, keep up with the patience and wait for the right time, there is no means by which you and your crush won’t become closer quickly.

So, the next time you see your crush around, you know exactly what you’ve got to do!

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