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How to Respond to “Hey” or “Hi” On Tinder Like a Pro?

by John Santana

You are sitting at home swiping away on the apps. Suddenly, you get a ‘hey .’It’s pretty annoying. A simple ‘hey’ could entail so much. You are left wondering if this is just the other person’s standard approach to all the matches or if they are trying to throw the ball back in your court and see how you’ll react.

Either way, dealing with ‘hey’ on Tinder has been the exercise of the decade for many passionate users. There doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong solution. But there are definitely ways to make it interesting.

If you have been left confused with all the innocent greetings, here is the full guide to how you should respond to it.

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How to respond to ‘hey’ on Tinder?

1. Hey

Why give it more thought than you should? If you find a ‘hey’ frustrating, return the frustration by throwing it back at them. Not only does it push them to reveal their agenda, but it also saves you from the uncertainty of having to randomly come up with a topic under this pressure.

Keep an open mind that the other person meant well when they sent you that text. Do not hold it against them and start responding in a salty way. Let the conversation flow and see why they sent you a ‘hey .’Perhaps it’s just an innocuous move that they didn’t think would annoy anyone.

2. What’s up. Did you have a wonderful day?

Instead of another cold reply, try to warm things up with an enthusiastic question about their day. This is a typical conversation opener. Usually, it doesn’t garner much feedback. But since this time, they initiated the chat, small chitchats like this will suffice.

You need to get into their mindset and see what their game is. Sometimes, the best way to do this is through a generic response.

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3. Wow, that’s the most interesting Tinder opener I’ve seen.

Well, they should have seen it coming when they decide to throw in a dull line. A heartless conversation opener warrants a sarcastic reply. Let them know this doesn’t fly well with you and you prefer someone that is able to produce a sentence containing more than five words.

4. Do you consider yourself fun-loving or introverted?

It’s important to set the tone straight. No matter how much they want to leave it up to you to adjust the mood, you need to do so according to their personality. Otherwise, this will not work out. The chat should be mutually enjoyable.

If they are waiting for you to find something to talk about, ask them how they would rate themselves so you can understand them better. If they have a dark sense of humor, blast out your most inappropriate jokes. If they are certified nerds, talk about the coolest random fun fact you know.

5. Howdy, mate!

This is a little deeper than a ‘hey’ but not invested enough to produce anything fruitful. This is the reply you should go for if you don’t want to sound as cold as they are but at the same time to keep your cool.

6. Is this your Favorite Tinder opener?

Are they just feeling lazy today, or is this their standard move? Ask them about it. People approach Tinder differently, and it is perfectly fine to feel a ‘hey’ is the polite way to initiate a chat. Listen to their reasoning and see if it floats your boat.

7. A powerful Tinder opener is always the simplest. You have just captured my attention.

In a place where everyone is spamming others with naughty jokes and unoriginal references, a plain old-fashioned greeting can make the person stand out from the crowd. Applaud them for their brave try to get your attention. They have succeeded.

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8. I’m just curious. How many people actually reply to this positively?

You don’t always have to find new topics to talk about. Let’s discuss this conversation opener. Is it just you, or is the success rate on this expectedly low? Be prepared to get your mind blown because, as it turns out, a ‘hey’ is probably a popular line on Tinder.

This creates room for discussion and allows you to go from there. After this, ask them what some funny or memorable openers they have seen on the online dating app are. Learn a few things from them and see how the Tinder game works.

9. Are you going to be as shy on our first date?

Let’s hope they are not going to pull the same silent tactic on you when you are physically hanging out. This reply gives a sense of sarcasm while mocking their way to give no thought at all in initiating the conversation.

You probably don’t want to go on a date with someone that doesn’t know how to construct a sentence or is too shy to speak more than ten words

10. If I tell you a joke right now, will you laugh just once?

Their response to everything better not be all single words. It’d be pretty annoying and disappointing. Sometimes, a simple introduction on Tinder suggests that their personality is indeed rather straightforward. They don’t articulate sentences much in real life either.

The more you talk to them, the more you realize they truly meant no harm when they sent you the ‘hey’ because that’s how they behave in general.

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11. I have been trying to come up with a better reply than ‘hey .’Any thoughts?


Be a little cheeky and let them know that you do not appreciate the ‘hey’ but hey, if they can change, that’d be lovely and you’d still be keen to get a pumping chat going.

Give them the benefit of doubt. Perhaps they sent that ‘hey’ because they ran out of good ideas, or their brain just malfunctioned for a second. Whatever the reason is, give them a chance by not roasting them upfront but also getting the message across that they could’ve done better.

12. What’s your favorite after-work activity?

If they aren’t going to expand the conversation, then you will have to do it yourself. Asking someone what their favorite activity is can open the conversation easily. It is not personal enough that they will feel uncomfortable, yet, it is insightful enough that you will get a pretty good understanding of their personality and habits.

How a person spends their leisure time says a lot about them. It can reveal what they believe is crucial to life. If they tend to go home and read a book, that means they are an introvert and would not enjoy social gatherings much. On the contrary, if they are very keen on meeting friends up and grabbing a few drinks, they are social animals and thrive on being around people.

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What does a ‘hey’ mean?

In the online dating world, everything is a game. You have to twist the rules to stand out and win the prize, which is the attention of someone you like. Everything has a formula. You need to calculate your exact move to capture a stunning first impression. Without that, you will not even have the opportunity to let your real self shine through.

To dissect this game, you first need to understand the intentions behind each first sentence. The conversation opener is your one chance to quickly congeal some friction. You should want it to be as kickass as possible. But then, when the notification pops and it shows a ‘hey’ from a new match, things get muddy.

A ‘hey’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s just your match spamming every profile to fish for a reaction. It could mean that they are still trying to figure out the dynamics with you and they don’t want to set the tone for the conversation.

If you start the conversion with a deep philosophical remark, your tone is set for the rest of the chat. Likewise, if you start it off with a joke, you just have to make the conversation funny. That is a huge reason why people tend to avoid molding the chat too soon. A ‘hey’ leads to more possibilities depending on your response.

Besides, a ‘hey’ is as far as it goes for some introverts. Being in the online dating field is tough. People are scared of rejection or getting ignored. To better protect their self-esteem and stop struggling to come up with the perfect first line for everyone, people opt for the simple ‘hey’ option.

All in all, getting a ‘hey’ is not the worst thing in the world. Indeed, it could mean the other person is lazy. But more often, it means the person is interested but couldn’t come up with an efficient way to win you over.

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Getting a ‘hey’ on Tinder may not be the best thing ever, but it also shows how some people are innocent and shy in a cute way. Whenever you get a single-word text, drop these responses so you’d come across as smart and witty while secretly being sarcastic to this conversation opener.

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