Dating a Cam Girl: Pros, Cons & Essential Tips

by John Santana

The cam girl industry has thousands of hot online personalities. Being able to date one is like dating a Hollywood celeb. It’s a mesmerizing experience although her profession may weigh in as a problem sometimes.

Dating a cam girl has its pros and cons. Find out if you are suitable to date one and where to find the hottest cam girls in town!

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Dating a Cam girl: Pros

1. She knows how to be sexy

No one truly wants to be with someone dull. Having a flattering body is not as important as knowing how to utilize one. A cam girl spends her time studying all the seductive moves to attract the men in front of the screen. She knows what is a turn-on.

When you go on a date, she takes you to the bedroom with revealing lingerie and high heels. A mysterious pink light shines on the bed. The whole setup makes it impossible to say no to her.

2. She is financially independent

Although it depends on how famous she is as a cam girl, most average at least $2,000 a month, with the top ones going as high as $20,000 a month. The potentials in this industry are growing. She has her own income. You do not have to worry about the financials as if you are dating a broke college girl.

Men who dated cam girls have expressed on forums that the girls loved their jobs. Compared to dating girls with unstable work or unemployed, this is a refreshing change. It feels so good to be with someone who can afford a weekend trip without constantly complaining about the price if you are not in that stage of your life.

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3. She puts up a good image in front of people

It’s not about being fake, but about efforts. A lot of girls do not even try to impress their boyfriends’ families and friends, whereas a cam girl knows how to get people to like them. She will show up to gatherings looking all glamorous. She uses her charm and wits to win over the hearts of those you care about.

A cam girl is a natural talker. She knows how to dictate a conversation to show her best side. You do not have to worry about her not getting along with your friends.

4. She has a strong will and mind

Admittedly, you can’t work as a cam girl if you are not strong enough emotionally. With the online negativity raining down on her sometimes, she has mastered the skills to deal with unpleasant comments.

Her calm attitude in a bad situation will surprise you. She can logically point out the issue and what is the best solution. Unlike all the whiny chicks you have dated, the mature side of a cam girl is comforting.

Dating a Cam Girl: Cons

1. Men are drooling over her

Can you stand the idea that men are jerking off to her every night and making strange requests? That’s her job. All those unknown faces behind the screen from around the world are admiring the way she flaunts her body. The seductive moves are there to please other men.

That’s not something everyone can accept. In the beginning, you may feel fine but after a while, it takes a mental toll on you to know that your girl is not just doing those dances for you. The sexy moves and sounds are virtually for everyone who pays. Using herself for money is a difficult concept for every lover to digest.

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2. She may want to hide you from the public

If she has a successful online presence, she is likely to hide you from her audience. Her income is solely based on people’s fantasy towards her. Having a boyfriend shatters that dream. She will refuse to hold hands with you in public or do anything too intimate. The fear of being recognized in public is too great.

It will feel like she doesn’t want to admit she has a boyfriend, which is true. Announcing you to the world will cost her a lot financially. Being the man behind her success can often make you feel worse.

3. It’s hard to come up with a long-term plan

Over 80% of cam girls got into the industry without having a long-term plan. It’s fast money for them. They want to earn as much money as they can while their youth lasts. A deep conversation with her would reveal that she doesn’t have a backup plan.

Life after this chapter is unknown to her. It’s obvious that she can’t be a cam girl forever. The industry is so competitive. In a few years, she will be replaced by someone newer and younger. If she doesn’t have a plan to transition, it’s unlikely you can work things out with her in the long run.

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Where to Meet a Cam Girl?

Adult FriendFinder


  • Fast and stable connection
  • Tag and categorize your friend’s list
  • A balanced gender ratio


  • Confusing messaging features

As one of the most praised online dating sites, Adult FriendFinder generates loads of positive reviews on forums. Users adore its simple interface and fast connection. It minimizes the caches needed, thus pushing for a faster speed even on a slow computer.

On the site, members have a friend’s list of matches. You can have well over 1000 friends if you are popular. Adult FriendFinder makes it easier to manage your friends by introducing the tag feature so you can tag them by location and your level of interest. They will not know your tags for them.

The gender ratio is also split evenly, creating fair competition among men and women. The last thing you need is to be that 1 in 100 men fighting for those 2 girls. It’s just brutal.

However, the messaging feature is often confusing on the platform. It provides texting, audio, and video calls all under the same button. It’s so easy to click the wrong one and dial someone when you just want to text.

Bang Locals


  • Geographical searches
  • Simple profile setup
  • Users are very wild


  • Hookup only

Too tired to spend your day talking to girls who don’t understand you? If you are seeking just a night of raw sex, Bang Locals is here for you. Designed to be fast in every aspect, the registration process takes under 10 minutes. Yet, you yield a lot in those few minutes.

You can choose a profile template without multiple options to enrich your profiles. Tell members what you love and your favorite movie. Its search engine also purposefully presents members by geographical distance. You get shown profiles that are closest to you. Hooking up with girls takes minutes only.

Expect the girls to be very wild and ready to take you on a crazy trip. It’s a fun ride but a short ride. Girls don’t want a committed relationship. That’s not why they signed up on Bang Locals. You will not find true love there but good memories.

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  • Sexy photos for hooking up
  • Diverse community
  • Great for kinks and fetish


  • Lots of ads

Not every site is fetish-friendly. Advertising your foot fetish will get you banned on most sites, except on It’s friendly towards all sexual preferences. Tell members a cam girl’s pink panty turns you on. No one will laugh at you but to work together to hook you up with the cam girl of your dream.

Its diverse community makes it the heavenly space for cam girls to look for love without judgment. You will see lots of sexy photos. Physical attraction is important. You will know instantly if that’s someone you are excited about.

Although the matching experience is smooth, the scrolling part is not. There are lots of ads on the site. You can’t finish two profiles without an ad popping up, blocking your view. It gives off a spammy vibe.

Ashley Madison


  • No topic is too taboo
  • Lots of cam girls
  • More female users than males


  • Fake profiles

Ashley Madison is a place where nothing is too taboo to discuss. You can talk about everything. From a cock ring to sexual fetishes, there are like-minded people ready to jump on the conversation. It makes you feel accepted.

This site is also where a lot of cam girls hang out because of its chill vibe. Your best chance of dancing with a cam girl in real life lies on Ashley Madison. There are more female users than males so you are guaranteed to match with someone in no time.

Despite being heaven for men, there are quite a few fake profiles on Ashley Madison. Likely people created multiple profiles to increase their chance to get matched. Still, the site should take more serious measures against it.

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Dating Tips for Dating a Cam Girl

Don’t date her if you think her profession is going to be a problem. Never ask someone to quit her job for you. The cam girl life can be daunting for a guy. Baring the thought of other men jerking off to your girl is harsh. But if you decide to date her, that’s just something you have to find peace with.

Don’t interrupt her work as well. A lot of men can’t help to control their curiosity and often jump into a session with their girl. Most cam girls prefer to keep their work and private life separate and thus are not keen on the idea of being monitored. Give her privacy. Trust her to do her job.

Give her support and confidence. When she is doubting herself because of online harassment or hateful comments, be there for her. Don’t instill the idea that she is supposed to accept everything. Makes her feel she is strong. You should be growing together instead of putting each other down.

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Final Thoughts

A cam girl is unpredictable in a fun way. She gives you the butterflies in the stomach and makes you crave her every day. To get the best cam girls, sign up on the most genuine dating platforms today.

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