Eharmony vs Match Dating Apps

eHarmony vs Match: A Side-by-Side Comparison for Online Daters

by John Santana

If you are choosing between eharmony and Match, it is safe to assume that you are looking for a serious relationship. Both eharmony and Match are for serious daters only. Their in-depth compatibility test combined with their “love isn’t dead” approach has united thousands of happy couples.

There are lots of similarities between the two apps but that’s not what we will be looking at.

In this article, we will walk you through all the differences between eharmony and Match so you can make the judgment of the most suitable app for you.

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eharmony Vs. Match At a Glance

eharmony Advantages:

  • Comprehensive personality test for more accurate search results
  • Lots of mature and professional elites
  • User-friendly interface

eharmony Disadvantages:

  • Expensive
  • Fewer distinct matching features
  • Lack of advanced search filters

Match Advantages:

  • Plenty of advanced search filters
  • More affordable
  • Members are evenly spread across all ages
  • Extra security protocol to ensure users’ safety

Match Disadvantages:

  • The compatibility test is less comprehensive
  • Users have to wait for 24 hours until the registration is manually approved

Editor’s choice: Match is the more reliable one out of the two. It has all the essential features to find a serious partner and a fail-safe advanced search system if the personality test cannot do you justice. eharmony lacks advanced search features and solely relies on its system to generate matches.

Its deficiencies reflect in the poor quality results at times when the compatibility test is inadequate. Most importantly, the lower price tag on Match is tempting. eharmony seems to be out of the ordinary daters’ budget.

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eharmony And Match Overview

Created in the early 2000s, eharmony was originally intended to be a speed dating platform for Christians. That’s why it has a firm reputation for finding marriages. Over the years, it has transformed to be a dating service for everyone. Its famous compatibility test is well-loved by its community. Lots of dating apps after eharmony have introduced similar bits.

Match has been around for slightly longer than eharmony. Ever since it started running the online matchmaking service, it has welcomed all people, including members of the LGBT+ community, to be a part of the thriving platform.

What’s The Difference Between eharmony And Match?


The unique matching style you get from eharmony and Match boils down to their innovative compatibility test. When you sign up for these apps, you are required to fill out a personality test so the system can analyze your character. The profiles you get are based on your score.

On eharmony, the questionnaire is much more comprehensive. It contains five parts. Your preferences on body type, personality, and relationship goals are dissected. It will take around 20 to 30 minutes to complete the test.

Once you complete the test, the system automatically puts you in a group with those scoring similar points From here, you will get matches from the same pool to ensure a high compatibility and success rate.

The compatibility test on Match is less detailed. It takes roughly five minutes to complete. The mini-version contains general questions about your preferences, values, and interests. Instead of presenting results that align with your virtues, the test acts more like a shield to fend off profiles that are an absolute no-go.

For example, if you indicate your disgust for party animals, the system will filter out those profiles in the search results. Thus, it increases the possibility of finding a match.

Another major difference is that Match approves profiles manually. It takes up to 24 hours for your application to be approved. Until then, you can only have a look at the app without committing to the matchmaking part yet. On eharmony, approval is instant. You can start matching as soon as you finish the questionnaire.

Verdict: eharmony is the winner in this category. Its personality test is more thorough compared to the general questionnaire on Match. For those that are serious about dating, spending 20 minutes to finish a pre-matching test is worth it. It guarantees better matches and you do not have to waste time filtering out unfit profiles later.

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Search And Match

According to its official website, eharmony is responsible for millions of marriages in the US whereas Match has seen half a million. Without a doubt, both apps are powerful enough to substantiate these claims. It gives users confidence in their matching systems.

eharmony relies solely on the compatibility level to find dates. Technically, it wants to ban users from venturing out on their own because it has so much faith in its compatibility system. There are only a few basic filters you can apply. The app wants users to trust its intuitive matching process without having you do the work.

All your specific requirements will not be fulfilled. From eharmony’s statistics, users should trust its compatibility test. But for those that go uneasy without any advanced search filters, eharmony is very limiting.

On the other hand, Match has an advanced search section for members to put in further filters if the current compatibility results are not satisfactory. Once you apply the filters, you can almost guarantee to find the perfect matches. You can change Your preferences anytime or even redo the compatibility test if you believe the previous one cannot accurately reflect your needs.

Verdict: Match wins this round. This smart app does not let its AI take over in dominating the matching results. Users can review their preferences anytime and set appropriate parameters themselves. On eharmony, users must put their blind faith in the system. You cannot interfere with the results. So, you will have a hard time if the compatibility test fails you.

Profile Quality

The chance of encountering fake profiles is low on both apps. Since Match takes the time to verify your submission, fake profiles barely have a chance to survive. eharmony also makes it its mission to remove scammers once a report is received and reviewed.

Users on eharmony lean toward the mature age group with over a quarter of users over the age of 40. There are fewer users in their early 20s. The app attracts mostly working professionals with strong academic backgrounds. This appeals to members seeking to settle down with an established elite.

For Match, while the demographic spreads more evenly across all age groups, it still attracts elites with big wallets mostly. Users are evenly split among different sectors. Both apps are premium in attracting successful people with solid career prospects and reputations in society.

Mature audiences may find eharmony more age-appropriate as the conversations feel more mature. Match is a younger platform with enthusiastic elites aspiring to be successful in their fields to connect with other reputable members in the same circle.

Verdict: This sector is a tie for the two. Both apps have done their part in keeping fake profiles out of the community by introducing various measures. The composition of members varies slightly on eharmony and Match. Still, you will find exactly what you are seeking if you chose the app accordingly. Whichever app works better is entirely up to your perimeters.

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Both apps are well-designed and easy to navigate for all users. There are elements that appeal to both the younger and older demographics. It is a tie for layout and navigation as both apps have done an outstanding job.

Since eharmony heavily screens through its database for matches, there is a chance that you will not find any suitable matches if the compatibility test is not accurate. In light of that, eharmony has come with the “What If” feature.

If you are not happy with the suggestions on eharmony, you can get an extra 30 matches that do not fall into your type. The system learns of your preferences and rectifies the suggestions if those 30 accounts better suit your taste. This is a brilliant step to bridge any possible gap the AI has missed.

Match has a similar feature that delivers extra profiles for you. The version on Match is more detailed with a long list of other possible types you might be into. It does not limit the number of accounts on the list. You can browse through as many as you want to see if these types match you better.

The best feature on Match that we appreciate the most is the emergency check-in. When you register, you can set up three emergency contacts. These people do not have to be Match members. When you go on dates and your contacts suspect something may be up, they can contact Match for help.

It is easier for Match to collect correct information if the request is coming from a registered contact. This safety measure protects users and saves time for the platform to verify the emergency request.

In case you have troubles with the app, both eharmony and Match offer excellent customer service. Although both agencies have a 24/7 customer service team on standby, the response rate is between 24 to 36 hours due to the large volume of requests each day. Typically, Match has a better response rate with a team expert following your case until you are satisfied.

Verdict: Match has more eye-opening features for users, especially the emergency contact list. Your safety is their top priority. Users feel valued as their inquiries are answered promptly by an efficient customer service team. In comparison, features on eharmony are less impressive.


In terms of pricing, both eharmony and Match require a subscription to gain full access to their services. Their basic free features will not be enough if you are serious about finding a partner.

The free features are merely for you to test the water. For example, there are restrictions on the number of matches per day and how many messages you can send. You have to upgrade your membership plan to unlock the premium features.

Pricing-wise, eharmony’s pricing scheme is more rigid. It averages over $20 a month, regardless of the plan you choose. For starters, its one-month premium plan costs $36. The longer the membership plan, the cheaper it gets. Still, it is on the pricier side of the scale.

Match’s premium plan starts at roughly the same price point at $35 per month. The price drops by more than half if you choose a one-year plan, which averages $16 per month. If you are a long-term user that is committed to finding the right one, you could save a lot of money with Match.

Verdict: Match has an unquestionable advantage as it is much more affordable with more features on the table. That said, committing to these dating apps long-term is quite the catch. On one hand, you are looking to ditch the app quickly in hopes of meeting the one.

On the other hand, its cheaper pricing model is tempting you to sign up for a one-year membership. Users should carefully evaluate their needs and decide what is a suitable length for the membership duration.


Locking eyes with your soulmate is not mission impossible, you just need to know where to look. After breaking down the pros and cons of eharmony and Match, members would yield a better return with Match. It has a long history of being a top matchmaker with lots to give.

If your options are still open, take a look at other quality dating platforms as well. You should not put all your eggs in one basket. Dive into other premium sites that we like such as Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals to write your signature love story!

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