Dating a Younger Guy

Dating a Younger Guy: A Helpful Guide For Women

by John Santana

Love comes in all forms and sizes. Sometimes, you love someone much younger than you. Society beholds the myth that a relationship is doomed when a woman dates a younger man. The stereotypes you have heard are concerning.

Give a chance to the attractive young guy eager to take you on a date. There are qualities in young men that no other lover can compare.

Is It Good To Date a Younger Guy?

Being with a younger guy entails a lot of things. They are bright and energetic, which will work you out but leave you wanting more. It feels like they are reviving your lost soul and injecting you with life. At the same time, they can also be reckless and immature as they probably have not experienced life as you have.

Dating a younger guy feels relaxing. They are not in a rush to settle down. Hence, you won’t be pressured to choose between them and your career. Also, they are usually fun-loving party animals that know how to bring joy to the room. Whenever they are around, they steal the spotlight. They are the ideal candidates to show off to your boring friends.

At times, their decisions may not seem the most thoughtful. But, they are also teaching you to live young. It’s easy to forget what you live for after working in society for so long. Their young hearts are not yet contaminated by the cynical world. It feels pure to hang out with them.

In essence, there is nothing wrong with dating a younger guy. They bring so much new energy into your life. If you can deal with the age gap and the occasional mentality differences, it is a great idea to date a younger guy.

How Much Of An Age Gap Is OK?

The general consensus agrees that the acceptable age gap increases as you age. For example, when you are in your mid-20s to early 30s, a 5-year age gap would be the maximum. Anything more than that hints at trouble. Your life stages are very different.

Being 30 is the turning point from being careless to taking responsibility. Your differences are likely to be too big if one person is still in college while the other is already being promoted to the management level.

However, once you reach 50, the age gap doesn’t seem to matter as much. The acceptable range extends to 20 years or more. Once you hit a certain age, your life becomes relatively stable. You have experienced enough in life to be considerate and mature in handling relationship issues. Hence, you can offer a sense of security to your partner.

It is not the actual age that breaks couples apart but the mentality that more or less comes with the age. Younger people and older people have different priorities in life. If they don’t coincide, it will be difficult to compromise.

Use your age difference as a weapon to make your relationships strong. Your strengths perfectly complement each other. Their young mind can bring refreshing perspectives, while your mature approach can handle problems better.

As long as your mentality matches, age is really just a number. There is no rule to stick to. You don’t have to shut someone out because he exceeds the typical “age range.” If it feels right, you can only give it a try.

How Do You Deal With Dating a Younger Guy?

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1. Think About Yourself When You Were Younger

His actions can seem childish and irresponsible at times. But bear this in mind, no one can be a wise old man without being an impulsive young guy first. It is a life stage everyone goes through. You have already passed the stage but your partner is still figuring it out.

When you get upset over his behaviors, think about how you were at his age. If you would have done the same, you should have let him live his life accordingly. People don’t stay the same forever. Time will change him eventually.

2. Don’t Discipline Him

The last thing you want him to feel is being inferior. You don’t want him to feel any less simply because he is younger. Disciplining him like a mother is repulsive. It will drive him away. Discuss things rationally like adults. You can lead the discussions when appropriate.

Couples with a huge age gap can lead to an imbalance in dynamics. The older one acts like the protective mother and destroys any initiatives taken by the younger partner. Your boyfriend won’t be able to thrive when his thoughts are constantly restricted.

3. Complement His Strengths

Validate his strengths so he feels empowered. He should not see you as the perfect role model to live up to. While he can appreciate the good things about you, he should discover his life goals on his own.

Your younger boyfriend may feel the need to be exactly like you. At his age, he lacks motivation and is potentially feeling lost in life. You need to encourage his independent thinking without pushing him to live life your way. Shaping someone into someone else creates a toxic relationship.

4. Be Selective About Listening To Your Friends’ Suggestions

Our society is still not lenient about a woman dating a younger man. Be wary of the so-called advice your friends give you. Nine of 10 times they will throw negative comments about your curious boy.

Friends are the best support system but they are humans and can be wrong too. You should not seek their advice like a bible. Be selective with whom you share information. If you know a friend is strictly against your boyfriend due to his age, you might not want to reveal too much as they will only drag you down.

5. Focus On The Present

Unfortunately, your desperation to build a future together will not be answered. His priorities are to enjoy life and try out new things. Discussing a future with him will only result in disappointment.

He is not able to comprehend the concept of starting a family yet. His answers will not live up to your expectations. Rather than destroying your relationship over a hypothetical question, you might as well enjoy the present.

6. Let Him Treat You Like a Little Girl

Age is not a factor in stopping him from loving you like a child. Don’t see him as a kid as you will then feel awkward when he starts treating you like a little girl. Let him bathe you in love. He loves stroking your hair and cuddling you.

You don’t have to push away his affection and act maturely. It is OK to release your inner child and go crazy with him. There is no image to maintain in a relationship. You should feel safe enough to expose yourself and be vulnerable.

7. Stand Your Ground If His Circle Rejects You

His family and friends may not be so supportive that he is dating an older woman. They can make nasty comments about your intentions. This is when you need to step up and prove them wrong. Don’t run away and hide your presence.

Face the demon by showing them your good qualities. Show up at his family gatherings to change their impressions. Gradually, they will see how compatible you are. Unaddressed family issues will only lead to more trouble in the future. So, dealing with it early on relieves you from a world of pain.

How Do You Know If a Younger Guy Likes You?


Young men are direct and timid. He is all the emotions packed in one. It is easy to tell if a younger guy likes you. He won’t be able to hide his affection from you. There are text exchanges throughout the day as he wants to share details.

He might not be as sleek about asking you out but he will definitely hint at it. His flirting skills are probably also not very on point but you will feel how hard he is trying. Masking his interest in you is not his strong suit. From time to time, he will say directly how hot you are or how much he wishes to be with you.

Despite the direct front, he is also shy in action. Possibly dreading not being a good kisser or lover, he may wait for you to make a move. There is no lack of obvious flirtatious moves though. He will arouse your interest but wait for you to admit the chemistry. If he wants to see you all the time, he wants you.

Where Can You Find a Young Guy To Date?

  • Adult FriendFinder – This exciting dating site is filled with young men looking for fun
  • Ashley Madison – A dating site that focuses on staying discrete means no one will need to judge you for finding your sexy younger man


It’s time to break the stereotypes about women dating younger men. Your young lover has so much to give. He is a gentle boy with a pure heart. In fact, if you are purposefully looking for younger guys to date, you should give Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison a try. They are here for cougars to find their special men.

John Santana

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