Dating a Police Officer: Pros, Cons, Relationship Problems & Expert Advice

by John Santana

The irresistible charm of someone in uniform. When you lay eyes on a police officer, you almost want to ask them to arrest you. It’s such a sexy game.

Dating a police officer is an exciting journey. There are plenty of things you need to know before embarking on such a roller coaster ride. Read on to find out if you are ready yet!

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Dating a Police Officer: Pros

1. It’s a sexy occupation

There is nothing hotter than having a cop boyfriend. Seeing them in her uniform is a major turn-on. People often fantasize about dating a police officer or bring role play in sex. It’s understandable. Police officer means they represent justice that fulfills people’s inner hero complex.

You feel protected and safe. You can walk down the streets holding their hand knowing that you have got the most attractive date in town.

2. They can protect you

Let’s face it. Everyone gets the privilege of dating cops sometimes. Any minor offense can be swept away easily with her in the police force. People on forums have shared stories of how their police officer lovers had got them out of trouble in the past.

Unless you commit a major crime or have a checkered past, usually you will get away with small little things. It’s probably unfair but it’s the perks you get for dating an officer.

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3. Great future

If you start considering a long-term possibility with them, you would plan for a future together. Being a police officer gives them all the perks as a government employee. They get an awesome pension, stable work, and a great prospect of being promoted.

The police force is undeniably one of the most chill government departments that pay well. In most smaller towns or cities, the biggest crime you get is an old lady complaining about the kid next door blasting his guitar. Your lover will be free most of the time.

4. Easier for loans and mortgage

Again, if you are thinking about a future, it shouldn’t just fall on you to have a clean record. You come together as a couple. Banks look into your background to decide on a mortgage. Working as an officer will grant you that loan much easier.

Besides the loans and mortgage, their title as a government employee opens a lot of doors for you as a couple. Companies tend to give better credibility to officers.

5. They are strong and independent

You don’t want a police wife so clingy that they only want to be with you 24/7, or that they cannot live their life without you. A decent space of independence is healthy in any relationship. A male cop would have undergone a series of tough training and exams before they get their badge.

Their life experiences will make them strong and independent. They are unlikely to be the needy, whiny person seeking attention all the time. You will have peace of mind. Or even, sometimes, you will have to ask for their time. They are the coolest and toughest lover you have ever laid eyes on.

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Dating a Police Officer: Cons

1. Their life is constantly in danger

No matter how chill their precinct is, this is always a risk for being a police officer. Danger may be lurking right around the corner. You don’t know what is waiting for them every day when they step foot in there.

The world is no stranger to officers dying at work. All those heartbreaking stories make you worry about their safety. It’s a constant struggle. You are proud of what they are doing, but you don’t want to think about the danger they might face.

Every time a strange number rings your phone, you get a little nervous that it’s their colleagues calling to tell you some bad news.

That’s a downside of being with a male cop, especially if you are serious about it.

2. Police officers are not that well-respected anymore

The world has started to hate police officers following several global movements. The police force has a terrible image in public opinion. It’s not nice for them to go to work and get spat on by haters. And it’s not the happiest for you to introduce them to your friends just to get a disgusted look.

People have lost their respect for police officers because of all the scandals circling around. Although many of those rumors are not verified, the public tends to believe in any conspiracy theories that undermine the police force. There is no trust anymore.

Getting your family and friends to approve of your relationship can be harder than you’d think. It’s between you and them after all, but the mental stamina it will take on you to choose between them and the world will eat you up.

3. The police force is corrupted

The structure of the police station is not shining with a gold star on papers. The hierarchy is clear. Staff members know it takes connections rather than performance to get promoted. Unfortunately, everything in the police force is not as heroic as it should be.

The police force is highly corrupted. If you want a bright future, or even remotely get to where you want to be, you have to either know people or be willing to bribe them, whatever it takes. In smaller departments, there is no internal investigation department. So most of the complaints are handled by the people you work with. They may feel powerless to break the cycle and end up playing along with the game.

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4. Female officers are discriminated against

The justice world is a male-dominated field. From police officers, prosecutors, to sheriffs and judges, most cops of them are men. It is a known fact that those in this industry are not particularly respectful to their female colleagues.

Sexual harassment is commonplace in the police force. The worst is, most victims choose to stay silent out of fear that it will impact their promotion. If you are dating a female officer, when she goes to work in the morning, you have to bear the thought that she might get harassed by her own colleagues and there’s nothing you can do. You will feel angry about the situation but there’s also not much you can change about it.

5. They may have huge emotional needs

They have to deal with a lot of traumatic experiences. Being the first on the scene of a double homicide, comforting a girl raped by her uncle, informing a mother her son just died from a drug overdose…These things can be well beyond what a human can take.

It takes a mental toll on them. Eventually, it becomes stressful for you as well. They can be moody in one minute and depressed in another. There’s no explanation for how their mind works. You might have to take them to therapy.

You should give all the love and support you can, but all within your capability. Never take care of someone because of guilt only. Their emotional trauma has posed an obstacle in sustaining a fully functional relationship.

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Where to Meet a Police Officer

Ashley Madison

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  • Fast matching
  • Profiles are well-displayed


  • Some photos seem too revealing

You will be surprised by the number of officers going on this number one adultery site. Although Ashley Madison was first introduced as the site for discreet affairs, it surely has evolved to be a lot more today.

The site has members from all walks of life. Police officers love going on Ashley Madison because they can keep it a low profile. They don’t want an ex-con or someone they have come into contact with at work to find them online. It poses a great danger for them.

Ashley Madison allows users to pick an alias after verifying their real identity. It protects those who wish to be anonymous. Its fast matching system will also filter through profiles in no time. Its smart search engine brings to you candidates that match your requirements instantly without repetition.

If you don’t like this person, the system will not present their profile again in the next search until you have run out of matches. Its profile display grid is well-organized and easy to digest all the information before you make a quick decision.

However, some photos tend to be too revealing. The site needs to better monitor what photos are allowed to be uploaded to safeguard the integrity of the site.

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Adult FriendFinder

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  • Members are active
  • Multiple messaging features
  • Fast connection


  • For hookup only

An active member base is essential in bringing up your chance of getting hitched. Adult FriendFinder wins the crown for having an engaged community. Usually, a site with a large user pool like this would see a lot of idle profiles. Here, the features are attractive enough that users are loyal about staying.

You are not limited to just one messaging feature. You can text, do voice calls, video calls, and even comment under someone’s post and thread. It’s the all-in-one dating site you didn’t know you needed. Its fast connection speed is very satisfying when you can see profiles being pulled up in no time.

The only disappointing thing is that Adult FriendFinder doesn’t promote stable relationships. It connects you with those who want to hook up only.

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Bang Locals

bang locals



  • Cool interface
  • Few ads
  • Can check out members in different places


  • The server is down sometimes

Another great platform to try is Bang Locals, where you will enjoy a smooth matching experience with a lovely interface. The site map is user-friendly, even for the least tech-savvy person. Combined with minimal ads, the site is clean and a great start for those trying out dating a cop sites for the first time.

You can search for members locally in your area or another town. The search area can be extended anywhere. It allows those who travel frequently to match with a date prior to their trips. It’s safe and easy to navigate.

Despite an excellent setup, Bang Locals experiences some crashes from time to time. It doesn’t happen a lot but enough to raise attention. The site gets back to normal after a few minutes so it doesn’t bring down your overall satisfaction too much, though it’s something to avoid for a site promising an unforgettable time.

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  • Members are diverse
  • Detailed profile description
  • Fast signup process


  • The gender ratio is not even

From newbie cop partner to retiring sheriff, you will find all sorts of kickass matches on Its diverse user backgrounds make it one of the most popular dating sites these days. It doesn’t limit a user’s profile description so you can pour your heart out to write the world a poem. It’s much more lenient on what you can place on a profile.

The signup process was fast and simple. You just need to answer some questions that help the system find your matches and you are good to go. The only drawback is that the gender ratio is not even. Nearly 60% of users are men. With high competition, your chance of getting girls may take extra time and effort.

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Tips in dating a police officer

Never ask them to choose between you or their job because they probably won’t choose you. It’s not about how much they love you. Most police officers have a sense of responsibility to society.

They feel they are needed. If you can’t accept the risk they take, then you can leave before it breaks your heart. Be prepared to lay low in public. Of all the criminals they sent to jail, some are bound to be vengeful.

It puts you and her in danger as you might both be targeted. Understand why they are nervous about posting you on social media or refusing to be overly intimate in public. You never know who’s watching on the streets.

Final Thoughts

Dating a police officer is hot. While it’s not always rainbows and cakes, you can guarantee it to be special. Sign up on these cop dating sites today to get matched with the bravest officer in town.

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