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OutPersonal Review: Is The Dating Platform Legit?

by John Santana

OutPersonals is considered one of the best online dating websites for members of the LGBTQI+ community. Members will have access to plenty of features to help them find the perfect match. They won’t be limited by location because the dating site is available in countries worldwide.

Register and get the new profile approved. When the profile is completed and approved, members will find what they need from internet dating. When members first sign up, they can start with the free and standard membership. But at a later stage, they can sign up for a premium membership.

The online dating site has thousands of members. There are roughly 5000 to 7000 logins per day. There are 1.3 million members using OutPersonals. If you read our review of OutPersonals, you could be one of the millions of members.

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What is OutPersonals?

OutPersonals is an online platform for gay singles looking to meet other gay singles. There are more than 375 000 members. The people who’ve signed up to use OutPersonals are looking for a hookup or something casual.

OutPersonals creates a community for gay singles or those in open relationships. This community helps members mingle with other members of the gay community who are looking for the same thing as they are.

The online platform also takes away the geographical limitations of meeting other gay men worldwide. With OutPersonals, gay men from all walks of life can meet and develop different types of relationships.

OutPersonal.s provide plenty of different tools to help members narrow down their search and find what they are looking for in a boyfriend or just a casual encounter. These search tools also come in handy with the detailed profiles that members need to create.

The platform is more than 20 years old, and the site was launched in 1996. Since then, OutPersonals has made a name for itself and gathered a significant membership base.

There are more than a million members from the UK, Canada, the USA, and many other countries. People worldwide can join the platform for free or become premium members.

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New members will often find other members looking for out-night-stands, easy hookups, serious relationships, or casual dating. Bisexual and gay men from all over the globe can use this OutPersonals to meet other men.

However, OutPersonals works more like a social media platform than a typical dating site or dating app. Members on the platform can share their interests and thoughts in a blog. The internet dating site might even feature some members in the platform’s magazine.

Pros and Cons of OutPersonals

There are a few pros and cons to using the OutPersonals online dating site and dating app. Below we’ve outlined the pros and cons to help new members decide if they want to join.

Pros of OutPersonals

OutPersonals is one of the best online dating sites to find gay hookups and casual flings.

  • Members can have real-time chats via webcams.
  • Each of the members’ profiles is verified.
  • Plenty of members that homosexual or bisexual, or trans.
  • The platform has unique features so members can communicate with one another.

Cons of OutPersonals

  • A member with the free plan can’t contact other members on the platform.
  • Members need to pay for a silver or gold membership to access advanced features.
  • There might be some technical errors that members will need to deal with.

How does OutPersonals work

OutPersonals is a great site for dating online and dating apps for single gay, trans and bisexual men. The platform works specifically, and members can use filters such as gender, age, or even verified profiles. Members can even look for other interested members that live close to them.

Members can also use the platform’s priority listing option. However, members will need to sign up for the gold membership to use this option. If members focus on meeting other members by drawing their attention, they will quickly meet them.

Users who have the gold membership will be able to create a list of shortlisted members and have a private chat with these selected members. The gold membership also allows users to see who is online and offline. They will also have the option of blocking annoying or unhinged members from sending offensive messages.

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How to sign up for OutPersonals?

Signup form OutPersonals

A new user will need to complete the registration process. The process will only take a few minutes, and registration is free.

The process starts with members needing to select who they are from five options: Man, Gay Couple, Bi Couple, Group, or TS/TV/TG.

In the next step, a new user will need to choose what they are looking for on the dating site. After that, they will need to put in their date of birth and the region where they’re from before moving on to the next section.

In the third section, a new user will need to put in their email address and then create a username and a strong password for their profile. After that, new users will need to write an intro title and a short description of who they are.

When adding their details to their online profile, members should make their profiles as creative as possible to get the attention of other members. They should include their hair color, ethnicity, eye color, and height.

Aside from the necessary information, new members can decide what they want to share about their hobbies, work, interests and what kind of relationship they want to find on OutPersonals.com.

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This section about their interests, hobbies, and occupation will help new members connect with other members who share the same interests and beliefs.

After sharing their interests and beliefs, new members can let other members know what they want through their profile headlines. The headline needs to be punchy, short, and straightforward. A short and catchy headline will help attract other members to their profile.

Once the above steps are complete, new members will get an email verification, which will be essential in the registration process. The very last step will involve adding some photos to their profile.

OutPersonals design and usability

OutPersonals Registration

OutPersonals is an incredible website an easy to use and has a modern design. The design uses black and blue colors and displays an extensive section showing the profiles of verified members, blogs, online magazines, etc. However, members will need to sign up for the gold and silver membership to access advanced features.

– Chat

The dating site has a chat feature that can be used by users who have a free or paid membership. OutPersonals also has an adult chat room that members can join and communicate with online members. They can also choose which members they want to chat with based on where they’re from and their interests.

– Instant Message and Email

The dating site also provides members with an instant message (IM) feature available to all members. But the IM will have different functions depending on the membership plans that the users signed up for.

The members with the Gold Membership have an unlimited amount of messages to other messages on the dating platform. However, members with a standard membership will only be able to send five IMs a day.

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– Wink

If members want to show their interest in other members without starting a conversation, they can send a Wink. However, members with only a standard plan will only be able to receive winks. On the other hand, users with Gold memberships will be able to send winks to other members.

– Photos and Videos

Members with free and paid memberships on the dating site will be able to upload videos and pictures. However, only users with Gold memberships will be able to view hot photos and videos.

Users will be able to have a blank profile with very little information and a catchy photograph to get the attention of other members. To upload photos, users will need to add their username to the photo before uploading them to the dating site.

– Live

There are some live features that members can use on OutPersonals. All users need for this feature is a webcam. Users can create a broadcast that only members with Gold memberships can view.

– Community

There is an OutPersonals community where users with all kinds of memberships can join. They will be able to join other groups, read blogs, create blog posts, and browse the online magazine.

The community is a handy way for members to share their thoughts and communicate with other members. There are plenty of groups where users can interact with other members who share their interests and beliefs.

– Mobile Version

OutPersonals isn’t just available on the desktop. The dating site also has a user-friendly mobile version, has plenty of details, and is precise. The mobile version of OutPersonals will guide new members during each step of the registration process.

OutPersonals mobile version has an impressive loading speed and is easy to navigate. Some buttons are simple to use and find. The dating app uses simple language to make it easy for new users to register. There is even a translation feature for non-English speakers.

With the OutPersonals dating app, users can go through plenty of profiles from other members, flirt and send winks, join group chats, and hotlist a few members. There are advanced features that members can use to find their perfect match online.

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The dating app also has small icons called Bling which members can add to their profiles, blogs, or group posts. With the mobile app, members can access live cam sessions, browse the blog and online magazine, and have video chats with members.

How to create an attractive profile?

Creating an interesting profile on OutPersonals that will get the attention of other members couldn’t be easier. Their online profile will function as an online portrait that will include information about their stature, hair color, eye color, and ethnicity.

New members can also share other information about their interests and hobbies with their profiles. For example, this information could include the kind of relationship you’re looking for on the dating site, what you like to do for fun, your job, and what you like and dislike.

When talking about relationships on OutPersonals, users can also share what they need from relationships. This is an important step. They can attract members who have similar needs and interests.

Members don’t want to attract someone who has the opposite interests to them. For example, someone who enjoys casual outings and is looking for a serious relationship doesn’t want to meet someone who is looking for a fling and enjoys active holidays.

Safety & Security

With OutPersonals the online dating services are private, discreet, and safe for members. Its users can rest assured that their chats and content will be protected. The dating internet site has a first-class security team that monitors all its member’s activities. The team monitors all the flirts sent and received, the hotlists, who checked profiles, photos, and videos.

OutPersonals will warn its members against publishing any personal information when users want to create blog posts. Members are also encouraged to report any offensive gestures and comments to the site’s Abuse Team.

Members can also read OutPersonal’s privacy policy after registering for the dating site. They can also rest assured that their details and data will be deleted when members delete their accounts.

How members can protect themselves

OutPersonals provides its members with several ways for members to protect themselves while dating online. The dating site will only show members with verified profiles. Members can also block and report other users that have been misbehaving.

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Can You Block Other Users?

If you are a member that suspects another member of being a scammer or who is harassing them, members can block them. To block them, users will need to find the “my account” button and click on the “Blocked Member List.”

With the Blocked Member List, users can go to the “add a member to the blocked list” and add the user’s username who needs to be blocked. After that, they can click on “Add” to block this member.

Information Banned From Outpersonals

The OutPersonals dating site won’t allow members to share or do the following information:

  • Use language that’s not supported by the dating site.
  • Information on banned topics
  • Repetitive information
  • Personal or sensitive information
  • A description that doesn’t meet the minimum word count.

Are members dating At Outpersonals?

With OutPersonals, the safety, and security of its members come first. The profiles of members need to be verified. Any accounts that don’t meet the safety requirements will be banned from the gay dating site.

OutPersonals Privacy Policy

The platform has a Privacy Policy that explains the steps OutPersonal took to ensure that its member’s personal information is protected and safe.

Are OutPersonals user communications encrypted?

OutPersonal encrypts all the chats between members on the platform. This encryption is used to protect members’ chats from hackers. This means that members can’t communicate without worrying about intercepting their messages.

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OutPersonals Costs and Prices for Different Membership Types

Like other dating sites and dating apps, OutPersonals allows new members to register for free and have a free membership. There are paid memberships that will give users access to more advanced features.

For example, with the OutPersonals free membership, users can view and get matches with other members. However, users will need to sign up for a paid membership to communicate with other members.

Even though it’s free to register and there is a free plan that members can use, a paid membership will give access to handy advanced features such as a video profile from a  platinum membership.

Disclose the Main Features of Paid vs. Free Access

A new member will choose between free and paid memberships when registering. Members with a free plan will give members access to a restricted search feature. OutPersonals will shorten the information on other members’ profiles.

With the free plan, members won’t be able to send messages or winks to other members they’ve matched. New members will need to use a paid membership to send or react to any messages.

How can members pay for a subscription?

The first thing to remember is that OutPersonals has a first and repeating payment feature. Members will need to confirm duty with each charge that’s repeated. This feature might show the repeating charges month to month without needing extra approval.

This might change when members change their membership plan or want to change their payment method.

Available payment methods

If a member signs up for a silver membership, there is a monthly fee of $19.96. The dating site can reduce the monthly cost if a member decides to pay ahead of time. The silver membership will allow members to see the complete profile of other members and use a more advanced search filter to find matches on the site.

With the gold membership, the monthly cost is $29.96. If a member decides to pay for three months of membership ahead of time, the monthly fee might be reduced to $12.95. For members who choose to pay for a year in advance, there’s a chance that the monthly membership cost could be reduced to $6.95.

The General Audience on This Site

OutPersonals has a reputation for curating a community of open-minded members. The dating site is open to members of different sexual orientations, including transexual, bi-sexual, and gay.

The dating site has thousands of members looking to meet like-minded individuals. This vast community makes OutPersonals one of the best dating sites for gay men. There will be other users who might use OutPersonals as a sugar daddy site or to find members who want only a hookup.

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What Is the Age Distribution?

Outpersonals only allows people who are 18 and older. The platform is strictly for adults only, and any new members who decide to join will need to verify that they’re older than 18.

OutPersonals Profile

OutPersonals customer support

The online dating platform has an excellent support system for its members. If there are any issues, members can find the solutions on the support and help page. This page completely covers all the problems in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

OutPersonals FAQ

1. Is OutPersonals safe?

Yes, OutPersonals has worked to ensure the safety of you and other users.

2. Is OutPersonals a real dating site?

Yes, OutPersonals is a real dating site. In fact, OutPersonals is one of the best online dating platforms.

3. How to use OutPersonals?

New members need first to create a free account, and later, they can upgrade their membership to get access to premium features. With a paid membership, they will be able to communicate with other members with messages and emails.

4. Is OutPersonals free?

New members can sign up for a free membership, but there a gold and silver membership will give them access to advanced and premium features.

5. Does OutPersonals really work?

Yes, OutPersonals does work. The dating internet site has been around for more than 20 years and has thousands of members.

6. What Languages Does Outpersonals Support?

OutPersonals is available in Chinese, Dutch, English, Italian, and Portuguese.

7. Is the Outpersonals website available across the world?

Members from all over the world can use Outpersonal. Their platform is available on both mobile devices and desktops. Members just need an internet connection.

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Final thoughts on OutPersonals

OutPersonals is one of the best online dating sites for the LGBT and gay community. The dating site provides a safe and relaxed environment for its members. OutPersonals’ thousands of members mean that there is a good chance of individuals finding their perfect match.

The dating site has modern video talk rooms and chat rooms, displays for sexual photos, an online store, and dating web journals. These features make using the dating site and registering easy and fun.

With OutPersonals, new users won’t be bogged down with complicated buttons and a time-consuming registration process. New and old members have fun while connecting with other members who share their interests.

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