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Tenderfling Review: Is The Dating Platform Legit?

by John Santana

TenderFling, unlike its name, is an online dating service to find love instead of a fling. It opens its door to anyone, including the LGBT+ community. Recently, TenderFling has been gaining traction online. Now is a good time to review this service.

TenderFling At a Glance

First impression: 5/10
Signup and searching: 6/10
Messaging: 5/10
Profile quality: 6/10
Features: 4/10
Pricing: 6/10

Overall: 5.3/10

Final verdict: TenderFling is a fine online dating site that tries to accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for hookups or a serious relationship, there is a place for you.

Unfortunately, the rigid system means your profile on TenderFling is not quite transferable. Once you focus on hooking up with others, it will be difficult to find serious daters even if you change your preference in the future.

The system automatically groups members by their initial interest, making it hard for everyone to mingle. The whole site is made up of several communities with no communication among them.

The pricing of TenderFling is not quite affordable since it is on the pricier side. All in all, going on TenderFling can be a fairly okay experience for beginners but don’t bet all your money on it. If you are new to the online dating world, it’s important that you go for the big service providers for your safety as they offer the most comprehensive packages.

Some examples include Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals.

TenderFling In-Depth Review

First Impression

Before going on TenderFling, you should have already heard of the hype it’s causing. People seem to have good reviews about the dating site, praising it for its inclusivity and comprehensiveness. Seeing good reviews certainly boosts users’ confidence in the site.

However, once you are on the landing page, TenderFling seems to be the most underwhelming dating site. If you have been browsing around for an online dating service, you would not be impressed by TenderFling’s layout. It is the most standard type of setting where you get quick signup and how you can meet thousands of people in your area.

There is nothing memorable about the introduction. TenderFling also lacks a proper overview of the site and how things work. New users would be left baffled because they don’t even know what features are included.

The description is vague on the site. You do not get anything informative from TenderFling before you sign up. A matchmaking service should always be clear about its scope of business. Otherwise, it feels like it is tricking users on board.

An app version is also unavailable, which is expected but still undermines TernderFling’s competition in the game. The mobile version also does not adjust well in some margins. Users are mostly stuck with the laptop version, which functions the best.

Knowing that TenderFling has a space for everyone, it is exciting to see what it encompasses. After all, inclusive dating sites are often the safest with the most vibrant style.

First impression: 5/10

Signup And Searching

In order to get the most amount of members in the shortest time, TenderFling does not require anything type of verification. All you need is to create a username to sign up with your email. Then, it is all set.

While the absence of ID verification poses a threat to the community, it is common practice for most of these traditional dating sites. TenderFling does provide the option for users to add on an ID verification.

In terms of searching, the features are easy to manage. You can select any pre-installed filter or add your parameters. Finding members as per requirement is simple. You can also customize your relationship status, send a flirt to multiple users at the same time, and even search by specific tags such as the blood type.

Unfortunately, all searches and results are appearance-based. Even though TenderFling promises a loving environment, it does not support any compatibility search. Thus, your quest for love begins with a hot look rather than a soul connection. It can be a turn-off for those serious about finding a suitable partner.

Signup and searching: 6/10


Girl using mobile Phone

TenderFling offers various messaging channels. From the most traditional email reply to a live chatroom, the options cover all grounds. The good thing is that you can chat with anyone on the site even when they are not a match. It increases your chance of meeting the right person.

Interface-wise, it is a typical chatroom used by the majority of dating sites. The features are neither unique nor high-quality. It gets the job done but there is where it ends. For non-paying members, you can only send five messages per day, which is obscurely low. You will not get a chance to build a connection if you don’t pay for a subscription.

Users cannot pin messages to the top. Therefore, it is challenging to keep track of each conversation with each profile when you get dozens of chats to go through. There is also no archive in the chat for you to categorize conversations in different folders.

Some possible dates may slip through as users cannot manage the volume of messages. It would be a brilliant idea for TenderFling to add a message filter for better organization.

Messaging: 5/10

Profile Quality

Over 70% of members are male, causing an imbalanced structure that impairs the matching results. Inadequate support and promotion is the main reason for the ratio imbalance. A healthy online dating environment should comprise people of various sexual orientations and identities. Having an overwhelming amount of male members tend to discourage the female members from initiating.

The silver lining is that TenderFling excels in age diversity. The age range is evenly spread between 20 to 55. It fosters a harmonious dating experience for people in different life stages. Members get a high chance of meeting dates out of their age range so it is ideal for cougar dating as well as older men finding young girls.

In addition, TenderFling does put an effort into creating a community for all. Although the groups do not mix in together, the LGBT community on the site is thriving on its own. People of different sexual orientations are welcome to express their needs. The site is judgment-free. For a traditional dating site, TenderFling has done an applaudable job in keeping the platform safe.

That being said, TenderFling is also a good place for conservative daters. You will find those that connect with you via religion, beliefs, and interests. It is fine to be conservative in your dating beliefs. Whatever you want, you will likely find it on TenderFling, although it may take some time.

The good mixture of people does bump the platform up a notch. Being an open-minded site is crucial as more people are experimenting with their sexual orientations. The only issue is that people from different groups are separated. So, if you are a member of the LGBT community, you will unlikely encounter someone in another group or make friends with them.

Profile quality: 6/10


There are not many features on TenderFling as it is designed to be a traditional dating site. Users may be misled into thinking there are numerous stunning features from the site’s introduction. The platform provides some standard premium features including unlocking the full profiles, getting ranked on top of search results, viewing hidden images, and more.

These features are common across the industry so TenderFling is not really doing anything exceptional in providing a superb experience. Users may be disappointed with the lack of signature features.

Although there are not many cool features, the existing features run smoothly. Users rarely run into connection problems. TenderFling still manages to maintain a satisfactory performance with its low output.

Features: 4/10


TenderFling charges members $1 per day. The fee is not cheap but it is acceptable in the normal pricing range. With the premium plan, you have access to all the exclusive features for paying members to increase your chance of getting dates.

At this price point, considering what TenderFling can deliver, it is fair. Members can discontinue the subscription anytime. There is no obligation to complete a certain period. The flexibility makes it a good place for people to try out the service. TenderFling does not offer a free trial period so users will have to pay the regular price. Fortunately, you can pay by the day so it would not cost you an arm and a leg to test the service.

Pricing: 6/10


TenderFling is a legit online dating site that caters to everyone looking for casual and serious relationships. The limitations on the site undoubtedly hinder the matching process. There is no harm in trying the site but if you want an excellent matchmaking service, TenderFling is simply not there yet.

For better services, you can try out Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals. These are certified matchmaking service providers proven to be effective in finding love and flings.

John Santana

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