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Heatedaffairs.com Review: Is the Site Legit & Worth Trying?

by John Santana

No matter what other people say or think or tell you, you want to have an affair. You know the risks, you know the consequences, you know the issues at hand.

But you also know the rewards and this is something you want. You want to have an affair and you want one that will be worth your time and give you the emotions and intimacy and feelings that you have been craving.

The problem is: how do you do it? How do you even start to find an affair in this country when there are so many people speaking out against them? How do you find one that is rewarding, fun, and, most of all, safe? This is not something you can post about on social media.

You cannot ask your friends for recommendations. As for the internet, there are just as many risks out there as you could possibly fear. The internet really isn’t a safe place for finding an affair because there is a chance you could get catfished or, worse yet, exposed.

You need a safe avenue to start your extramarital affair. You need a place that you can rely on and one that will truly deliver on its promises. Thankfully, despite the risks out there, the internet is starting to provide some real options when it comes to finding an affair online.

There are now multiple websites that allow you to find the partner of your choice, the person right for you, and for your affair fantasies. In fact, there are so many websites that allow and offer affairs to you that it is becoming harder and harder to select which site is the one you should invest your time, money, and energy in.

Heatedfaffairs.com is just one of many, a site that says it will find the right match for you, someone who shares your desires and your wishes, and someone you can plan an affair with. But does it really deliver? Is it really the platform you want?

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Let’s start with this question: what is Heated Affairs.com? It is a website that promises 200,000 visitors a month and 70,000 new members monthly. Heatedaffairs.com does not care about your gender or sexual orientation. Its main and only goal is to find a partner for you, no matter your location or your desire or plans.

Heatedaffairs.com says it has 48 million subscribers total, that is a lot of people to choose from. With that many possible partners for you, you would think that you have a lot of chances to find a match that is right up your alley.

Although the user base is 70-to-30 male-to-female there are still plenty of chances for you to locate someone who is perfectly suited for you and your wishes for an affair. But is Heatedaffairs.com safe? That is the promise and they go through quite a few steps to make sure that holds true.

There are multiple anti-scam measures in place that make Heatedaffairs.com a legitimately secure and safe way to find your affair partner. One of them is a rather straightforward and easy process of confirming your identity.

This happens by uploading a profile picture along with your signature to assure that you really are the person you say you are. That seems simple, doesn’t it? However, that process is a great way to confirm the reality of someone and make sure that everyone you talk to on the site is truthful and real.

There is another step to keep the site safe and free or any fakers or catfishers. The third-party verification system called ConfirmID is a part of Heatedaffairs.com. By using this system, you can rest assured that anyone you talk to is really who they claim to be.

Now, using the ConfirmID process is optional but if you choose to do so, you get rewarded with 500 points on the site so you have a reason to confirm your identity and keep the site safe for everyone else too.

The Registration Process

Once you have decided to invest in Heatedaffairs.com and create an account, what is the next step? What do you need to do to find your perfect affair partner?

The process is rather easy but still quite comprehensive. It all started with a valid email ID and proof that you are over 18 years old. That is very good news and, again, ensures a safe experience for everyone.

You will need about 10-15 minutes to fill out the different forms needed to make your account. Also, keep in mind that you have the ability to make a couples account. So if you and your partner want to make a joint account to search for a third person to enter your bedroom, you can do that too. That is a feature that most other affairs sites don’t offer and is rather smart and very modern.

Whether you are making a single or joint account, the first step in the process will have you fill out your sexual preferences and orientation. After that, you need to specify your location and age. This is essential because Heatedaffairs.com will help you find a partner in your area, someone you can actually meet in person.

After you have filled out the forms regarding your age and location and preferences, you will then be asked to update your email, username, and password. If you are looking to be truly discreet, it is advised that you use a nickname rather than your real one. Remember to be safe above all other things.

Finally, the fun stuff. Heatedaffairs.com will ask you to fill out a form about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and more. You can even write a short bio for yourself and plainly state what your goals and hopes are. Be honest and be open, that is the best way to find the match for you.

After you have finished this part of the registration process, you will then have the option to fill out a list of personality quizzes related to your lifestyle, temperament, and even your sexual preferences. You will be asked about your body type, your ideal partner, your past sexual encounters, and more. All of these answers are fed into a massive database that will help you find the right person for you.

The registration process for Heatedaffairs.com is easy, comprehensive, and quite informative. It asks some hard-hitting questions that can find you a really ideal partner, and it doesn’t take long. Best of all, it’s proven to be safe. Within just 15 minutes, you will have your registration finished and will have a profile ready to go. That means you will then be able to find your mate as soon as possible. Heatedaffairs.com makes it easy to get started and that gives it a huge advantage over other affair sites.

The Profile

An affair site like Heatedaffairs.com only works if the profiles on it are informative, easy to navigate, and good to look at.

You need a lot of information for a site like Heatedaffairs.com. Without this, things are far too anonymous. But you want the sort of information that counts.

A Heatedaffairs.com profile includes information such as name, location, age, biography, photos, sexual preferences, current marital status, sun sign, and body type. However, it doesn’t end there. You will also have access to personality tests, testimonials, friends, charts, and more.

How about interacting with other people on the site? How is that done? It’s simple, thanks to the site’s features such as sending flirts, adding people to your hotlist, referring a friend, and even sending tips to people. These extra features take Heatedaffairs.com and put it above many of its competitors.

It allows the site to feel more social and more real and also makes it more fun. Having fun is a large part of finding your right affair partner. Without fun, you’re not going to want to do anything. Thankfully, Heatedaffairs.com has made the profile section of their site a prize jewel. That is a good thing because, without that, this site wouldn’t be worth your time at all.

It must be mentioned that you are only allowed access to many of the listed features if you are a paying member. We will get to the pricing structure later but you should know that if you are using the free model of the website, you are restricted to only browsing through standard-size photos. That is obviously a major setback if you are not looking to spend money. But, rest assured, once you pay for the service, you will get a lot of rewards and benefits.


This is where Heatedaffairs.com sets itself apart from other online affair sites. They have gone to great lengths to offer things that other websites don’t and they pitch themselves as more than just a place to find an affair partner for you.

In fact, Heated Affairs more closely resembles any other social media site. It features some of the things that you find at places such as Facebook or Instagram. You can create a network of friends, like photos and list activities, and more. For some, this is too much.

There are those who will come to Heated Affairs simply so they can find a mate for them. They don’t want all the bells and whistles and fun features. They just want a place where they can find a partner. Others will love this stuff, though.

It gives the site a feel of reality and playfulness that can go a long way to make the experience more enjoyable. Plus, the features that Heated Affairs offer are only given to paid customers so many see them as adding more bang for their buck, so to speak. If they are spending the money, they want a lot in return.

Some of the new and interesting paid features that Heated Affairs are things such as access to adult movies, contests, hosted cam shows done by professional models, blogs, a Heated Affairs magazine, and even sex academy classes. That is a lot of stuff you can go through, plenty of ways to spend your time.

But what about contacting people? That’s the most important feature included at Heated Affairs, right? Without the contact feature, this site really can’t fulfill its promise and purpose. Thankfully, contacting someone through the site is a breeze.

For paying members, the most obvious way to talk to others is the direct messaging system. This allows you to connect with someone immediately and leave them a message, send photos, gifts, smileys, and more. Heated Affairs doesn’t stop there, though.

You can also add other users to a hotlist, a list of up to 1,000 other people who you are interested in and want to keep tabs on and perhaps contact later. You can also “flirt” with other users. This is a cute and quick way to get someone’s attention.

If you want an immediate chat, you can instant message another Heated Affairs member. IMing with someone is like texting and can start a long chat that can lead to a connection. Of course, if you want a lot of options, you can use the chat room feature which brings a bunch of users into one virtual location to converse.

That is a great option for someone who hasn’t made a connection yet and is looking to just explore their possibilities. It is quite easy to communicate via Heated Affairs. They have given their users many options. And the other features, such as adult movies and blogs, and contests make the site even more robust and full of options.

Heated Affairs wants to be your one-stop shop for finding an affair partner and they aren’t content to just be a place you send messages on. They want this to be a place you spend a lot of time at and actually treat like another social media site.


Perhaps one of the biggest questions is this: how much does Heated Affairs cost? And is that cost worth your time? You have seen all that the site has to offer and it is a lot, you cannot argue that. But at what cost?

Honestly, Heated Affairs isn’t cheap. You are going to be spending a lot there if you want to use all its features. Even then, you might have to shell out more money to use literally every feature the site has to offer. Gold membership for the website is $39.95 a month. However, if you spend $239.40 for an annual membership, you will save yourself money in the long run.

The gold membership is ideal, of course, and gives you almost everything discussed previously. However, if you are looking to watch any adult movies, get your profile highlighted, or send messages to free members, you will have to spend extra money.

That is right, the gold membership doesn’t grant you access to everything. You need to pay extra for certain features. While some people may scoff at this and see it as a rip-off, Heatedaffairs.com has made sure that only a few features cost extra money and that a typical gold membership gets you most of what you need.

It’s a steep price point and can make a big dent in your pocketbook. Is it worth it? Well, if you are serious about finding a good local affair partner, it is. Because of all its features, you stand a good chance to find a fit perfect for you.

You will learn a lot about other members on Heated Affairs even before you send the first message. Thanks to these great, original features, you can have fun and real conversations with plenty of different people and truly get to know them.

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