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How to Tell if an Older Woman is Interested? – 3 Signs She Really Likes You!

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Older women often have that mysterious vibe. They are unpredictable, mature, and sexy, way more attractive than all the loud young girls fresh out of college you meet. You’d be surprised how common it is for people to fall for cougars and MILFs.

While the attraction is there, it is not always obvious whether your feelings are being reciprocated. Exactly due to their complicated nature, you are left in the dark. Sometimes it feels like they want you, but sometimes they don’t even bat an eye on you.

The struggle is real when it comes to dating older women. However, if you know how to dissect their psychology, you will see many definite signs that they are interested. Know their secrets for the best chance in dating the older woman of your dreams.


4 Signs An Older Woman Is Interested

1. She Wants To Go To Places With You

As a person gets older, the physical lust does not even come to the spiritual connection. She has had all the casual sex in her days and she wants to get to know you. Most older women feel this way.

“Instead of doing the same thing with different men, I’d rather do different things with the same man.”

If you feel your lady is showing signs that she would want to explore with you, she is interested in you romantically. The way they express themselves is different. They don’t jump on you upfront. Things may move along very slowly but you can tell that she wants to spend time with you, not just in bed, but in the real world too.

2. She Pays Attention To What You Say

The biggest sign that anyone is interested. She remembers the little details in your life that may come as a shock to you. From your favorite dish to the song you play every Christmas, she knows you like family. Older women are often much more sensitive and caring because they have experienced life more in-depth. They understand other people’s feelings and have learnt to only pay attention to those they are close with.

Making it on their list is not easy as most of them will not hesitate to cut toxic people out of their life. You are on her mind if she can remember the small things about you.

3. She Gives You Compliments and Touches You Flirtatiously

It is not the regular skin-deep compliments that she will give you. Aside from complimenting your looks and physical attributes, she focuses more on your characteristics. She will be in awe of the books you have read, the mountains you have climbed, and the people that you have inspired. Her compliments feel genuine and make you feel special.

You will also notice that she can’t help but touch you flirtatiously during your conversations. Everything you do or say excites her. She can’t wait to hear more of your stories and the achievements that you have done.

4. She Keeps A Good Distance From Men Her Age

First of all, keeping a healthy distance does not mean she should not have any male friends. In fact, it is very common for older women to have a bunch of male friends around them. The point is how well she draws her boundaries to show that she is committed to you and does not see you as just a fling.

You will notice when you are going out, she tries to cut men out that are trying to flirt with her in pubs and bars. You will never feel you are in competition with someone else. She gives you a sense of safety and security.

Where To Look For The Mature Lady Of Your Dreams?

An unforgettable cougar or MILF only comes once in a while even if you spend every night guarding the local pubs. It’s not easy to find someone that is interested when you search blindly. Fortunately, the internet is a great pool that draws mature ladies to look for like-minded young men as well.

For your best chance of finding an older woman, these top three dating sites are a must-have in your favorites.

1. Bang Locals


  • Connects you with the closest women in your area
  • Very welcoming towards different sexual preferences
  • Few ads


  • Slow site speed

There are not a lot of welcoming dating sites out there for older women and younger men. If you go on any traditional dating sites and ask for older women, you will probably be made fun of. That is why Bang Locals is a very popular site that attracts people with different sexual preferences. You can be matched with anyone you choose as long as you are honest about your type in your profile.

Its best feature is the geographical search where it instantly connects you with the closest woman that fits your profile. You will be sitting at home and get hooked with a girl on the next block.

Signing up on Bang Locals is as simple as getting a takeaway. It doesn’t waste your time by asking you to participate in any useless questionnaires that supposedly help build your profile. Every user creates the profile as he wishes to show the most personality.

If there is one thing Bang Locals can improve on, it will be the site speed. It is understandable that when everyone is online, its site speed drops. But in the case of Bang Locals, occasionally the page takes up to a whole minute to load, which is not preferable. Although the site speed usually returns to normal after a while, it can still be a pain when you are in the heat for a cougar and it is not working well.

2. Adult FriendFinder


  • 90 million users
  • Social media features including posting, adding friends, and creating groups
  • Video group chats


  • A lot of inactive users

For a site with over 90 million users, Adult FriendFinder is surely here to impress. Its large user pool means you will never run out of matches. There is always someone for you. If its magnificently diverse users do not stun you enough, its wide range of social media features will. You can post updates, add friends, create a thread on forums or a group/society for members sharing the same interest to join.

To say Adult FriendFinder is the social media platform for sex is an understatement, it connects and builds a much deeper connection with its community. Members are proud to be on the platform and grateful for the wonderful people they meet. You can share the latest sex toy trends or new tricks to try. Its forums work better than any swiping feature on other online dating sites.

If you do not like spending too much time exploring the possibility with each individual, you will love its video group chats. You can bulk call people in the same group or your friends. Talking to a group of women increases your chance significantly of matching with the older woman you like.

However, since Adult FriendFinder has been around for over 20 years, there are a lot of inactive profiles in the system that have not been filtered out automatically. Users will sometimes stumble upon the profile suggestions of someone who signed up in the early 2000s. This little hiccup does not overshadow all the brilliant sides of Adult FriendFinder but should be something for the site to take care of.

3. Ashley Madison


  • MILF-friendly
  • Plenty of older women
  • Discreet and low-profile


  • Ads

Some people are not very comfortable with the idea of publicly going out with an older woman. Perhaps your family will reject it or you are just not ready to embrace it yourself. Regardless of the reasons, you need to take the first step towards your desire, and that’s why Ashley Madison is your best friend.

This MILF-friendly site is heaven for those who are into older women. Plenty of mature ladies are waiting to be ploughed by young studs better than any husbands they have ever had. Best known for its privacy and security, the site offers a discreet and low-profile matching that allows users to get hitched without anyone knowing. Messages are encrypted and search history is erased after a while. Anything to protect your profile.

You may find quite a lot of ads on the site as Ashley Madison does not block ads from popping up. Most of the ads are well-defined and don’t take you to any suspicious porn sites, it is just rather inconvenient to surf while having to close an ad every time.

Final Thoughts

Dating an older woman is surely an exciting and interesting experience. They are intelligent and not clingy. You can learn so much from them. At the same time, they can be sweet and lovely as a young girl.

If you are into older women, make sure you are well-read about all the tell signs that they are into you. On top of that, if you are fresh out for a hunt, you need to know where to look to find the best mature ladies in town!

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