How to turn Hookup into a relationship? – 9 Advices to Help You

by John Santana

“This feels something more than just a hookup”- if you find this line going on and on inside your brain when you see your HookUp partner, then be sure that you have fallen for the other person.

If you ponder over her thoughts all the time and feel like meeting her again and again, then it is high time that you changed the hookup status in relationship status. But most people would have a hard time doing this because it is not as easy as it seems.

Here are some tips which will make the journey of turning Hookup into a relationship a lot easier.

Hook Up to Relationship Guide


1. The FRIENDSHIP is the key

When you are having something as intimate as a hookup, both of you are already close to each other, and sometimes this may lead to a strong sense of friendship. You start to share everything with that person till the time anyone of you feels like friendship is just an understatement between both of you. If you feel anything more for the other person, and want to be with him or her, then this is always advisable that you are friends with that person first. Starting a friendship is a great way to get into a relationship. Because a time will come when you will feel like both of you cannot stay apart without seeing each other.

2. Time spending

Did you know that the more time you spend with a person, the higher the chances there to fall into a relationship with him or her? The more time you spend you start feeling things like- “ I am here not only to sleep with you but also to cheer you up whenever you need.” When you start doing this, you are already feeling something else for the person, because then you are just finding excuses to see the other person more. If you are ready to fall in a relationship with him or her, then start spending time with that person as much as you can and make even the non-sexy times delightful. Do several fun activities together, and before long you guys would be in a relationship.

3. Something more than one night stands

Do you have a feeling while looking at the other person thinking that “sleeping with her would be hot, but she is not meant to be a one night stand?” if that is exactly what you think then you should start seeing her regularly because meeting someone now and then can prove to be the base pillar for your relationship.

4. Let it come naturally

Trust me, there are some relationships which are absolutely meant to happen and automatically move forward in the right direction. Even if you did meet for a hookup and just one night stand factor, if it is meant to be you would start seeing each other time and again. On your path, it will not take much effort than making every meeting delightful and cheery so that the other person can feel the same- the way you feel for him or her. Most of the people who did let destiny do all the work ended up getting married!

5. Ask about what the other person thinks about you

One of the essential agenda that you need to think about before turning the HookUp into a relationship is that whether or not the other person has feelings for you. Even in your intimate moments, you have to be sneaky and ask him on her about the kind of feelings that they possess for you. Tell him or her that it is ok, to be honest, and speak out the exact thoughts. Once you are sure that he or she thinks of you more than just a hookup you can be ready to take the next move forward.

6. Stop overthinking and over analysing

You might have read about the body language a person has when he or she is in love, and you may try to find the same and your HookUp partner- on failing, you may end up in making wrong assumptions. Instead of psychoanalysing everything that you see and hear from the other person takes a direct approach and talk clearly whether he or she wants to get into a relationship. If the answer to that is yes, then you are in luck!

7. Do not forget to read between the lines

Yes, you should not be over thinking or over analyzing, but you should never let go of attention to detail. As we all know “actions speak louder than words” and therefore be attentive towards how they are acting when they are with you. For example, if your partner is Giving more tension to you at a party and respects you for what you are, then there is a chance that he or she feels strongly for you. Not only that it matters to her what you are doing- so there is a high chance that both of you could get into a relationship.

8. Give time and back off

If you have been getting mixed signals lately and you are absolutely unsure of what she has for you, then it is for the best that you said back and relax a little instead of panicking. For a few days try to abstain from texting him or her are calling every now and then. If the other person really feels for you and wants to be with you then he or she will not be able to stay for long without talking to you. Backing off is really good advice, when it comes to turning HookUp into a relationship.

9. Ensure that it is not just lust

Sometimes it can be a huge blunder to think of sexual attraction is similar to falling in love. Therefore it is important for you to ensure that it is not just lusting that you are running after, and you have emotional feelings for the other person too. Once you’re sure move forward and ask him or her out.

Now that you know about all the ways to turn a Hookup into relationship why not try these above-mentioned steps right away?

John Santana

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