What Does A Casual Relationship Mean To A Guy?

by John Santana

The world we are living in right now is full of options. The options don’t disappoint you when it comes to relationships.

Has a guy asked you for a Causal Relationship?

And you don’t know what it really means taking account of so many words springing here and there in the world of romance right now?

Hook-ups, Dating, Committed Relationships, Friends with Benefits, and what not…

It’s no shock if one gets confused.

Actually, a Casual Relationship is all of them and none of them at the same time.

Its definition differs from person to person.

If you are going to say ‘yes’ for entering into such a relationship before giving it a thorough thought,

It’s time to RECONSIDER!

Have a look at the various scenarios that a guy thinks before asking you to enter into such a relationship and what it means to him

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What does Casual Dating Mean to a Guy?

1. He is just here for the SEX.

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Most of the time when a guy asks you for a causal relationship, it’s the sex that he wants.

It’s just like being his Friend with Benefits with whom you grab dinner or go to the movies sometimes.

It may be heartbreaking to know that a guy you are crazy about shares the liking, but just when it comes to your body and the pleasure it provides.

He doesn’t see you as someone with whom he can spend his life with.

He doesn’t consider you as a person with whom he would want to share his worst secrets and best times. Holding your hand and sharing the things that make him upset is not his thing.

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Instead, he jumps to the bed with you whenever he is upset and ends his frustration by enjoying the aura of your beautiful body.

If you are someone who is too focused on your career or just looking for having great sex with a trusted man and getting away with just that, then Casual Relationships can be for you.

But if you are someone who is looking for one True Love that will last for a long term then you are completely in the wrong alley.

It can happen that you enter into a causal relationship because you wanted to take as it comes with no commitments or emotional drama. But now you’ve fallen in love with the man and hopelessly hoping that he feels the same for you.

Or you may have entered the relationship as the man who approached you was too hot to reject and due to some fairy tale notions, you said yes to him.

You may think that the man who is in a casual relationship will fall in love with you with the course of time – an idea normalized by fantasy rom-com and over popularised movies.

But is it really possible?

The answer to this sadly comes in the negative pane.

Believe it or not, a guy who is in a casual relationship with you is never gonna fall in love with you. And if he does, it’s just because he has no other options and he adjusted with what was left to him. This criterion ensures that you’re never going to receive the respect and love that you deserve.

A man who gets to sleep with you without doing anything to achieve that position and trust will not move a single paper to win over your trust and lovethe fundamentals on which a relationship is based.

Yes, he gets the ultimate gift of sleeping with you whenever you two find it convenient, why will he try to woo you or even do the hard work that requires getting a woman?

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2. To cope up with the responsibilities that come with a relationship is a big NO-NO

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Some men are too fragile to take care of the responsibilities that come with a relationship.

It comes as no shock as many guys find it difficult to take care of themselves, leave the idea of caring about a relationship that requires him to be responsible.

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This reason is also one of the most major causes guys want to have a casual relationship because they don’t have to work and the profit will come at free.

Of course, he likes you to a certain degree for which he approached this relationship.

You may see him going all lovey-dovey​ over you and treating you with so much love that is enough to make you overwhelmed.

But as soon as you leave his hand after a date and say goodbye, he is not going to call you or leave a text to ask how your day went.

You know why? Because he doesn’t care! He doesn’t want to!

Nights where you Netflix and Chill, go on a dinner date, or a theatre to catch a movie will be common. Then what’s the matter with not committing a full-fledged relationship?

The answer is simple. He is running away from the responsibility.

Being in a causal relationship gives the guy the right to not explain to you anything.

He can go days without meeting you or even giving you a call and even though it hurts you, you don’t have any rights to go mad over him and it was pre-decided.

Going to meet his friends? You don’t have to know about it. Having a night out? Who are you to get a notice of it?

Yes, if you are ready to accept the repercussions that come your way with causal relationships then you can go with it.

Sharing the same feelings of not informing anyone where you are going or making it a big deal to share each and everything that happens in a day or hating the jealousy phases can help you with causal relationships.

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3. Dating Multiple Women Simultaneously.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What do you call when a man wants the best of both worlds?

– A Causal Relationship.

He is having fun with you. You are there for him whenever he wants. He also shows up when you want him. You’ve been dating for a while now and now you are in a relationship with him but this relationship is not official.

Like, you appear on his social media just as a friend and even his friends don’t know your name and if they do, they surely know the names of a couple of more girls he is dating.

Casual Relationship to some guys is this – You get to spend a good time with a girl, have good sex, have good physical and emotional compatibility, share some moments together and do the same with the other four girls.

When a man is dating other women alongside being in a causal relationship with you, be sure he doesn’t see you as his partner.

He may be friendly with you and you two share a good laugh now and then. But he isn’t in love with you, and that’s for sure.

It’s his way of having the benefits of a relationship without being committed, while he goes on outside searching for that woman, he can decide to spend his life with.

And when he finds that one woman, it will be over between the two of you. He will just walk out of your life as he never existed.

And that shit will hurt ​like hell.

So, if you are sure that you will not fall in love with the man after spending a good time with him, then go on. If you find traces of emotions getting attached to him when he leaves after dinner, back off.

4. Being asked to get committed is his worst nightmare.

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You guys must be dating for a fair number of months now and after spending a good amount of time with him, you think about what the future holds.

But you will be shocked to know that he is more scared of the Future than meeting a lion in the bedroom.

He may laugh at you when you get scared watching a horror movie, but he will scream in horror when you bring up the topic of commitment.

The sad news is that instead of laughing at his sheer horror, you will only be able to shed tears of pain.

We all have met men as well as women who run away from the idea of committing.

Sometimes, they are afraid to get committed or are “commitment-phobic” and sometimes, it is just their way of living life.

Such people are very confusing.

At one time they will tell you they like you and at the other, they will go on a date with someone else.

Sometimes, they are not even dating anyone else except you but still are not able to commit.

The reasons for this can be many.

Reason 1: Trust issues

Maybe he has had a traumatic experience with his ex-partner that has made him scared from the idea of giving someone more than required importance in their life.

Sometimes some men have troubled childhoods and they can’t go on properly with their lives as they fail to trust anyone.


In the first case, having a heart to heart talk with him can solve everything. Ask him what went wrong and what are his issues and the ways you can help him to tackle them.

In the second case, he needs a psychiatrist and not you. People with troubled pasts can heal from love but just love is not enough to cure them.

Reason 2: Not a believer of Monogamy

Being committed to a single lady fails to excite some of them which make them go for a causal relationship.

Their idea of romance is to date all the women that he finds attractive and alluring because his eyes fail to find all the beauty in one.

Some women excite him, some make him drool, some seem fun and some seem dominant. And this guy enjoys all of those traits.

Even if you are better than possible, he will find and date a woman who is not even in the field of comparison with you.

Getting in a causal relationship with such a man will not take you anywhere.

Just in case you too want to be in a relationship with all the men you put your eye on, you can have good luck with it.


Being in a Casual Relationship can be the best experience you ever had or the worst you will ever see.

Most of the time, women can’t understand what a causal relationship really means to the man and end up experiencing the latter.

If you are in such a relationship, you must have known by now what the man thinks of you as you are at the end of this article.

If you are about to enter such a relationship, then it will be best to ask the man to lay forward his intentions clearly and you must do the same, before going on with this adventure.

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John Santana

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