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How To Make Blind Dates Work For You

by John Santana

Blind dates can be nerve-wracking, exciting, and full of potential. For some people, they’re a thrilling opportunity to meet someone new and possibly find love. For others, they’re a source of anxiety and dread.

If you’re wondering what is a blind date, it’s a social engagement between two people who have not met before and are set up by a third party, such as a friend, family member, or matchmaker. They have little to no knowledge of each other’s personalities, interests, or backgrounds, which can be a thrilling experience for some or a  source of anxiety and dread for others.

Do blind dates work? They do, but much like everything else worth doing, there are things you can do to increase your chances of success.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blind Dates

woman waiting for blind date

Meeting New Faces, The Feeling of Giddiness

One of the many advantages of blind dates is meeting new people. This is beneficial because it helps you reflect on your set standards and whether or not you should follow them. Through blind dates, the person you are going to meet is no less than a stranger to you.

Going on a blind date lets you feel the excitement of meeting your potential future partner. There is a sense of mystery because both of you are complete strangers, and everybody wants that feeling of adventure, just like in novels. Of course, with that sense of giddiness and adventure comes a very real risk.

You’re Taking a Gamble

It is undeniable that you may get to meet people who you have no chemistry with. This could make for a very awkward and uncomfortable evening, and you might struggle to find things to talk about or enjoy each other’s company. In some situations, blind dates even end up being a no-show. This could damage one’s self-esteem and make you feel reluctant to try dating again.

Tips for Making Blind Dates Work for You

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Set clear expectations

It is essential to ask yourself your goals when you accept a blind date invitation from a friend. Set your expectations to neutral and do not assume that the one you are about to meet is the person you have always dreamed of. Try to think of it as meeting a new acquaintance; this way, you will not set your expectations too high.

Choose a safe and comfortable location

When planning for your blind date, try finding public spaces accessible to you and your blind date. You may think it would be a good idea to have your first date in a quiet, intimate setting, but doing so might be dangerous. Pick a place you’re already familiar with to feel more at ease. Places like cafes, restaurants, and parks are great options.

Dress appropriately and be yourself

You shouldn’t go overboard with brand labels, but you should dress to impress. Your date will form an impression of you very instantly based on how you look. Don’t feel pressured into wearing anything that makes you uneasy. The emphasis must be on making sure you’re comfortable.

Keep an open mind

Being considerate and wary of your actions can set the mood for the whole date. Refrain from jumping to conclusions quickly when having a conversation with your date. There might be things they like that you don’t find pleasing, like books and movies. During a date, a first impression might shift just as rapidly as it was first created.

Be respectful and honest

Manners are important, especially when it is your first time meeting someone on a blind romantic date. Because you are getting to meet your potential partner, it is important to set the standard for yourself and to show them the real you.

Have a positive attitude

Be yourself and defy their expectations. People can sense whether someone has a positive attitude or not. To be yourself is the first step in conquering their set standards for their ideal date. Avoid making your date feel awkward by imposing your views on them. This has the advantage of taking your mind off of yourself, which calms your anxieties.

Enjoy and Explore

So how does a blind date compare to dating apps? Dating apps also allow you to meet new faces, but blind dates are superior as you get to see and know the person in their bare self. Overall, the experience pays you a lesson that you get to bring for the longest time. 

John Santana

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