How to Find Out if Someone is on a Dating Site For Free? – 5 Easy Ways Explained

by John Santana

Wondering if someone is on a dating site can get you left and right. Half of the signs seem to be pointing in one direction and the other half are suggesting the complete opposite.

Some signs are confusing and do not offer any conclusion. Just because it’s complicated, doesn’t mean it’s not doable.

In fact, it’s very possible to find out what someone has been up to, and these are the easiest ways.

How to Find Out if Someone is on a Dating Site? – 5 Useful Ways

1. Sign up for one

There is no better way to catch someone in the game than being in the game. By signing up on dating sites, you get first-hand experience of your girl’s profile and her matching history. All the other signs are only supplements to the theory.

You do not have solid evidence until you actually see her name on it. Knowing which dating sites she is on can be hard. After all, there are thousands out there. To begin with, start with the most popular ones and the ones where searches are accurate.

You do not want to sign up on a lame website that cannot filter through profile features. Adult FriendFinder is one of the most popular sites.

If she is on one, she is not going to miss out on this platform. It is a comprehensive site that features forums, video calls, status updates, and more. You don’t only get the matching experience. It is a supportive community where you can build friendships and seek advice.

If you want to know if someone is on a dating site, sign up on Adult FriendFinder and ask. Start a thread in the community forum and see if anyone has matched with or seen the person you are looking for.

Members are friendly and willing to help a member out. The easiest and most direct way to find out if someone is on a dating site is through Adult FriendFinder.

Another platform where you might get results is Bang Locals. Although there is no forum to source the help of the great online gang, its advanced search will distill down any specific requirements that lead you to your girl. Anyone who is on the site will not slip the corner of your eyes.

Sometimes you are afraid to miss a profile so you generalize the search filters. Even then, Bang Locals has a systematic way of displaying the profiles so you can take a glimpse at them in grid form. You will not miss her.

The last online dating site you do not want to skip is Ashley Madison, the perfect place where everyone goes if they want to hide their online dating game a secret. Designed to provide members with high privacy, the site encrypts all profiles and messages. You can learn more about these popular sites on our top adult dating websites recommendations here.

Finding someone on a site emphasizing privacy may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. While the search may be extensive and long, the results will be satisfying. Someone who wants to lay low with their online dating profile is guaranteed to choose Ashley Madison.

It’s only the best on the market. You cannot search for members without signing up and it is one of the biggest dating sites in North America.

2. Keep track of her details

Nicknames, job title, her favorite band…All these details will aid you in your search for her online presence. Dating sites usually come with an advanced search feature that allows you to search by keywords.

Every detail you can remember of her will come in handy. The general searches can be too broad at times even on a well-managed site. Knowing different things about her increases your chance of finding her profile drastically.

3. Check her phone and laptop

Moral values aside, it is another direct way to find out if she is on a dating site. Assuming you are in a relationship with her, it’s only fair that you find out if she has been cheating on you. Getting access to her phone may be difficult though.

Perhaps you used to have her password. But since she has been hiding something from you, either she has changed her password or the sites are kept in a secret folder. It will take some digging to find anything useful.

Just because her digital traces come back clean doesn’t necessarily mean she is off the hook. Other signs tell you she is meeting hot guys up behind your back. She can easily have a second phone.

On top of that, checking her phone or laptop may not be feasible, to begin with. Confronting her or asking her to hand over her phone is not smart, she would’ve deleted everything. And you may not have time to get to her phone without her noticing. This method only works if you can do it casually without raising her suspicion.

4. She has been meeting many new guys lately

Where will she meet all the new men in her life? She will tell you they are from work or friends of friends. In all honesty, it’s pretty much bullshit. Even a celebrity does not get to meet new people so fast and so frequently. She has her ways of connecting with new men, and that means she is on dating sites.

Most will come clean to their partner that they have been meeting new people but lie about how they met, particularly if they live together. They know it’s impossible to sneak out and meet someone without the partner knowing so they are honest about one part but lie about the other to make themselves look innocent.

Things are rarely as they seem. Her late-night gatherings and out-of-the-ordinary social life are likely hinting at something more sinister. Coupled with her indifference towards you, she has lost interest in you completely. Her effort is going somewhere else.

5. Suspicious purchase on her cards

For the most part, dating sites do not bill their customers directly under the site name. The mother company typically has an entirely different name so it’s hard for you to tell if it’s a dating site or not.

What you can look out for are the frequency and the amount. Most sites cost between $8 to $20 per month, billed monthly. Any strange company names that you have never heard of keep popping up are likely the sites she has been browsing from. Upon some Googling, you will not find any helpful information about the company

Dating sites do that not because they want to hide their matching businesses from the public. It’s just a way to protect users’ privacy and for better management in the government’s tax system. Almost no dating site out there bills customers under their site name as most of the mother companies have various business operatives. Watch out for new and unfamiliar charges on her cards.

Editor’s note: The best way to see if someone is on a dating site is 100% signing up for one. Be the hunter in the game. Gather her details and search them one by one in the search engine. Try out all the sites listed.

What to do if she is on a dating site?

Depends on where you are in your relationship, or if there is a relationship to begin with. For casual friends with benefits, it’s customary to inform your “friend” before you go on and meet someone new. Not only is it about respect, but also about sexual safety.

Dating Flirting Chatting Talking Passion Concept

However, since you two are not in an established relationship. Indeed, she does not owe you an explanation or apology or being on a dating site. It is disappointing at most but there is not much you can do about it. Either you accept it or you leave. It is unlikely that she will delete her account for you.

If you are in a committed relationship, then her being on a dating site is flat-out cheating. There is no excuse as weak as “finding a friend on it”.

Men have complained that their girlfriends defended themselves by saying they were simply looking for a platonic friendship. Well, that’s not true. You do not look for a pure friendship on sites that are purposefully promoting relationships and sex. There are penfriend clubs to join.

Once you find out she is cheating, you can confront her. It will be a big obstacle that you will probably never get over. It gets complicated as it comes down to if she deserves another chance. It’s all your choice, although people that have cheated once will likely repeat.

Final Thoughts

Finding out if someone is on a dating site is not mission impossible. There are a lot of smart ways to do that and signing up on one yourself is the top choice. You can only beat a player if you play.

Choose Adult FriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Bang Locals to see if your speculation is correct. If she will be on one, she will surely be on all of these trending platforms.

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