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Dating a Leo Man: What It’s Really Like?

by John Santana

A Leo man is so hard to figure out. One day, he seems interested in you. Then the next day, he is ghosting you. What on earth is going on in his mind? If you have been asking yourself the same question about your Leo man, you are not alone. He is a complex creature with a protective side. Once you have him figured out, you will see the charm in dating this irresistible being.

Basic Information About Your Leo Man

  • Birthday: July 23 – August 22
  • Sign: Fire
  • Ruler: Sun
  • Most compatible signs: Aquarius, Gemini
  • Strengths: Intelligent, generous, funny, goofy
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn, fear of abandonment, egotistic

What is Dating a Leo Man Like?

1. He Will Not Express His Deepest Feelings Constantly

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Due to his protectiveness, he does not easily reveal his emotions. His fear of abandonment prevents him from oversharing out of fear that it will make him look weak. It will take a long time before he confesses his love for you.

At the beginning of your relationship, he will only express his happiness to see you. You will not hear him talk about his deepest feelings. He is afraid to open up. It takes time and patience to melt his heart. But once you are there, he will not stop talking like a bird.

2. They Need the Attention

He dislikes being ignored more than anything. He can’t go on a whole day without your text. During the day, he will be the happiest baby to see you checking in on him. He can be a baby crying for attention.

Being left out is his biggest fear in a relationship. All your effort is rewarded with greater romantic gestures. He loves showering his partner with extravagant surprises if he feels you are loving him right.

3. He is Hardworking

Your Leo man is rather low-maintenance because he is ambitious. There is a new goal for him to achieve every day. To be a better person, he strives for excellence at work and in his romantic life. His motivation has an appealing charm. When he is dedicated to doing something, he will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Dating a Leo man means you do not have to worry about him underachieving. He can manage himself to climb to the top. You should know that once he is in the zone, he can filter out everything else. It can take him days to focus on a project.

4. He is a Little Egotistic

Indeed, his fire sign describes him just right. He has the heart to fight for things. At the same time, he has the ego of the sun. He is very proud of all his achievements to a point where he would feel others are not as adequate.

You will hear him compare himself to others a lot. In all these comparisons, he comes up top. Dealing with his arrogance requires some techniques. Telling him his ego is too big will only trigger him. What you want to do is calmly acknowledge his work, but also show him other inspirations he can learn from. It is not that your Leo man is unable to learn, he just wants the compliment.

5. He Loves Romantic Things

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Once you have entered a stable relationship, your sun-ruled lover can be so romantic that it makes you cringe. He adores romantic gestures like sending flowers to your workplace or confessing his love for you to your parents.

These moves are cheesy, but you will feel his love through his planning. He wants the wow factor in his moves. Putting you on the throne is the best way to show your importance to him.

6. You Need to Constantly Remind Him of the Important Things in Life

Unfortunately, your Leo has a low level of self-awareness. He is so competitive that he gets fixated on unnecessary comparisons. Most of the time, he gets carried away by the smallest things. It hinders him from seeing the bigger picture.

The responsibility to remind him of the important things in life falls on you. When he is rambling on about his colleague buying a nicer car than him, you need to remind him that this is not how you evaluate life. He is appreciative of people that keep him grounded.

What are Leo Men Attracted to?

1. Your Intelligence

Since he likes to brand himself as the smartest guy in the room, stimulating conversations intrigues him a lot. He will actively seek to talk about all interesting topics with you. After watching an award-winning movie, share your thoughts and see how he analyzes them.

Discussing random topics is fun for him. He has so much energy that he needs a place to unleash all his wild thoughts. As his partner, you have to be able to take it in and keep him entertained.

2. Your Trust

A Leo man does not necessarily enjoy the chase for gaining someone’s trust. He finds it off-putting because trust should automatically come with the relationship. Given that he has no prior mistakes to cause any distrust, he wants you to have faith in him.

He finds it disrespectful if you need regular reassurance of his loyalty. It is not that he plans on being unfaithful, he simply dislikes the concept of having to prove he is trustworthy every now and then.

3. Your Recognition

Earning your recognition puts him on cloud nine. He needs to know he is the best man for you. All your previous exes should be nothing compared to him. Words or actions alone will not be enough. He wants to hear you say it and act like it.

Leos are very self-assured and will take it as an insult if their partner does not adore them. Therefore, women that praise their achievements are the most attractive. They enjoy being thrown all the admiration.

4. Your Self-Image

Discarding your self-image once you are in a loving relationship is a major turn-off for a Leo. He wants you to still be bringing your A-game. Staying fashionable is a start. Do not show up on dates in a t-shirt and flip flop no matter how comfortable you are in life. It is a sign of low self-respect for him.

He wants a partner that can be proud of herself so he can be proud of you. If you cannot sustain a healthy self-image and convince yourself, you will not be able to persuade a Leo man to love you. You will also feel a lot more confident about yourself.

5. Your Success

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Success can come from any aspect. Either you have a respectable career or you are really good at something. There is no big or small success for a Leo but he will want it from you. He is equally proud of all your achievements.

You have to keep up with his ambition to make him proud. A relationship should not terminate your success. It should only push you forward. Ambitious women are the sexiest. He wants someone that knows what he wants and is willing to fight as hard as he does to get it.

Develop a hobby or work on a skill. You’d be surprised by how pleasant it is for him to be beaten by his partner in some aspects. Being the best at everything does not float his boat. His competitive side is only about others. With you, he can’t wait to celebrate when he sees your dedication.

How Do You Know If a Leo Man is Serious About You?


For someone as reserved as a Leo man, public affection is the biggest tell that he is serious about you. It takes a long time for him to warm up to the idea of commitment. He will have doubts at first. For your first few dates, he will avoid public affection or intimacy because he is unsure where this is going.

He is Romantic With You

After getting to know each other better, he can’t help but will start hugging you and kissing you in public. That’s when you know you have a place in his heart. Everything he does has to align with his self-image. Holding off being seen romantically with you is a way to maintain his image since he is unsure if you are worth it.

He Shows You Off

Once he is sure, he wants to announce you to the whole world. He is not afraid of being seen together with you, nor is he hiding you anymore. On the contrary, he can’t wait to make plans with you to hang out with his friends and family.

He is Protective

A Leo is naturally protective of his close circle. He does not initiate the step to introduce you to his life unless he feels confident about it. An invitation to his family picnic says more than words. Talking with his family will tell you how few girls he has brought home before. He is cautious about the impact and does not casually bring a date home. If he takes you home, he is serious about you.

He Introduces You to Everyone

Furthermore, a Leo man in love will be inseparable. He wants to bring you to his every meetup with friends so you can get along with them. Everyone around him knows about you. He is somewhat desperate for his close ones to love you as well. His effort shows as he is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate you.

And this extends to your side of the family as well. Your boyfriend will initiate visiting your parents. He will buy them small gifts and keep them in mind. Having your parents’ approval is vital because it proves his ability. He wants to be the prince for you.

Your friends will become his friends. Whenever you plan an activity, he will want to invite your friends to keep them in the loop. This relationship is no longer about the two of you. All your people mixing and getting along is the big picture he wants to paint.

Do Leos Get Bored Easily in Relationships?

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Although Leos are generally active creatures that crave new discoveries, they rarely get bored with their loved ones. Your lover adores your personality and enjoys your company. Everything you do together feels like a new adventure. That includes your nightly bedtime conversations.

He does not need to find new excitement frequently. Having your presence is enough for him. He is content with what he has. A Leo’s love language is passion. The flame never dies as long as you are happy with each other.

This goofy human being has another angelic side where, despite his contentment with the relationship, he will plan surprise dates with you. The big smile on your face when he reveals his plans is precious. He takes pride in making his partner happy.

Dating a Leo is the loveliest feeling. He is happy with you regardless of what you do. You can be in bed all day without leaving the house or be climbing the Alps together. All he wants is a loyal life partner.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Your Leo Man

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


  • Female-friendly
  • Excellent customer service
  • Slightly more female members


  • Some profiles are fake

Another trending online dating app is Ashley Madison. It is the most female-friendly dating app out there. As a female member, you do not pay a fee to enjoy its premium features. You can freely enjoy the luxurious services at no cost.

Its efficient customer service also solves your problems promptly. Whether you have encountered a suspicious profile or other technical issues, the team will usually fix it within 24 hours. Having a present team is essential as you do not want to be put on hold forever without a solution.

Around 60% of members of Ashley Madison are females. It means you can feel safe browsing around because other girls are also actively looking for a match on the platform. Statistically, online dating apps with a higher female ratio tend to be safer with less sexual harassment.

Despite its best effort, there are still quite some fake profiles poisoning the app. Ashley Madison seems to rely on its members to report these profiles to keep the community safe. As a user, you might not want to play detective to find out the bots but it seems to be a necessity here.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Millions of active members in every region
  • Join an astrology forum
  • Members are open-minded


  • The server can go down when joining a big group

When deciding which online dating platform to join, the member base matters a lot. You do not want to join a site with only a handful of matches to choose from. So, a site with over 90 million active members should excite you.

Adult FriendFinder is by far a top speed-dating service provider. Members are open-minded. No one will call you silly for putting “Looking for a Leo man” in your description. They will respond because like-minded members know how important it is to connect with the right sign.

You can also join the hundreds of forums and threads discussing astrology and tips on dating different signs. Members are eager to share their insight and ask for advice. They will welcome you to their big community.

Sometimes, the server can’t seem to handle a big virtual event as live streams often crash. It causes inconvenience as you might be logged out and need to log in again. The developers need to update the software to accommodate the ever-growing platform at some point.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Perfect for dating a few people at the same time
  • Members are diverse in their early 20s to mid-50s
    Features flow smoothly


  • Difficult to find a serious relationship

What is a better way to spend the evening than spontaneously hooking up with a hot date? Bang Locals introduces you to every hot Leo man in your proximity. You can date multiple people at the same time until you have found one to focus on.

There is not a particular age spectrum that stands out on Bang Locals. Members are mostly in their early 20s to mid-50s. The diverse age spectrum caters well to most users. Despite its lack of substantial features, all of its existing features are smooth and well-maintained. You will rarely experience a lag or interface error. It offers a comfortable environment for members to connect.

Since the dating site is primarily dedicated to hookups, although you will find people looking for a serious relationship, the number is few. It is perfect for those enjoying life and seeing how things go.

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Don’t let your Leo man’s coldness defeat you. He is still getting used to dating you. Once you have built the trust, he will show his affection as you have never expected before. This man is always full of lovely surprises. If you are still looking for the perfect Leo man, you need to join these amazing online dating platforms today!

John Santana

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