Essential Guide to Dating a Lawyer: Navigating Love & Law

by John Santana

Lawyers have that dominating aurora glowing. They are the human form of justice. When you think about lawyers, they are serious, fair, and intelligent. It makes you wonder, what are they like in relationships?

Dating a lawyer is a thing on its own. It is so different than dating people in other professions because there is so much adjusting and learning to do. Lawyers deserve to be a species themselves. Being in a relationship with a lawyer is romantic, fun, and secure. The dating style may not be what you are used to but how awesome it is will definitely blow your mind.

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How to Date a Lawyer?

1. Pick up some legal books

A common trait of people in law is that they are extremely passionate about it. They could utterly talk about the legal system all day long. An outsider may not see the charm in all this but for lawyers, it is the fountain of youth they suck on every day.

If you want to impress a lawyer, there is nothing better than reading a book or two about the legal system. They will appreciate your effort to be a part of their world. Besides, imagine the surprised Pikachu face they will make when you can slide in a few references.

Hit the library to borrow some books. Sign up for some seminars with your partner. Legal knowledge will enrich your life in many ways. You will learn to protect your rights. Moreover, the next time you start a debate, you will know exactly how to construct your argument. This world-class feeling offers so much more than simply accompanying your love.

2. Expect a lot of time to kill on your own

Lawyers have unstable hours. They do not clock out at 5 pm. Whenever there is an emergency call from a client or about the case development, they have to grab their jacket and go. You need to be an excellent time killer to pass all the downtime on your own.

As much as they try to be with you for the entirety of the date, they are bound to be anxious every time the phone rings or buzzes. Sometimes, they will even have to cut the date short to attend to work affairs. They will be stuck at work a lot, leaving you all alone.

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3. They can be overly critical of your flaws

Call it an occupational hazard. Lawyers cannot help but judge every little thing. They are not doing it to hurt you. They are just so used to finding the flaws in people. Being treated like that by a partner certainly does not feel good. Talk to them about it and make them realize they need to calm down with their critics.

That being said, you should know that they are not raising these issues to humiliate or belittle you. They are very self-critical of themselves as well because they want to keep pushing for improvement. Naturally, progressing and growing with a partner is important for them. That is why they tend to give advice and criticism to you.

4. Get ready to attend a bunch of social events

Lawyers are far from nerds that only read about the constitution at home. Their lives are packed with social events and parties. Networking activities are the best venues for them to mingle with potential clients and get better resources.

Local law associations often organize various events for lawyers to attend. As their plus one, you are expected to glow up and stun the crowd with your awesomeness. Getting people to like you in these events will help your partner’s career a lot. You will meet a lot of influential people. Learn about the etiquettes of these events so you can come off as an elegant, well-educated, and intelligent counterpart to your successful partner.

5. Avoid asking too many questions about their work

People that are dating lawyers are quite curious about the nature of their work, especially if it involves big corporate scams and criminal justice. Everyone wants to be Sherlock giving justice. However, lawyers take their confidentiality agreements seriously. They will not betray this legally binding term under any circumstance.

Asking too many questions will only annoy you because they cannot share any information anyway. In the end, you will come off as prying. Refrain yourself. There is no reason for your curiosity to kill the relationship. Never go through their documents or read their materials like a magazine. Give the utmost respect to his work and his privacy.

6. They are not as rich as you would think

Before you picture life in a penthouse drinking champagne every night, you should probably know that most lawyers are in debt. Your lover is not as well off as you would think. Finishing law school is expensive. Law students often get sponsored by law firms in return for a few years of work commitment. Basically, they are sold to a firm from day 1.

If you are fantasizing about a life with a walk-in closet and live-in chef, you need to manage your expectations. Since they will be working their ass off repaying the debt, their financial situation is not ideal in the first few years. After they have repaid everything, they will be financially stable. Of course, they will be making good money so in the long run, you indeed do not have to worry about money. But for now, are you willing to live through this poor student stage together?

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7. They love arguing

Annoyingly, lawyers have the tendency to fight about absolutely everything. They take pride in winning arguments. You probably will not be able to articulate your points as well as they do. Hence, you will never win another argument again in your life.

The attitude is not pleasant sometimes. When you start feeling the urge to punch them in the face, it is a good time to tell them off. Remind them this is not the court. They do not have to prove to be better. There are better ways to present an argument than treating you like a rival.

But, if you happen to like winning an argument, you two would be the perfect match. Set up a home court and find an interesting case to debate. Convince each other with your arguments and see who is the better lawyer.

8. Manage the little things for them

Anyone with a crazy schedule like that will not be able to personally manage the appointments or plan for a date. While their assistant will handle the work-related appointments for them, you can be the sweetheart to help out in their family life and other aspects.

Manage their annual physical check-up, buy presents for their sibling’s birthday, and make sure their electricity bill has been paid on time…All these small things will not take up much of your time but they will show your darling how much you care about them.

Lawyers may be smart in court but they are quite careless about their lives. They have no time to fix anything. So, a little help would be highly appreciated.

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Who Do Most Lawyers Date?

The legal field is unsurprisingly demanding. Lawyers have to stay in the office until midnight to prepare for a case. Most of the time, they will spend more time with their partners than with their family back home. Therefore, it is no secret that many lawyers prefer to date someone in the same field.

Having quality time is a luxury many lawyers struggle to have. They are always combating cases, fighting for their clients, and reading about the changes in the law and regulations. They are super intelligent but rarely does anyone outside of the field understand just how exciting legal terms are.

The only people that will truly understand them are other legal workers. Hence, most lawyers and judges end up marrying fellow lawyers and judges. But that does not mean you need to be a lawyer to date one. As long as you play your cards right, capturing a lawyer’s heart is an easy game.

Are Lawyers Loyal?

A Man in Black - Lawyer

Yes. If there is one thing lawyers love more than the law, it is commitment. They never promise something they do not intend to keep. The long years at the law school have taught them the virtue of being a stand-up saint. Lawyers take their reputation to their heart. Shameful things like cheating are not acceptable in their circle. They are fearful of judgment and criticism. Their bang-up character reflects how much self-control they have.

You will rarely find lawyers fooling around in clubs or losing themselves to substance abuse and such. The consequences of these actions are severe. It is not the first time that you have seen it on the news how a lawyer’s reputation is being dragged through the mud because of their cheating scandal. It ends their career effectively.

In the worst scenario, they could face disbarment. Some actions are frowned upon and illegal. The law license takes years to get and their careers take another decade to advance. They will not throw any of that away easily.

On top of that, lawyers have a huge sense of responsibility. A commitment is not a slip of the mouth. You should admire their dedication. They invest as much in a relationship as in their job. You do not have to worry about all the social events they attend or the hundreds of calls they get daily. None of that is about an affair. They are hardworking and want to provide the best for your future.

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Best Online Dating Sites to Meet a Lawyer

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo

Given their sensitive work nature, some lawyers do not wish to publicly disclose their real identity online. That is why most of them opt for Ashley Madison. Branded by most users as a high-security online dating site, the platform vets out each user to reduce the number of scammers and fake profiles.

Once your identity has been verified, you can use an alias to meet others without a photo as well. You can connect with someone with common interests and values. As opposed to popular beliefs, Ashley Madison is quite useful for serious dating. Members are open-minded and sincere. You will meet a lot of fantastic people on it.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo

Adult FriendFinder is among the top sites for lawyers. Simplicity cannot satisfy these demanding souls. Hence, the lively social media-like online dating site offers the features lawyers can have fun in.

With 90 million users, you can meet a dozen of new lawyers every day. The algorithm helps users to connect with others that are also active on the site. Through their advanced search engine, you can find members by their profession. Join their regular live streams to see what is going on in the community. Hop in the forum to start a debate on the hottest lawyer in town. Build your own friend list and exchange ideas for the best date night.

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3. Bang Locals


If you are unsure about a committed relationship, then Bang Locals is your go-to. The name describes the essence. Thousands of horny lawyers are looking to get laid tonight. Bang Locals are particularly popular in smaller towns and rural areas.

Its powerful geographical search locates members in your surrounding. An alert will be sent to you when a user is traveling toward your district. You will never miss another chance to have sex again. Members are adventurous and ready to try some new tricks in bed. Pick up someone from right around the corner to spice up the night.

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Dating a lawyer does make you feel superior. Not because of their work title, but because of their dedication to being better and adding value to their life. When you are dating someone so hardworking and loving, it is hard not to fall in love with them. To date a lawyer right, follow this guide to impress them!

John Santana

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