How to Get Christian Mingle Free Trial Account?

by John Santana

Are you looking for your perfect partner? Are you bored of using different Christian dating sites? How about a website that serves you with a similar purpose? Well, Christian Mingle is one of the best online dating sites that offer the most viable options for the singles peering for probable matches. While there are a lot of other dating apps, but if religion is amongst your priorities, then this is when you can narrow your search and extend to your preferred audiences.


To no surprise, the site comes with two sides of the same coin for customers to avail the services; namely the free trial and the other one being a paid service. In both cases, you need to set up a profile listing the answers to questions and quizzes it is equipped with. This generally gives an insight to the viewers about your religious preferences and other relevant information about your recent check-ins for example.

Christian Mingle Free Trial Account Signup 

Follow the steps and you’re done.

  • Sign up with your name, age, height, and a password of your choice. There are no such specifications for the password but it is advisable to use a robust one.
  • Add a profile picture just as you do on other social media platforms.
  • Once you’re done, take a matching test so as to save your preferences.

Later you can send e-cards and smileys to your match for free and it’s facile.

Unlike other dating sites, where one needs to be a paid member in order to send messages, Christian Mingle allows you to message despite being a free user. However, you cannot initiate conversation, but can definitely reply to someone who messages you. Although you can always upgrade your membership by paying a meager amount and increase your chances of getting along with people of your choice. And you can rest assured that you are talking to someone of the same religion as yours.


  • You get to view your preferred religious matches from a wide range of singles out there.
  • You receive a daily match, which basically adds to your quest for the search of a perfect partner.
  • You can keep your profile indefinitely. That means there is no validity and you can enjoy the features and actions even without upgrading to a paid member.
  • You can also avail of the messaging service even in the trial period. This is absent in every other dating website which is overcome by Christian Mingle.
  • Setting up a profile is as easy as ABC. A profile picture and a few questions to store your taste to make your profile stand out.
  • There is no need to create any billing information beforehand lest you wish to upgrade to a full-time member.


  • The easy accessibility makes it open to anyone and everyone. Thus it is often found that it lacks screening of genuine members.
  • The website is very conservative as it is set from entirely a Christian prospect and hardly considers other communities.
  • The assessments are not up to the mark while comparing with other dating websites. Since valid assessments are required for effective matchmaking.
  • The video profiles cannot be integrated into this website, although other websites allow this. And it is mostly preferred by users.
  • Lastly, the finances of the users go into the hands of undesired beneficiaries and this is totally unappreciable.

Christian Mingle has been doing great since its inception. With a wide base of users, the website efficiently deals with all its members, and the features as mentioned above are availed by people from a diverse base. The free trial feature is the best out of all other websites with the even objective as it comes with certain extra luxuries for the users.

Nonetheless, users are overtly satisfied with the experience. A large part of the user base consists of Christian women and thus the men feel contended in approaching them and setting updates as they please.

The “secret admirer” feature is also gaining importance as many people want to keep their preferences concealed from all and sundry and make them visible only to a preferred set of audience. Unfortunately, certain features are limited, but that does not stop the users from getting high with it. Overall, it is a website for the people who wish to connect. 

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