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7 Most Weird & Funny Dating Sites You Never Heard Of

by John Santana

Why does online dating have to be mundane? When you go online looking for the right one, you are also looking for a fun time. The plain, old greetings and messaging are getting dull. Yet, most online dating sites are stuck in this loop.

Fortunately, there are creative platforms that can think out of the box with their services. They offer unique dating experiences to make the whole process entertaining. Some are created for the sheer purpose of having a laugh. These dating sites offer an opposite perspective to the traditional space.

If you are looking for another way to upgrade your dating experience, these are the platforms to have a go.

From One-Night Stands to casual hookup relationships to judgment free affairs Ashely Madison has everything a single or married would need.

Adult Friend Finder is popular among its users for Casual Flings, Swingers, Threesome and all the other Adult stuff you can think off.

Our Top Recommendations For Funny Dating Sites

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison logo


  • Put on an alias and be whoever you want to be
  • Drop your boundaries and enjoy some casual sex
  • Members love a dark joke and no jokes are politically incorrect


  • Only male members have to pay for a subscription

Are you sick of putting yourself out there and having no one to appreciate you? Do you want a brand-new persona? Ashley Madison is the answer to all your prayers. It welcomes users with all sexual orientations and identities.

The entire platform is free of judgment. Furthermore, you don’t need the burden of using your real names. You can conceal your identity with any alias you want.

By being a loyal member, you are agreeing to get rid of your judgment on others. Date whoever you want and seek the most secretive affairs to rock your boat. Leave your political correctness at the door and enjoy some casual sex with members from all around the country.

Your dark sense of humor and sarcastic nature is valued. People are not snowflakes that will act out on the tamest jokes. Crack all the jokes you want.

You may gain the most value from Ashley Madison if you identify as a female, as the app does charge users a fee for other genders. At first glimpse, it sounds rather unfair. But when the app was first made, it aimed to protect women from online harassment by only charging men a fee. To this day, Ashley Madison is a top app with the most female members in history.

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2. Adult FriendFinder

Adult Friend Finder logo


  • Group activities according to your fetishes and kinks
  • Send funny virtual gifts and memes
  • Meet others that are down for some fun in town or outside of town


  • Features are dazzling and difficult to understand at first

To begin the list, here is the most talked-about online dating site of the century. Adult FriendFinder is a worldwide dating platform with premium features unmatched by its competitors.

When you sign up on Adult FriendFinder, you are signing yourself up for a party. The platform encourages group activities as opposed to the boring swiping on individual profiles. By mingling in bulk, it is easier to identify your target.

You can join group chats and online events according to your fetishes and kinks. If you are into something niche that no one has talked about yet, feel free to start your own group to attract like-minded people.

Life is about having the best time. Loosen up and send your match the thousands of funny virtual gifts and memes available to break the ice. You can even create your virtual gifts to better suit the occasion.

Adult FriendFinder’s power penetrates through the virtual realm into the real world. There are often local pub crawls or major physical dating events happening. These events are organized by members to bring the community together. It is a big family with lots of love and laughter to give.

If you are an experienced online dater, Adult FriendFinder is the right choice for you. However, for newbies, the site can be intimidating at first as it has a steep learning curve. The numerous features are dazzling and confusing. Members have to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the site.

It is not the sleekest site out there but for its value, it is surely worth your time.

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3. Bang Locals

bang locals


  • Ideal for casual sex
  • Post any explicit photos you want to attract other members
  • Members can be precise about the profiles they are looking for


  • People can have multiple sex partners at the same time without desiring a serious relationship

Bang Locals is an online dating site that tells you upfront what it is about. It is the ideal place for casual sex. Members are cool with taking advantage of each other’s bodies without even remembering your name.

The site does not sensor photos. You can post any photo you want to gain more traction. Photos are never inappropriate as this edgy site believes in the freedom of expressing oneself.

In addition, you are encouraged to be precise about the type of people you are looking for. If you are looking for a Gemini Latino, put it out there. Some sites filter out these keywords as they are “selective” and “offensive.” But here, your preferences are understood and seen.

The only thing you need to prepare yourself for is to take things as it goes. It is rare to encounter a member looking to settle down. Besides, most of them have more than one sex partner. It is not the site to be exclusive with someone. But if you are looking for some laid-back late-night chill vibes, Bang Locals offers the right one for it.

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4. Ugly Schmucks

Ugly Schmucks




  • Forget about the looks and see others through their hearts
  • Photos are not necessary
  • Popular among people with a great sense of humor


Members are heavily concentrated in certain regions only

In this day and age, social rules still dictate the definition of beauty. People that don’t typically align with the beauty standards deserve their blossoming romantic stories as well. Ugly Schmucks is rewarded as the No.1 ugly dating site in the US for bringing “ugly” couples together.

As long as you think you are ugly enough and the ordinary dating sites are not doing you justice, you can sign up here and meet others in similar shoes. Photos are not necessary to find love. You can meet your prince and princess with your words and qualities. The best profile here is often those with eye-catching descriptions rather than hot photos.

The sarcastic name lures people with a great sense of humor. Members enjoy being here because they are not handpicked by matches based on their appearances. The feeling of being loved for your characteristics is endearing.

Members of Ugly Schmucks are heavily concentrated in big cities like Chicago, LA, Austin, and NYC. There are not enough members in small towns and cities to match with. Therefore, for those living on the outskirts, the site seems quite dead.

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  • Meet a fellow Star Trek enthusiast
  • Dress up as one of the characters
  • Use Klingon if you are an advanced Star Trek lover


  • Very basic site with minimal features

A dating site does not get more specific than this. Seeing how big the Star Trek fandom is, is dedicated to uniting Star Trek lovers. Everyone here has extensive knowledge about the franchise. From the original series to other merchandise, they are eager to discuss the future of this life-changing universe.

Dress up as your favorite character to meet your date. You can honor your passion for Star Trek in any way you can. For Star Trek fanatics that know the series inside and out, use Klingon to chat with your date. That is the most impressive thing you can show off in the Star Trek kingdom. is cute with its intentions but its features remain basic. It comes with a rigid user interface. Features are laggy, with users missing notifications all the time. There are no advanced search filters either.

The profile grid is not organized by any tag or filter. All the profiles are randomly piled up. It is barely passable as an online dating site. But for Star Trek fans, this is possibly something they can overlook.

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6. Singles With Food Allergies

Singles with food allergies



  • You never have to be ashamed of your dieting again
  • Members share innovative ideas on how to create tasty food
  • Make your way to the next doctor’s appointment hand in hand


  • Users can’t select more specific food allergies on their profiles

Over the years, food allergies have broken couples up. Not being able to share the same dish and having to constantly look out for new restaurants will cause friction in your relationship. Dating someone with the same condition is not only reassuring but also comforting. It feels so effortless to explain yourself.

On Singles With Food Allergies, you don’t have to hide your food allergies because you are ashamed. Share your struggles and experience with others. Network with people going through a horrendous situation and receiving treatment for their allergies. It is a support group for foodies with allergies.

There are innovative ways you can enjoy your favorite dishes without suffocating. Members are sharing informative knowledge on alternative treatments, diets, and food replacement. Tasty food is not just a privilege for those without allergies. There is so much to take from this site.

On top of that, you can make a double appointment with your date to head to your next medical treatment next time. It will be the most adorable date.

Despite having a wide range of selections, members still can’t display their specific allergies on their profiles. It only covers a general category. You will have to be mindful and chat with members to find out their exact food allergy type, which is inconvenient for users looking to put on filters.

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  • It is free
  • Bring back the emo phase and hang out in your best gothic clothes
  • You can seek friendships here as well


  • Very few active members

Back when the gothic style was thriving, people were going crazy to be a part of this culture. As the gothic phase gradually disappears, you can still find the lively emo singles on The platform is free for gothic and emo singles to mingle with others to keep the culture alive.

Exchange clothing ideas and put on your gothic makeup. It is time to mingle with all the members in town so a gothic night out. The best about is that it emphasizes making friends rather than dating. It is comfortable for members to seek friendships and build relationships in the gothic world. There is no rush in commitment.

You are almost guaranteed to immediately connect with every gothic lover in your area but the success rate will rapidly drop after a few days. This is due to its low number of active members. Users run out of matches in a short period. The site needs a big promotion to increase its member base for it to be attractive.

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How To Initiate a Conversation?

Once you go on these unconventional online dating sites, there is no going back. They are hilariously real and charming. People on these platforms are not your regular folks. They prefer to chat with interesting people that know how to present themselves.

  • Crack a Joke

The best way to initiate a conversation is to crack a joke. Forget about the boring greetings. Mix your personal style in to create the most authentic conversation openers. If you are on a Star Trek dating site, throwing in a few movie references will always help.

The more unique the reference is, the better the response. General knowledge will not impress the users since everyone has a deep understanding of the subject.

  • Ask a Question

When you get a nudge from users, reply with a question. It shows your intention to continue the conversation and takes off the burden for your match to come up with a topic. They have already done the biggest step by chatting you up. If you don’t make the effort to reciprocate, the conversation will die out at the greeting stage.

  • Find Common Ground

Finding common ground to stand on is a brilliant way to smooth out the nervousness of talking to new people. Focus on the platform’s purposes. Talk about your food allergies and the hideous challenge of dining out. Sharing common interests smoothen the flow. Therefore, you can transition to other topics seamlessly once you get to know each other.

  • Excuse Yourself Strategically

Keeping the same chat alive can be exhausting, especially when you are talking to multiple people. Ending a conversation temporarily also needs some technique. You don’t want to leave the chat halfway just to come back after a few days. Your date may see this as a disrespectful act.

Make an excuse, like having to rest or work, before dropping out. You should always tell your match that you intend to hit them up again in a few days. While you are not obliged to talk to them daily, you should keep the other person interested by at least chatting for a bit every few days.

How To Leave a Good Impression On The First Date?


Talking about your shared passion is always the way to break the ice. No matter how many times you have talked about it online, reigniting the flames in person feels more soulful. Your date will appreciate your love for the topic.

Choose something that aligns with your interests. If you bonded over your mutual love for freedom and art, join a naked music festival or similar events. You can truly see your date’s personality and if they are really keen on the said passion or if they are just faking it to get laid.

Don’t be afraid to suggest some unusual activities. When you sign up on these funny dating sites, you are not in for the ordinary dating path. It is bound to be silly and goofy. Picking something that matches your mutual interest is the safest way to go. You cannot go wrong with an activity that you have both been dying to attend.

Seeing how these dating sites are not visual-oriented, people may slack off and show up in flip-flops and such. Although these sites are not about appearances, you should still dress accordingly. The visual part also contributes hugely to your first impression. Showing up with greasy hair and bad breath is hardly alluring.

Bring on your A-game but also be yourself. In the end, you need to remember that you are meeting dates on these funny sites because you have had enough with the other conventional cliche. You want to seek love by being yourself. There is no need to put on a fake mask as your date is interested in seeing your real side.


These unusual, funny dating sites give an unconventional opportunity for people to meet extraordinary dates. Online dating does not have to be stealth. There are many innovative elements you can find on these platforms. Whatever it is that you are in for, you will have the best time.

John Santana

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