How To Ask Someone To Hook Up

Here’s How To Ask Someone To Hook Up & Get Laid

by John Santana

Can you count all the lost chances in life because you didn’t know how to ask someone to hook up? All the sexy bodies you could have had are gone with the wind. You must be regretting all the actions you didn’t take.

Pickup skills can take a lifetime to master. But you don’t have to be experienced to get laid. Follow the tips below so you can take home the most sought-after one in the crowd and leave everyone else jealous!

How To Ask Someone To Hook Up In Person?

1. Strike Up a Casual Conversation First

People are instinctively weary of strangers. No matter how wholesome you look, asking someone if they want to bang upfront will guarantee a no. It is frightening, not to mention how rude it looks.

Approach your potential date with respect. Strike up a small conversation about the event you are in. Leaving a decent first impression gives them a reason to go home with you that night instead of someone else. There is no need to jump into action immediately. Build up the mood first so they can feel how attractive you are.

2. Stroke Their Hair And Back

This trick works every time. Physical intimacy always suggests sexual interest. If they are not into you, they will not be caressing your back. Likewise, they will push you off if they don’t want to be touched.

Start with something small. You don’t want to get slapped in the face when you go straight in for a kiss. Stroke their hair and see how they react. If they start smiling and giggling, you know you are hitting the sweet spot. The whole action should escalate gradually. Being too aggressive will make the other person feel violated.

3. Suggest Going Home For a Movie Or Something

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Why is it called Netflix and chill? Because how else will you come up with a gentlemanly reason to invite someone home? Asking them outright if they want to bang rarely works. Although both sides are expecting it, saying it out loud still seems too vulgar for many.

Besides, it builds up a nice image of you. Your hookup will feel more comfortable that you are not just eyeing their body. The thought of going home with someone and immediately getting stripped naked is stressful for some.

Therefore, invite them over for an activity to ease their nervousness. Whether you end up doing the said activity will entirely be up to the atmosphere then, but it’s good practice.

4. Explore Each Other’s Preferences

First, kiss them on the cheeks and see how they react. Take a step back if your hookup is still responding too well. Have a chat and grab a few drinks to loosen up. When you hook up with someone new for the first time, it is difficult to know each other’s liking in bed.

You don’t know if your hookup prefers rough sex or missionary. So, going slow gives you a better idea. As you explore, you can catch how they react to each of your moves. Obviously, you want to go in on the moves they like. A common mistake is to dive right in. That way, you lose the chance to figure out how the other person likes it. If it’s bad for them, there might not be a next time.

5. Ask For Permission First

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In this day and age, verbal permission puts a safety cap on you and your partner. It has happened way often that someone was pressured into a situation where they felt they had no way to voice out their rejection.

Asking for permission gives a clear understanding that this hookup is mutual. Both sides want it. It saves you from the trouble of having to deal with unwanted accusations later. Also, it is important to note that you need to respectfully let someone go if their answer is a no. Otherwise, that is sexual harassment, no matter how you claim otherwise.

How To Ask Someone To Hook Up Online?

1. Ask About Their Expectations For Online Dating

Why are they on this dating site? Are they looking for serious dating or someone to get through the night with? Asking about their expectations is the easiest, most non-invasive way to get to the bottom of it.

This question is fairly general. Instead of asking them if they want to sleep with you, you simply want to know why they are here. It is less intrusive. From their answer, you can tell your possibility.

Sometimes, perhaps their answer is quite uncertain. They claim to have no idea about their expectations. In that case, you can casually reveal that you are looking for hookups and see how the relationship progresses.

2. Suggest An Activity To Do

This is someone you have never met before. Saying how you are just going to show up at their doors can come off weird. Always suggest an activity to do first. The activity does not have to be luxurious. You don’t have to take every hookup to a 5-star restaurant.

Walk around the city for a bit or grab a few drinks first at a local pub. Meeting in public first is safer for two reasons. First, it lets you analyze the person to detect any suspicious signs.

Second, it gives you an easy exit if the vibes aren’t right. You can leave the venue without fearing harassment in public. Perhaps they are nice people but you just don’t click. Staying in public until you decide to hook up with them is mutually beneficial.

3. “Let’s See How The Night Goes”

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Before you meet up with your date, you must have suggested or hinted that you are expecting to hook up. Keeping the other person in the dark by pretending it is a normal first date is not polite. You likely will fail with that strategy.

People tend to respond better if they are expecting it. When they ask how the night will go, you can suggest that you can head back to yours to relax. Or you can always see “we can see how the night goes.” This is a subtle yet suggestive way to hint at it.

Your date may get the hint and directly asks if you want to hook up. That is the perfect ending because you are sure that you are after the same thing.

4. Set Up The Place Nicely

Assuming that you are meeting your date expecting sex. Then, setting the mood up is key. Clean your place neatly so they can comfortably sit and sleep. Having an inviting home is a subtle hint that you are ready for them to sleep over.

Throw some flowers on your bed. If that does not suggest sex, nothing will. This gesture makes the first time less scary. No matter how many people you have hooked up with, you can still get uneasy with someone new. Setting the right mood will take a lot of that pressure away.

5. Confirm Again

Again, you don’t want to get into trouble for sleeping with a hot babe. So, confirming it again before you do it will save you a lawsuit. You must be able to know that they are not under any pressure to hook up with you. It has to be a mutual decision. Confirming it over and over again may kill the mood but it protects you.

The confirmation does not have to be black and white like “do you want to have sex with me?” Put it nicely like “are you ready for a good time?” Ask it with a cute, irresistibly cheeky face. When you ask about it like way, it boosts up the mood.

Best Places To Find Your Hookup

Dating Apps For Singles

You are probably thinking about the typical venues, a party, a rave, a music festival…While these are good places to start hunting, they don’t guarantee results. What if you are on a budget and attending concerts endlessly does not fit your agenda?

Well, there are much simpler ways to find your hookup. Online dating sites are the greatest invention of our century. It takes away the uncertainties of your night out. You know you are going out to meet your date.

With online dating, you can match with anyone you want, experiment with your sexual orientation, and make friends. You will never stand in a crowd alone ever again. For the newbies, here are some of the most popular online dating sites domestically and internationally.

Hop on to find your casual date tonight.


Pickup skills do not only help you get laid but also benefit you in serious relationships. You know how to smooth talk your future lover. So, these are life skills that you need to practice. Where are the best places to practice your skills?

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