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AdultHookup Review: Is It A Complete Scam?

by John Santana

When it comes to sites for hookups and casual sex, one has to be cautious these days. Especially when you run into someone who seems like the perfect match, only to find they are a scammer, a catfish, or something similar. If you are considering a dating site, it’s best to read the reviews before you dive in.

Today we will be reviewing AdultHookup.

Are you looking for a sexy girl to hook up with tonight? Are you looking for some casual adult fun? Either way, AdultHookup is a site designed for both.

But the real question is: is it a complete scam? There have been reports of this site being scammy for a few reasons. But are they right on the money or is it blown way out of proportion?

This review will point you in the right direction and get you the real answers. Let’s dive right in to discuss what AdultHookup is all about and whether or not it really is a scam.

AdultHookup Features

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With AdultHookup, there is a free membership adult dating site, but it is so limited, it may as well not have one. There are a few different options to become a paid member. What exactly will you get? Here’s a rundown of what’s included for each membership tier:

Features for Free Membership:

  • No messaging
  • Can’t browse full profiles
  • Limited search

Features for Paid Membership:

  • View and upload pictures (Unlimited)
  • Live Chat Instant Messenger
  • Members-only live cam access
  • Top search results placement
  • Send and receive emails
  • Smart Match Detection
  • Superior search tool

So, the differences between the two packages are clearly obvious. If you have a free membership, you have limitations in terms of browsing and messaging. Likewise, those limitations are lifted when you have a paid membership.

How much is a paid membership for AdultHookup? One month will cost you around $29.95 per month. Or you can go for a 3-month commitment at a slightly cheaper price. There is also a yearly plan which reduces the price by around $10 per month.

If you want to test the waters before committing to a plan, you can do a three-day trial at $2.97. In our honest opinion, if you have to pay for a trial, this is a red flag. But if you want to give it a go, we recommend doing this before signing up for a year!

In-depth review AdultHookup

Are there real members or bots?

Once you have signed up for a membership, something will happen all of a sudden. You start to get ‘matches’ or women will start contacting you instantly. These may be messages on the platform or emails. Right off the bat, this is a red flag because this is apparent evidence of bots at work.

The rumors that dating sites create fake profiles are true. It even says in the T&Cs that they use virtual profiles that do not correspond to real people! Not all profiles are fake, but if you get a message from a profile, how do you know if it’s real? You have to pay to sign up as a premium member to read messages that you don’t even know are real.

We think this is borderline unethical, but it happens on even the most reputable dating sites. For that reason, that could drive away users or even anger them to the point of thinking that all dating sites are a scam.

If you have time on your hands and read through the site’s terms and conditions, they admit that they will use staff members or even paid models to make the site look good. Deceptive tactics outlined in their terms and conditions so they don’t get held liable for misleading their users?

If anything, that’s considered another red flag to stay away from the site itself.

There is no refund policy

Another thing that also raises a red flag is that it has no refund policy whatsoever. Almost every dating website and app has a refund policy in place. It will depend on the brand name as each refund policy is different (i.e — eHarmony and OK Cupid may have refund policies that differ).

One of the main reasons why such refund policies are in place can be due to misleading matches, scams, or anything similar. Although it’s important to play it smart on dating sites and apps, there will be times when such instances can occur through no fault of your own.

Once you have paid for a membership on AdultHookup, you won’t get that money back. Once again, this is another legitimate reason why you’d be smart enough to say no to AdultHookup if you intend to spend money on a premium membership.

The profiles may not even be filled out

Most of the time, you’ll see profiles on dating sites that are mostly completed. However, that is not the case when you take a look at AdultHookup. There have been complaints about profiles being incomplete most of the time.

There is a pattern that is consistent with this. For example, most of these profiles will have the same answer regarding personal information such as income, likes, dislikes, and so on. That answer is ‘I’ll tell ya later’.

Real users of a dating site will use an answer like this if they want to maintain a certain mystery about some but not all things about themselves. They aren’t afraid to tell potential matches what they do for work or what they love doing in their spare time.

What people are saying

As expected, the testimonials we have seen on other review sites are negative.

People complained of fake profiles and women being paid to chat to users. Another said they received fake emails. These will never come to anything but it keeps you hooked so you will spend more money.

People also complained of the payment scheme and found it spammy and poor value. Overall people felt they were being tricked and spammed for a service that didn’t live up.

More About AdultHookup

AdultHookup is basically a knock-off of AdultFriend Finder. But we say AdultFriend Finder is a much better bet than AdultHookup. AdultFriend Finder actually has a huge selection of real profiles of legit people who are dtf. On reviewing AdultHookup we noticed that there are more red flags than green flags on the site. At this point, we would definitely recommend considering alternative sites so that you get some of the best features even for free.

Are there any positives to the site?

For the most part, we’ve looked at AdultHookup in a negative light. However, through all the bad there is usually some good regarding the site. However, it does nothing to improve the entire purpose of the website.

The design of the site is modern and it is easy to sign up and use. We also liked how it was very open and inclusive, welcoming people of all different sexual preferences, genders and interests. That’s about it. Just because it’s well designed and open in theory, doesn’t mean it will actually deliver the goods.

What are the alternatives?

There are many better options out there than AdultHookup. Here is our favorite.

Ashley Madison

An alternative site for AdultHookup would be Ashley Madison. Yes, this site usually will be a place where you can find all sorts of women. Despite some controversies in the past, the site has maintained its popularity. It is just as open and inclusive as AdultHookup but with actual real profiles and maximum discretion.


  • Encrypted messages for discretion
  • Many women looking for casual flings
  • Nice interface


  • Mainly for hookups only

If you are looking for a website to meet women that is legitimate, you can check out Ashley Madison right now.

Is AdultHookup really a scam website?

In our book, AdultHookup is a total scam. It’s one to definitely stay away from for several reasons.

There will be scammers posing as users. Although this happens on almost every dating website that exists, it feels like there are more fake profiles than real.

With a non-refundable policy and staff members doing shady and unethical practices, this is another clear sign for anyone with half a brain to find other alternatives. You’ll want to find a dating site or even a hookup site where there are complete profiles and real users. Sure, there will be bots that still exist. But the instances will be less than what you’ll find on AdultHookup.

Also, you get extremely limited features as a free member (which are lifted once upgraded to a paid membership). Of course, if there is one way for dating sites to make money, it’s limiting certain features to free users until they upgrade to a paid membership. But AdultHookup takes the cake with the lack of free features.

Final word

AdultHookup is something that you probably don’t want to try out for yourself. Especially as there are way more red flags than reasons to join. If you do want to try it, go for a trial first before you part with your cash.

John Santana

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