How to Tell a Shy Guys Likes You – Top 11 Signs

by John Santana

Let’s admit it, being a girl picking up signs from a guy that says, ‘I like you!’ is pretty easy. But when it comes to identifying a shy guy’s feelings, it can get quite daunting. In my experience, it took me a whole of 6 months to comprehend that the guy in ‘curtains’ was all about me. But let’s just say, the 6 months was worth it! Because then here I am writing this ultimate guide to edify you with proven signs of a shy guy.

How do you find out whether a shy guy likes you? Are there any signs and how difficult is it to identify them? Well, if you’ve been waiting to quench your thirst of knowing all about these questions, you don’t have to wait long until the answer unfolds.

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A guy who is afraid to confer usually restricts his emotions to manifest. They will never make the first move or at least will be hesitant to make one. Although it’s tough, it isn’t impossible. There are a few tips that will help you to test the signs within a minute. So, are you ready for this?

11 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

If you think that this cute sheepish guy is into you, don’t wait for him to confess. Instead, go hunt for the signs and make it happen. Don’t let the fun slip off your hands!

1. Gets nervous around you

Shy guys aren’t too social. They are quite different from other men who wouldn’t mind flirting or confessing their feelings. These guys tend to get extremely nervous around the person who matters to them. Excessive sweating, stammering, or impatience are some of the signs that will help you to find out whether their heart pops just at the thought of your presence. If you’ve ever noticed such awkward behavior around them, chances are he …! (You know what I mean! :P)

2. Constantly mocked by friends

Shy guys won’t make the move easily, I told you. But his friends may give you some essential signals to pick from. Boys often tend to share their intimate feelings with their best friends. So, there are high chances that his friends know every little detail about you including the little secret, of course. So pay attention when you are around his friends – if you sense a certain kind of familiarity. Well, then don’t shoo off your instincts – pick it up, that’s for you!

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3. He blushes too often

Bashful guys tend to blush a lot around women they like. Alongside all the nervousness and abrupt behavior, they may also blush uncontrollably when around you. It is very obvious to blush around people we like a lot like the very thought of their presence makes us feel special, but with shy men – it’s a lot more vivid.

They smile too much, avoid the eye contact and just can’t control the blush at your slight touch or mere presence. In case you’ve noticed any of this regularly, Congratulations! He likes you.

4. Stares a lot

When there’s a lot of ‘staring’ while you are pretending to not notice, you know that’s the call. Shy guys don’t know how to flirt honestly, and the gaze just travels naturally to them. Since they like you a lot, and can’t take their eyes off you, they just unconsciously end up with the constant gaze of love and hesitantly looking away when you look back.

If you’ve ever caught him in the act or looking elsewhere immediately after you’ve caught him staring, you might be going in the right direction.

5. They don’t make the first move

Yes. It’s pretty much normal to have someone interested in you, after all, you are a pretty girl! 😛 But some may hesitate to make the first move, so you need to decipher with the subtle hints that they throw all along the way. This is most common in shy guys who just don’t understand what to do in such cases. They are too ignorant about making the moves, flirting with a girl. Or to be more precise, they just can’t gather enough courage.

So, if they keep talking to you on messages, but resist phone calls, don’t worry. They might be just feeling nervous about it.

6. He treats you differently

If you want to know whether he seriously likes you or that’s just the way he behaves with everyone, you’ve got to figure out if he treats you differently. A lot of women take it too far when they think that a guy might be in love with them just because he is a little cozy around you. Well, that might be the case if you are the only one, but what if you are one among the whole lot?

Keep a check on the way he behaves with you and other women. Compare the behavior constantly to get to the results. It won’t be late when you have the answer to yourself.

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7. He confides in you

Believe me, if a man tells you something, he hasn’t ever told anyone else – it’s because you already own a place in his heart. And when we talk about reserved men, well, it’s an entirely different ballgame. They let themselves out in a very very closed set of people – so if you are one them, it’s already a win-win!

So keep those ears on the edge, listen to what he has to say and you the sign will step in on its own.

8. Ready to help any minute

That’s the good thing about diffident guys. They have a very decent approach towards women and is often ready to give up everything to just lend you a hand. Whether it is for doing the work or completing college assignments, if he comes to your rescue more than usual, you know he likes you!

9. Gets weird time-to-time

Shy guys may get very complicated to understand. At one point, he might be bombarding your social media with messages, whereas on the other hand, he might be hesitant to make the move. It gets too disturbing. But when taken positively, this is how they are. All of them! If he has been showing weird signals like these, don’t worry, he is just taking his time.

10. Defends you, no matter what

Isn’t it cute to be defended by someone you hardly know? If shy guys are all about you, you might be doing the worst thing in the world – they would still stand by you. That’s just their way to show that they really like you.

So if you’ve got a shy guy who is always standing up to defend you, irrespective of anything, Congratulations, he likes you!

11. Why so clumsy around you?

Does this cute guy keep dropping stuff accidentally when you are around? Has he ever banged himself on a door while looking at you? Such funny and clumsy behavior might want to indicate something more than just a hilarious behavior. They might have a crush on you.

The next time your shy guy does something clumsy, don’t forget to notice.

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What to do once you know Shy Guy likes you?

After you’ve researched right, you may want to take the story forward, but how? Here’s how to do it. A few steps given below will help you to make the magic happen sooner than ever.

1. Propose a date

Guys love dates but if this one doesn’t dare to ask you out, you have to take the initiative. Take him out on a date. Laugh around with him. Make him feel comfortable. Do some activities together. He is sure to open up a little if you make the move.

2. Introduce yourself

Connecting through mutual friends is always a safe option to go for. Instead of jumping straight into the drain, try playing around and take small steps slowly towards the goal.

Involve yourself with them. Talk to them. Exchange numbers. And then who knows, one day he might just gather 10 seconds and come knocking at your door.?

3. Make the move

By now, we both know, he isn’t going to make the move so easy. Instead of waiting for him to do it and turning into a skeleton, it is always better if you make the move. This will not only save plenty of time but also ease them with the extra pressure.

Tell them that you like them or hold their hands. You can also try and kiss them if you find it irresistible. If all the above-mentioned signs are a match, they won’t deny!

4. Initiate physical contacts

Physical contacts are important to make people realize their feelings and ignite the spark. Start with a light handshake then proceed towards hugs and cheek kisses. It won’t be late when they will start opening up to you by reciprocating the feelings. But make sure you don’t go too fast with the process. Shy guys tend to feel very uncomfortable if you hurry anything that involves physical touch.

Shy Guys are literally the best!

Shy guys can be very interesting to know although finding out whether they like you can be a challenge. But I am sure these signs would work like magic to identify whether your cute shy guy has a crush on you.

Before we bid farewell to each other, here’s a quick tip for you- Shy guys can be extremely good boyfriends. They may even have very fewer chances of betraying a woman. So, if you have feelings for them or assume, you’d make a good pair, you can’t let that go just because they fail to make the first move!

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