What Does It Mean When A Guy Squeezes You In A Hug?

Last Updated on February 13, 2023

Last night, a cute hot guy squeezed my friend in a hug.

Since then, she is wondering if that meant anything… because he left the last night but the butterflies in her stomach still haven’t.

You may ask “Come on! It’s quite common to hug your male friends!” But with them, it’s a very casual gesture. You don’t squeeze them. Do ya?

So, the next time a guy squeezes you in a hug, know that it’s not something ordinary. It’s special. This is a sign that the man is in love.

You may definitely ask me –

“Are men that easy to decode?”

Your question is valid. Men are definitely very complicated beings.

You can’t simply know what’s going on in his mind until he speaks up. Sometimes, you can’t find it out even then.

But let’s not worry. Let’s put a stamp on a man’s love for you.

If he squeezes you in a hug and shows these signs, he is definitely in love with you.


1. He showers you with all of his attention

Photo by Rosie Ann from Pexels

How often a man keeps his phone aside and focuses on you and only you?

I remember my friend’s boyfriend doing this to her. And now they are married and blessed with a baby.

When a man is not interested in you, he will keep checking his phone every once in a while, even to check non-work-related stuff.

Just wait for a third person to come and sit with the two of you. This man will instantly divide his attention by giving a big part of it to the uninvited guest.

But this isn’t the same with the one who has lost his heart to you.

After spending a large portion of his free time scrolling down your pictures, this guy doesn’t care about the buzzing notifications.

Why will he? He is with you!

Hanging out with a group of people? No worries!

The guy’s focal point of attention is already stuck in your arena.

He will constantly find his eyes finding their way back to you.

And his ears can’t dare to not listen when you speak.

2. Not just him, even his standing posture is inclined towards you

There’s a lot of talk about how men are mysterious, complicated, secretive, blah blah, and blah.

But can his body language lie?

Until he is a serial-killer cum psychopath, the chances are very low.

Men unconsciously give away the most solid proofs of his love for women. Unfortunately, women fail to notice them.

If you don’t want to be one of those women, secretly acknowledge his posture when he is standing with you.

Is he standing near with his body leaned towards you?

Then this is an unconscious sign of attraction.

He wants to be as close to you as possible. Leaning towards you also means he has devoted all of his attention and himself to you.

Just to let you know, sometimes a man is insecure so he leans towards you to assure himself of your approval.

Let him know you enjoy his company and his love will solidify more than ever.

3. You always see him laughing at your jokes

Image by 5688709 from Pixabay

Let’s confess something together.

“When I’m attracted to a man, I laugh out loud at his silliest jokes and punch him in my mind for making it

Attraction and infatuation make you do things that you never thought you would do before.

This guy who abuses his friends for cracking shitty jokes erupts into glittery laughter even before you begin to say something funny.

Here I’m giving you a tool to scan his attraction for you. It’s called “Crack a Silly Joke”.

Willingly choose the poorest joke that makes you want to punch the person who wrote it. And use it in front of the guy.

If he gets up from the chair and leaves, he wasn’t the one for you.

If he makes you feel like you are the most deserving comedian by his loudest laugh, he’s a keeper…

He definitely feels for you.

4. For him, you are always right!

I wonder how you easily observe when your male friend becomes a nodding machine in front of the girl he likes,

But fail to notice when a man does the same to you!

It is rightly said that Love is blind“. But hey, love can be deaf too at times.

Want a proof?

Okay, no matter what your opinions or expressions are, you can always find a man who moves his head in a nod with every word you utter.

Does this man also squeeze you in a hug, stares at you, and likes all your Instagram posts?

If this can’t prove his love to you, I don’t know what will.

A man agreeing to everything I say reminds me of myself with my crush.

After I got over him, I realized he talked shit and I was constantly in awe of everything that he said.

Does it ring any bells for you?

5. You ain’t ramp walking but he looks at you head to toe


Women may find it offensive when a man keeps on looking at her breasts or other body parts.

Of course, you will. Such a guy doesn’t like you; he is just a jerk.

Let’s not confuse jerks with your true admirers.

A gentleman who really finds your body attractive will check you out from head to toe. Not once, not twice but many more times.

But the way he looks at you will not disgust you. It will make you feel good about yourself.

It’s like he is adoring you and complimenting your body.

Looking at a woman head to toe is a very clear sign of attraction.

It can also be his love that makes him look at you every time as if he wants to hug you in that tiny red dress.

6. He tries to initiate physical intimacy by touching

Touching is like a conversation, only it is from the body.

He touches you slightly to initiate this conversation. If you are interested to carry this conversation forward, you touch him back.

This makes room for mutual comfort and an undisclosed decision that it’s okay for him to touch you as you approved it by touching him back.

When a man is attracted to a woman, he will find all the possible reasons to touch her.

He will also make efforts to sit really close to this lady as much as it’s possible.

If you are attracted to him too, you can reciprocate his actions. This gives him the confidence to take things further with you.

If you are not liking his advances, slightly move back when he touches and do not return his touch.

7. What’s the game that he plays with his eyes?

Eyes are often said to be the mirror of the soul.

All your unexpressed emotions find their way through your eyes.

This means when he sticks his twinkling eyes on you, it means something.

If you look at them with care, you will find his eyes can’t hide his true feelings.

But sometimes he turns the tables and willingly tries to express the unexpressed through his eyes.

Maintaining long and intense eye-contacts is just a part of his charm.

It’s also his way to convey his deepest feelings to you without uttering a word.

You can often find his deep gazing eyes fixed at yours. You may feel intimidated as they try to look deep within your soul to find if you feel for him too.

Besides, intense eye-contact increases levels of trust and makes you look more attractive to the other person than you really are!

It doesn’t matter if you like this guy or not. You can always use this piece of information to your advantage!

8. He is not the same person when he is with you and others

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“Hey, why are you frowning?”

“Shut up. It’s just my resting face.”

It doesn’t take even a minute for your resting face to instantly change into one of those Disney princesses’ dreamy looks when your crush is around.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you have caught the attention of this guy and he will behave the same.

He will find him to be a totally different person when he is with others and when he is with you.

With you, he will try to be more calm and composed.

Even the other ladies who dance around him like bees will not be treated as you.

He treats with added respect, total attention, and utmost affection.

He will not fool around flirting with other women if he feels for you.

Visual efforts will be made to treat you special and make you feel that you are the one out of hundreds for him.

9. It troubles him to see you laughing with other men

Men are very competitive. A primitive desire to conquer and win controls their behavior.

So how can he be at rest when some other fellow comes to snatch his queen away?

The other man can have no intention of snatching you. He is just a friend who is just doing friendly stuff.

But this guy will think every man sees you with the same eyes as his.

Of course, it will make him jealous. Either he can say something silly, or show extreme signs of intolerance and uneasiness.

He can also try to interrupt the other guy in conversations or say he needs you to accompany him to another place as he is feeling uneasy.

Then, he will silently let it slip it into your ears – “I’m not really a fan of that guy, you know… he is so immature! You deserve better”.

You may wonder why he hates your buddy, while he is just being insecure and scared of another man who has all the potential of sweeping you off your feet.

10. He protects you


This is another gift that a man gets since his birth – his desire to protect.

I have no idea of your feelings for him. But if you get a man who protects and cares for you, he is a keeper.

A man who has a soft spot for you will do little cute things.

He will save you a seat in the bars and restaurants when you are late for a group dinner.

While walking on the road, he will gently hold you by your hands and put you to the side where there is no traffic.

He will leave everything and come to pick you up when you are alone in a desert lane.

11. Your sight makes him nervous

Nervousness is a common body language which is a sign of the fear of:

  • Getting something wrong.
  • Overthinking.
  • Stressing to be perfect.

This is what happens when you like someone way too much.

There is an undeniable force of attraction and sexual energy that makes a man fumble and nervous in the presence of an attractive woman.

Do you find him rubbing his palms, fumbling with words, stumbling and afraid of making eye-contact?

Good news lady, he likes you. He wants to treat you the best, just lacks the idea of how to do it.

He wants to make a good and lasting impression on you, but as he doesn’t have the skills to do that with nervousness as the topping of the cake, he appears awkward and out of the place.

A lot of useless small actions will take place then.

Like, he will constantly play with the wine glass, make his hair or tug at his own sleeves.

These are just his ways to get rid of his nervous energy and impress you with his best side.

You can calm his senses down by making him at ease.

I don’t know if you will succeed in doing that. But I do know that you are a lady of worth for him.

Amy Olson

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